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help needes bad.Please help

Discussion in 'Prelude' started by Polaco_22, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Polaco_22

    Polaco_22 New Member

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    Mar 29, 2007
    ok so how are you all??

    Ok i have honda Prelude 2000. I recently bought H22 from prelude 97-01 its a JDM motor. So here is my problem when i bought the motor the guy told me that i will need to get me some kind of crank sensor and put it in my jdm h22 obd2 motor because the car wont start. Well i do have my old h22a4 that i had in my prelude 2000 but i fry some pistons long story. So now i really need to know people tell me that the crank sensor is in the oil pump????? dont know. Please tell me what exactly do i need to get from my old h22a4 and to put it in my new jdm h22 obd2. If is just the pump than is it better for me to just buy the oil pump like at the auto zone or something or ebay????????? Please tell me The oil pump is the olny thing i need to swap but i dont want to swap it i may as well buy it new. So plese tell me exactly what do i need for my new jdm22 obd2 in order to get my motor working?? also do i need to get dizzy for my car because if so i have my old one that i had on the h22a4 motor. If not than can i use the jdm dizzy????
    thank you and really please help me thank you. I am sorry about my english i am from POLand thanks

    Agian what exactly do i for my new engine to have it perfect working shape. And yes while i am at it i may as well get me water pump and timing belt. But is the oil pump comes witht he crank sensor and can i just buy it??? and is it the only thing i need to get my new motor working?? thank you
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