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help with newly bought car

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by y0iTsDEENOSE, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. y0iTsDEENOSE

    y0iTsDEENOSE Senior Member

    :) hello... im in loooooove with hatchbacks and i just bought one... however due to my low income and inability to find a better job because of my age (17) i had to settle with a 91 hatchback (ek is my dream car)... i asked for help on some other chats and they just responded with "i wouldnt fix an almost 20 year old econobox"... yes it crushed me but hey its what i can afford.. sorry im not a big tymer cash maker... so anyway i dont know SQUAT about cars.. i know names n stuff but not how they work n all... n since i dont really have anyone to ask i was just wondering if anyone had the patience to help out a noob... because i want to prove wrong everyone whos been saying my car is crap...(my whole family shakes their head at me n tells me to park it a block away) so help a fellow hb-lover out yea???

    ok so if youve read by this far.. what i just wanted to know was how to tune up my car to the point where it runs decent and doesnt have to be super or turbocharged... just a lil bit more decent hp.. well heres the present condition and any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED

    -91 LS engine (B18A1??)
    -passenger side engine mount cracked
    -oil pan removed (i have it tho)
    -front and rear bumper off (also have both)
    -driver side window doesnt go all the way up
    -passenger side mirror missing
    -no oil in the engine (what kind to use?)
    -no ecu??(he said that it needs a new ecu)
    -muffler is hanging almost to the ground
    -front hose right below the passenger side is not covered?? (i dont know what the hose is for)
    -air filter hose seems to be cut (is it suppossed to be like that or is it suppossed to be just one long hose)
    -car smells like an old man (haha i dunno just whining about that one)
    -my key wont work on the lock of the back door
    -how can i find the mileage on the engine
    -performance parts i should invest in (must be affordable!! boston market only pays me so much.. :( )
    -some rear and tail lights are broken
    -what parts should be integra and what parts should be kept honda?

    lol if youve actually read through the list THANK YOU for you consideration and your time... once again any answers are GREATLY appreciated and if you really wanna see a pic you can see it at

  2. sk8er602

    sk8er602 Senior Member

    First put all the parts you have on (oil pan and bumpers). Second find an ecu (obd0 PR4). Third fix all the stupid shit that happens to used cars( tail lights, weird smell, ect.)

    Just dont rush to drop money in to it thank about where you want it to be so you don't waste money.

    For oil 5w30 of your brand.

    P.S. Congrats on the new car
  3. y0iTsDEENOSE

    y0iTsDEENOSE Senior Member

    THANK YOU FOR THE response :):)

    and also what parts to keep integra and what parts to heep honda??
  4. jdm2gen03

    jdm2gen03 Senior Member

    pretty much everything involving the motor wise will be kept integra and everything else should be honda.... and if u need an ecu i have one. let me know.
  5. y0iTsDEENOSE

    y0iTsDEENOSE Senior Member

    yesss i do need an ECU :) how much for it??
  6. trappd-in-859

    trappd-in-859 New Member

    It's just like sk8er said, get everything back on there and get the enginge running good before you start any mods.

    One of your options to get some hp would be to swap a vtec head on the ls block, most common head to use is a b16a. It should get you about 20hp, and higher compression.

    As for that exhaust almost scraping the ground, just search the net and im sure you will find what you need at a good price.

    -- here are some websites to look at:
  7. crxdxb16a

    crxdxb16a Member

  8. y0iTsDEENOSE

    y0iTsDEENOSE Senior Member

    :worthy: thanks for all the adviiice... hopefully all your suggestions are within my budget :blink:
  9. trappd-in-859

    trappd-in-859 New Member

    If you want the car to accelerate a little faster I suggest swapping a b16 tranny on there. The ls tranny has uber long gears.

    The best thing to do now would be to get the b16 head and tranny to get some good power gains. The head can be had for about $300-500 and you can get the tranny for around the same price if you search.

    HS and H-T both have an extensive classified section so that should make your parts search a little easier.

    Good luck and congrats on the purchase.
  10. y0iTsDEENOSE

    y0iTsDEENOSE Senior Member

    i forgot to add that the car already has a stage 2 clutch.. i have no idea what that means but does that mean the gears are much shorter or something?? is it still recommended that i get a b16 tranny??
  11. trappd-in-859

    trappd-in-859 New Member

    The stage2 clutch you have is pointless right now because you have a stock engine. All a aftermarket clutch does is increase the holding power so the clutch doesnt slip when you are making alot of power. Yes, the b16 is still recommeded because no matter what type of clutch you have, the gear ratios stay the same.
  12. MikeBergy

    MikeBergy Blah blah blah....

    That just means you have a clutch that will not slip with more torque. The stage 2 doesn't really mean anything specific, except that it will hold more torque than that specific company's stage 1 clutch. It doesn't have anything to do with your gears.
    As for the tranny, look for a cable operated b16 tranny. Sometimes they can be found with an LSD as well, which will make your car faster.

    Keywords to start researching.
    LSD (limited slip differential)

    I don't know if you own Gran Turismo, but play that game alot, and you will pick up a lot of terms that if you search for, you will become more familiar with some of the components of an engine. Obviously it is just a game, but it is a good game, and uses a lot of tuning terms and what not.
  13. y0iTsDEENOSE

    y0iTsDEENOSE Senior Member

    whn you guys say "get the running engine good" does that mean like rebuilding the engine?? because i have no clue as to how much mileage is on the engine... i dont really know what rebuilding an engine means... but does that basically mean replacing all the worn parts... and is it worth it?? because i dont want to add any new parts to the engine when the engine at any time could break down i guess.. and how much do engine rebuilds go for anyway??
  14. trappd-in-859

    trappd-in-859 New Member

    :fosho3: I learned alot from that game, GT2 specifically, if you dont have any game in the series I would suggest picking up a copy.

    Take it to a mechanic that you trust and have him look over the engine and that should tell you what all needs to be done
  15. MikeBergy

    MikeBergy Blah blah blah....

    no, just put the parts that are off back on. Put the oil pan back on, fill it with oil, get an ecu and plug it in, replace the engine mount, and get it running. It won't be at it's peak, but it's a start. I would not put any performance parts on it just yet, unless you can get them cheap.

    your car isn't running now I am guessing, is it? Why is the oil pan off?

    Unless you have about 800, I wouldn't worry about rebuilding the engine. You will never know the mileage on the engine, but if and when you rebuild it, it will be like brand new.
  16. y0iTsDEENOSE

    y0iTsDEENOSE Senior Member

    its running just that the battery needs to be recharged (like the guy said) but i think im just gonna buy a new battery.. and it ran the other day cuz i jumped it the other day.. i later learned that was bad.. but it was only for like 3 minutes to move the car.. and yeah it needs oil... i guess im just gonna save for the engine to be rebuilt before any modification.. :) is 800 including labor and the parts n everything??
  17. trappd-in-859

    trappd-in-859 New Member

    Yea thats pretty much the going rate for a rebuild using oem parts. Dont drive the car anymore until you get the oil pan back on and put some oil in it. The oil you need to use is 5w30 if you didnt know that.
  18. vtecsir1

    vtecsir1 Senior Member

    guys you really need to keep it simple for this kid.

    like someone said get the car running also get it insured and all other legal bs.

    once the car is running you can start seeing what you need to do, i would suggest you do a lot of reading on this forum as well as honda-tech. buy a $2.00 dl from ebay of the haynes manual for your car and read up on it.

    dont just throw the oil pan back on without the proper seals replaced or you will have leaks.

    forget about any performance anything until it runs right.

    also all parts are honda, honda makes acura therefore they are all honda parts. what you mean to say is model names like what should be civic or integra parts.
  19. MikeBergy

    MikeBergy Blah blah blah....

    exactly. I can't believe you would even think of starting the car without the oil pan on it or oil in the car. You probably did some major damage to the engine.
  20. y0iTsDEENOSE

    y0iTsDEENOSE Senior Member

    thanks alot... yeah im really afraid that i messed up the engine... but i only turned it on just to move it on to my driveway... in a length of about 5 minutes... but i went and stopped at autozone today and heres what i bought...

    -2 jackstands
    -1 jack
    -20w-50 (autozone guy suggessted that
    -stp air filter
    -cover (to cover the expired tags)
    -oil filter

    forgot the oil seal tho... how do i know if the seal is good or not???

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