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Hondata or Crome

Discussion in 'ECU's, Electronics, and Tuning' started by n1mr0d, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. n1mr0d

    n1mr0d Senior Member

    To begin I really don't know anything about crome so I am trying to get some more information.

    I have read Brian and others posting that crome is the same thing when compared to Hondata. I am guessing that is ment that crome has the same tuning abilities as Hondata does. I want something that is reliable and runs/idles like stock.

    As for the differences, are their any, at all? Does my ECU need to be "socketed" or whatever that means? Can I datalog with crome? Better yet is there anything that Hondata does that crome does not other then making my wallet lighter?

    I am not sure if I want to do the tuning or if I want someone else to do the tuning. I know that in order for me to do the tuning I need a laptop, a good wideband o2 sensor and quite a bite of dyno time. I was thinking that if I get one of the engine management systems avaible, I would do it at the time when the turbo is put on. But I am also thinking that once the turbo goes on it will only need to be tuned once and thats it. That's why I don't know if I should do it or if I should have a (insert choice) dealer do it for me.

    And what's deal with the P28 ecu being the best or easiest to tune/work with. I have a p72 with my GSR now but am I going to need a different ECU to use Hondata/crome?
  2. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    the latest version of crome has surpased the hondata s200 system by a huge margin.

    understand, that s200 is almost 3 years old now. the latest version of crome came out about a month ago.

    anything that hondata can do, crome can do just as good, if not better when you have the pro version ($150 cost)



    unzip pass: pgmfi.org

    both hondata s200 and crome will require a socketed ecu.

    crome pro supports datalogging. this also requires a datalogging port to be soldered in place. same deal for hondata really...

    and their latest version has auto tune. with the proper wide band, you can pretty much just plug it in, drive down the street, and it will make adjustments on the fly. its pretty bad ass, and saves a butt-load of time.

    if you're not going to tune it yourself, find yourself a tuner-- and find what HE is most comfortable with. either system can get you tuned prety damn good-- but with out the know-how, it won't work out so good. if your tuner has never even seen crome before, it could be a total night mare.

    if you plan to do it yourself,
    my suggestion is to use crome and buy soem widebands, burners and romulators and chips from http://xenocron.com/

    the p28 is the easiest because its cheap.
    if you're keeping your stock intake manifold, you're going to want to keep the p72 so that you still have IAB activation.
    chris from xenoncron can get you a p72 socketed up.

    IMO, you should get a skunk2 or other manifold without the iab, and run a p28. :)

    the p72 can be socketed just the same as the p28.

    again, before you buy anything, figure out what you're doing-- either going to a tuner, or doing it yourself. and go with what your tuner is comfortable with.

    IMO, even if you do have a pro tune you, its always nice to have the stuff to play with, for if you change parts, end up hating the tune, or whatever reason...

    if you're close to ct, come see me and i'll help you out. :)
  3. GSRCRXsi

    GSRCRXsi Super Moderator Moderator

    pretty much werd to everything B just said. i used to be all about uberdata cause it was free. IMO uberdata and hondata are on the same page.

    but crome is in a league of its own. like B said, with autotune and RTP, it saves tons of time with tuning. i dont have a romulator yet so i have to stop, auto adjust maps, reburn chip, then do it over again. but its still tons faster then having to calculate fuel changes and whatnot.

    once i tried out crome i liked it so much that i went ahead and bought the pro version for 150. one of the best things ive spent money on for my car.

    i have a gsr engine w/ skunk2 mani, chipped p28. i built my own datalogging board that i bought from xenocron, willem rom burner also from xenocron, and a plx m300 wideband. the wideband was the most expensive part, lol. if you are up for the task its definitely worth it to do it yourself, if not for the money saving, at least for the experience. but with this tuning setup everything works flawlessly.

    so IMO if you are gonna tune yourself, go with crome pro and a wideband, if you are gonna have someone else tune it, its really up to them and what they are comfortable with like B said.
  4. xenocron

    xenocron Member

    Wow, thanks for the plugs Brian.

    Yeah, I am another BIG supporter of Crome...it has far surpassed any of the other DIY stuff out there and even though the Pro version costs a little something, its worth it.

    If you arent sure about manning up and buying right away, I encourage you to D/L ECU Control as well (free datalogging) and use both EC and Crome to begin your tuning adventures...

    Once you get comfortable...it will not be hard for you to shell out the cash for a Pro license.
  5. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

  6. garz

    garz Junior Member

    sorry for the thread hijack - its kinda related

    have Crome - cracked the OBDII type ECU's Yet ?

    i have a K20a with a PRC ECU and dont want to go back to OBD1
  7. powerdriverh22

    powerdriverh22 Senior Member

    i just got hondata some time ago and love it....but there is also a hondata tuner here so i dont have to tune it myself, he does it for me. i dont know much about chrome...actually ive never heard of it.....just letting u know that in my experience hondata works great.

    the deal about the p28 and p72.....your intake manifold has two sets of pleums (sp) or runners. you have one set for nomal driving and one that opens with vtec if im not mistaken. so your p72 is made for the dual runners (gsr's have dual runners) where the p28 is not, it is made for single runners. i suggest if you go with hondata use ur p72....dont spend money to buy the p28...if you decide to get another intake mani.(skunk2, edelbrock etc which will be single runner) you can turn off the second runner with hondata and your ecu will act just like a p28.

    me and my tuner tuned my car with hondata in about 1.5 hours on the dyno and spent about 4 on the streets before we got it to the dyno. lots of ur tuning can be done on the street so when you get it to the dyno youre not on it forever.

    im running an h22 with a gsr ecu and the s200 system.....hondata also has out the new as of aug 1st the s300. you might want to check out that system as well.

    good luck with which ever way you go!!!
  8. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    i have the full hondata s200 dealer package, uberdata, crome, turboedit, and a couple no-names, and crome is by far my favorite tool.

    the iab activation is independent of vtec, but follows the same concept:

    basic manfiold runner length theory:
    long runners create more low end torque
    short runners create high end horse power

    when the iab is activated, it "shortens" the path the air travels, effectively gfiving you the best of both worlds.

    i don't suggest hondata... i suggest crome. either tool will work fine, but crome is a heck of a lot cheaper, and IMO, better.

    p28's can be modded to activate vtec. so can p06's.

    crome allows for all the "shutting off" that hondata can do too...


    it's always a good idea to street tune first.

    WOT throttle pulls are best done on the dyno, but part throttle tuning can be effective on the street.

    the s300 looks bad ass.
    no more chips.

    basically, they embedded a flashable rom into the honda computer.

    i've yet to play with it, and probably won't ever buy it, but it looks to be a kick-ass tool. i'm sure the "other" software will develop a similar product in time to come.
  9. pimpest

    pimpest New Member

    i have hondata s300 and i have crome pro if you want a really fast tune save time on the dyno its s300 a slower tune more time on the dyno its chrome pro , they are both verry respected by me. if you have a lot of money its s300 more user friendly, not so much money its crome. in my opinion s300 blows everything out of the water, but its expensive.
  10. Briansol

    Briansol Admins Admin

    dude, this thread is 4 years old...... s300 didn't even exist when this thread was being debated.

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