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How to remove ignition lock cylinder

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by Kipper-Fish, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Kipper-Fish

    Kipper-Fish New Member

    1992 Honda Civic EXV 1600cc VTEC engine with automatic transmission.

    I need to remove the ignition lock cylinder for re-keying.

    The existing cylinder and well-worn keys are not factory originals and so can't get keys from dealership on basis of VIN.

    Have searched this forum and elsewhere but find contradictory, confusing and non-applicable methodologies.

    Anyone know of a resource that I can use? In particular, which shear bolts, retaining screws or spring-loaded pins (???) to be accessed. Photo tutorial would be ideal but not expected.

    Surrey, BC, Canada.
  2. phyregod

    phyregod !!YTINASNI

    Just take it apart. I believe there are two bolts or rivets that will have to be drilled out.
  3. Kipper-Fish

    Kipper-Fish New Member

    Just to be sure, I am not wanting to remove the ignition lock body (housing) which is indeed bolted around the steering column with two headless shear-bolts.

    Rather, the ignition lock cylinder is inside the ignition lock housing on the RHS of the steering column. I have removed the covers and have full access to the ignition lock. The ignition switch and interlock solenoid is clearly visible as are the wire harnesses.

    It is just not intuitively obvious which bolts, screws or pins need to be undone before the cylinder can be slid out from the RHS.

    A picture tutorial would really help this older novice.
  4. Kipper-Fish

    Kipper-Fish New Member

    Never mind people, I managed to get it out by trial-and-error without causing too much damage. No bolts, screws or rivets to drill out either. Lots of dust, probably graphite lubricant, all over the inside of the assembly and the grease at the rear is all solidified much like putty. Will clean up and get the cylinder to locksmith for re-keying.

    Surrey, BC, Canada.
  5. efhondakid

    efhondakid My name is Byron.

    You know you can take your VIN to a dealer and they can make you a new key from that right?
  6. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member

    Bet it's a stolen car...
  7. 91accordwithwork

    91accordwithwork kid that everyone loves!

    lol yup that shits dirty
  8. Kipper-Fish

    Kipper-Fish New Member

    Nope, not stolen guys.

    In the end of the matter, this is what we needed to do. Took the ignition lock cylinder to the locksmith who cleaned then reset it with new wafers to match a pair of brand new "original" keys cut at the local Honda dealership from a key code that was determined from the V.I.N.

    Got it all done and reinstalled very late last night. The interesting thing is that the previous well worn keys no longer operate the cylinder and have been tossed.

    Don't always assume that people looking for advice on this forum are thieves. We're just $12/hour hardworking people that simply can not pay techs $90/hour to fix a 16-year old, $2300 car. So we gotta go somewhere to find the information that we need to help ourselves.
  9. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member

    Well good job that you got it fixed and working.
  10. Kipper-Fish

    Kipper-Fish New Member

    Thanks Chaz.

    There is so much misinformation on the Internet, and in particular on this forum, that one has to be very careful when acting on the same. Mostly, it is like taking two steps forward and then three steps back.

    Some would have had me drilling, grinding, scoring and cutting where it was not necessary.

    Others, in their own ignorance, are insulting without offering any real assistance.

    And yet again, there are also those much like yourself that continue to be encouraging. You are indeed appreciated.
  11. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member


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