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How much power?

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by RIT Civic, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. RIT Civic

    RIT Civic Senior Member

    Ok...here is my setup

    B16a1 Sir2
    Wiseco Pistons 9.0 comp.
    H-Beam eagle rods
    stock sleeves
    LS tranny
    stage 2 clutchnet
    Eibach Dual Racing springs from Crower
    Crower Titanium Racing Springs
    Full out port/polish
    Manley oversized valves
    Milled head

    Going to add Crower stage 3 cams and spoon chip p28 ecu this week...

    Will all that in mind...when i take it to the dyno what power should I expect and when I take it to the track what should i expect...stock wheels and this is on a 94 civic coupe ex
  2. 9950

    9950 Banned

    Imports SUCK!
  3. Tonyd0821

    Tonyd0821 Banned

  4. Tonyd0821

    Tonyd0821 Banned

    :newbie: :mullet:
  5. liquid00meth

    liquid00meth Senior Member

    2 questions.

    1.) why did you lower compression on an N/A motor.
    2.) why did you put an inferior transmission on it.

    and The spoon chip is a waste of time.

    And as far as power, I left my magic dynometer hat at home.
  6. E_SolSi

    E_SolSi Member of the 20 nut club Moderator


    your setup seems to lack any kind of research
  7. khrisb

    khrisb ******

    Looks like crap to me...
  8. Tonyd0821

    Tonyd0821 Banned

    and i quote.....

    my original guess was that this was some sort of pre-turbo set up....

    but then due to the nature of the question....

    i stand by my original pic.
  9. RIT Civic

    RIT Civic Senior Member

    Well it was going to be a turbo setup...I changed my mind and like the post says I will be adding a p28 soon but its not in yet...I am asking for advice to see what I can do..I might stay with my p72 ecu...the project does not lack research at all...with a lower compression I can run a bigger nos shot...

    I thought I was supposed to get help here and not get flammed...hahaha...anyway thanks for the help
  10. RIT Civic

    RIT Civic Senior Member

    What is if I decide to add turbo later in the future?...is it a crime to have low compression...geezeee :p
  11. btleier

    btleier Member

    Yeah the lower compression really isn't all that great of an idea unless you plan on using it for a turbo setup. There are so many variables in everyone's setup that the only real way to know is to take that hog to a dyno. It's not all that expensive and then you'll know exactly what you're looking at for numbers.
  12. khrisb

    khrisb ******

    If you run those crower stage 3's with that compression, you'll have 0 power. Not flaming you, but :wtf:
  13. RIT Civic

    RIT Civic Senior Member

    Hmmm so what if I got those stage 3 and later plan on turbo...would that help or should i exchange them for the stage 2 turbo spec cams?
  14. btleier

    btleier Member

    Yes the more agressive cams will much more beneficial when you go turbo.
  15. RIT Civic

    RIT Civic Senior Member

    would those stage 3 work with a big shot of nos?...i heard that with my low compression i could run a big shot of nos with no prob...is this true?..i mean i am trying to decide if I should go nos or turbo...i heard my compression works great with either one..
  16. B16

    B16 Super Moderator

    if you're going turbo, get cams made for turbo, the stage3's are for n/a.. i think crower has a turbo specific grind. this is why you must make up your mind on going n/a or turbo in the beginning
  17. Tonyd0821

    Tonyd0821 Banned

    i think that this guy doesnt actually have that setup....he is just playing out a
    "what if" scenario with us...
  18. RIT Civic

    RIT Civic Senior Member

    If you want proof of the engine while it was being built I could send you over some pics. :p

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