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How to: Remove an SRS steering wheel

Discussion in 'General Tech Articles' started by xj0hnx, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. xj0hnx

    xj0hnx I wanna be sedated VIP

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    Nov 10, 2002
    Ok, so today I started my intermittent wiper project. I have read threads about it being a plug and play deal, but IT IS NOT. Ones without the intermitent wipers, do not have the plug in the back of the switch. Now, chances are that it is taped up under the dash, with the power mirror and sunroof switchs, I have seen them, but in my time constraints, I couldn't look around for it. So I will update this when I find it....

    This how to can be used to say replace your steering wheel with a new high speed one, or do the intermitent wiper "mod" or just or some maintance under there, but are nervous about playing with your SRS.

    First step is to disconnect BOTH positive (+) and negative (-) from you battery...


    Now, smoke a stog, have a coke, call a friend whatever, but you have to wiat three (3) minutes for the power to drain out fo the system before you go messing around in there.

    Ok, now under your steering wheel there is a small access panel right underneath, there is one crosstip screw holding it in. remove screw, and pop out panel...


    You'll see a red clip held into the piece you removed, take that out. Now look in there and you'll see a yellow connector, plug it and plug the steering wheel side into the red clip.


    Now pop the two small panels off either side of the steering wheel. This will allow access to the two (2) 30 bit Torx bolts, remove these...


    On the right side one, you need to unscrew the cruise control plug cover, there are two small crosstip screws. I started without removing this, and it is a pain, remove it...


    Now you can remove the airbag assembly from the steering wheel frame...


    Now using a 19mm ratchet, undo the hub nut, and then unplug the horn (two red wires above nut) and the two yellow SRS plugs...


    Now you can remove the three (3) screws for the SRS reel...


    There are three (3) brass screws holding the switch unit on, remove those and unplug the plugs behind it...


    Ok, at this point, my project went to shit...first I found that for some reason, the non ABS center piece, of the switch has splines inside it, that are just big enough to keep it from going on, what is retarded is that they have EXACTLY the same numbers, letters and markings, sometimes I hate Honda...


    Now the solution to this is real simple, simply swap the wiper switch onto the SRS center piece. Here you will notice that the two switchs have completely different numbers on them...


    Now, I didn't feel like running wires to get my horn to work, since the wiring is embedded in the SRS hub, and you have to go from behind the dash find the wire, and run it up to make the connection.

    Also you need the intermitent wiper relay, which is the brown box in this pic...


    To get this in you need to undo the fuse box under the dash, that is done by unbolting the two (2) 10mm nuts, from either side...


    Once this two are undone, you need to unplug as many plugs to the box as you can, to make it easier to access the back side of the box. You will need two flat heads, insert them on the outside of the relay, and pry down into the surrounding plastic holding clip that surrounds the bottom side, and pop out the old one. It is a bitch, now plug the new one in, and replug everything, bolt it back in and replace all the panels.

    Here is a link to a thread from dnt94civic on H-T about hooking up you horn with a JDM non SRS steering wheel...http://www.honda-tech.com/zerothread?id=273474

    If you're feeling lazy, here's the jest of it, you need to add the shoe horn (Honda part # 35259-SH3-A02) for the horn to your SRS combination switch....


    Then you need to run a wire from here...


    This is the plug at the end of your SRS reel wire (the flat one) and the SRS reel has to be removed and unplugged to access this.

    Once you have that wired in (I stuck the end of the wire in and E taped it down), you need to run the other end to here on the plug that plugs into the headlight side of the SRS combination switch...


    Now you need to smear some grease on the back of the steering wheel, or else where the shoe horn contacts it, it will squeak. Now your horn will work.

    One day I will find the plug for the wipers and update this for those that care.
    Hope this can help someone who is wondering about removing their SRS steering wheel, or want intermitent wipers, which are nice when it is just drizzling.

    New wheel...


    Oh yea, and a cool angle shot of the cabin (grotetous pic whoring)..


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  2. cws13

    cws13 Senior Member

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    Nov 15, 2002
    Something VERY important I would like to add. Place your wheels. Lock your steering wheel and DO NOT LET IT MOVE. There is an SRS cable reel (called srs wiring hub here and pictured) that consists of a spool of cable,at an exact predetermined length if the steering wheel is on correctly-allowing it to go from lock to lock. If in the process of this project you move your wheels or steering hub or let the cable reel spin, you will be off by one spline and not notice before it is too late. This one tooth off will allow the cable reel to over extend and snap when you go to full lock. I have seen this happen and have it caught in time to correct it without breaking the reel, but it usually does. When this happens your horns and SRS will not work until you replace it and do it properly-and it's pricey. Be careful! Other than that, nice article!

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