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Hooking up a VAFC II

Discussion in 'ECU's, Electronics, and Tuning' started by Raggedyman, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. Raggedyman

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    Jun 18, 2003
    ....or find some other way to use it?

    I just read through the installation manual and it's obvious that it's designed to be used with an ecu that already has a vtec engagement setup. I'm currently running a mini-me swap (entire engine though, not just the head) in my '90 hatch. I used a '91 intake/distributor/PM 6 ecu and a '95 Z6 engine. I've been running it for about 8 months now but the vtec just doesn't seem right under 3rd/4th gears. I was hoping the apexi would clear up the problems but I don't think it's gonna help unless I change the ecu for one that has the fuel maps and timing curves....not to mention the vtec engagement hookups....

    Everyone seems to think rewiring an OBD0 car to OBD1 is too much of a pain....at least that's the only reason I can find as to why no one does it. Unless of course it's the second O2 sensor that has to be added. Beyond that, I can't see any obvious problems.

    Don't knock me for being an idiot since rewiring a car is simple compared to most everything else in life. I must obviously be misinformed about the reasons, so can someone please enlighten me. I've read through the articles concerning OBD already so don't point me there.

    I'm leaning towards buying a used '95 ecu for the Z6....don't know the number yet but I'm sure I can find one with a bit of research....and rewiring it to fit my hatch. At that point wiring the apexi unit should be a snap and I'll be happily enjoying vtec for years to come. I also plan to swap the the original Z6 intake back onto the Z6 so the saturated 240cc injectors will match up with the ecu. I will probably put the distributor back as well since the '91 Si distributor won't work with the new ecu. In essence, I guess I'll be dropping a fully complete '95 engine/ecu into my '90 hatch.

    What problems do you all foresee?

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