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*** Honda Del Sol Part Out ***

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by AFWAustin, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. AFWAustin

    AFWAustin New Member

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    Jan 5, 2010
    I am parting out a 93 and 97 honda del sol s si Automatic. I have d16 y8 z6 motor parts. Here is a small list of what Honda del sol parts I have, some are compatible with civic and crx. I can ship through paypal if you would like. Email me at afwaustin@hotmail.com or call me anytime with what you need.

    My number is 412 303 8707

    rear clip
    front bumper with fog holes
    fuel injectors
    fuel rail
    oem floor mats in good shape
    sub frame
    front bumper
    steering wheel and air bag
    steering column with ignition and key
    dash for 93 and 97 two airbags
    cruise control module and all others window lock
    dash air bag
    gas door
    tail lights
    rear bumper cover
    rear bumper support
    trunk lid has holes for wing, easily patchable
    aftermarket exhaust
    side skirts oem and aftermarket
    wing spoiler
    upper and lower control arms
    exterior and interior door handles
    third brake light surroundings
    drivers side fender (oem)
    trunk carpet
    center console
    targa top and all rubber seals
    rear window, regulator and motor
    two chrome 18 inch CABO rims
    drivers window
    passenger window
    drivers 1/4 window
    drivers regulator
    passenger regulator
    rear window regulator
    dash vents (set)
    dash switches (each)
    climate control
    interior door handles
    radio surround with sliding lid
    rear view mirror
    cup holder center consol
    rear speaker covers set of 3
    rear glove box
    dash glove box
    wiper switch
    light switch
    steering column cover
    power steering reservoir
    steering rack
    a pillar trim drivers side
    a pillar trim passenger side
    rear lower 1/4 plastics
    side skirts
    seat belts
    drivers and passenger side mirror (power)
    rear license plate garnish
    z6 y8 d16 transmission
    trunk gas and throttle wire cable
    intake manifold
    power steering pump and lines
    sub frame
    oem motor mounts
    auto starter 1.6
    Trunk Lid
    tail lights oem
    drivers fender
    gas door and gas tank
    passenger window
    driver 1/4 window
    drivers door panel
    passenger door panel
    motor and trans d16 block y8 head auto transmission with 97k on it
    passenger window regulator
    cluster Si honda del sol parts
    dash w/ airbag
    rear 1/4 plastics drivers
    rear 1/4 plastics passenger side
    climate control
    del sol uni body shell
    steering wheel w/ air bag
    power mirror switch
    cruise control switch
    dash dimmer switch
    factory tape player OEM
    cup holder and surrounding
    passenger side tweeter and speakers
    drivers side tweeter and rear speakers
    drivers kick panel
    honda del sol parts
    passenger kick panel
    seat belt assembly
    targa top assembly and rubber
    ecu auto del sol parts
    carpet black and grey interior
    interior harness
    spare tire
    cruise control unit
    power steering lines and reservoir
    drivers side power mirror
    arm rest
    rear 1/4 trim (2)
    drivers rear suspension
    stock intake box
    distributor y8 z6 d16
    starter (auto)
    coolant reservoir
    master cylinder
    passenger front suspension
    drivers front suspension
    passenger rear suspension
    power steering pump
    exhaust manifold
    exhaust with cat
    intake manifold (complete)
    wiper motor and assembly
    hood & trunk hinges
    hood prop
    ac compressor
    drivers rear 1/4 panel
    passenger splash shield
    ac parts condenser capacitor also for civic crx
    dash vents
    rear drivers tail light garnish
    rear passenger tail light garnish
    oem mud flaps
    ecu p28
    engine and dash wire harness

    AHHVTEC Well-Known Member VIP

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    Oct 13, 2006
    is that p28 ecu obd1 or obd2
  3. ivtec93

    ivtec93 New Member

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    Oct 18, 2009
    do you still have the passenger vent window.... that triangle pain in my butt window to find?
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