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Hey all

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by HV2000, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. HV2000

    HV2000 New Member

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    Aug 20, 2006
    Whats up Guy's and Gal's...

    I am Corey from Edmonton Alberta, Canada.... I drive a 2000 CRV mod, I have done all the Mechanical work myself, my buddys at Transform Spoilers here in town did the body work(I would try it, but I suck at glass work). What I need to try and find are more suspension parts...sway bars, upper/lower control arms rear strut tower bar....I already run a front strut bar...skunk coil overs and tokcio shocks. I am in the works of a new engine with a B18C vtec swap....yes my sons she will go....the nice thing is it is the only one in Edmonton...and from what we can find maybe the only one in edmonton...ya it can pound sound...but she has guts...now I just got to get it to the wheels.....oh and if any of you know of all wheel dynos that are in Canada or the north-west US.

    Any and all comments welcome...most of you have done this longer then I have...and I am all about being origianl....my pics of my V are comming soon...
    thanks again all...

    Corey...aka HV
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