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Hub/bearing damage in '92 Accord...?

Discussion in 'Wheels / Suspension / Tires / Brakes' started by DoubleD, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. DoubleD

    DoubleD New Member

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    Sep 5, 2006
    1. I had both front wheel bearings replaced on my '92 accord 1.5 years ago (new bearings pressed onto original hubs).
    2. I had full brakes done this spring (rotors, pads, hardware kit, master cylinder, drums, shoes, etc...).
    3. A few weeks after the brake work, I started to get the vibration associated with a cooked rotor (only under braking,usually at high speed, could also feel the out of true under gentle braking at slow speed...).
    4. Finally went to deal with it last week, bit the bullet and upgraded to premium rotors and pads, new shop, the mech. showed me that the portion of the hub that fits into the spindle (the round extension of the flange that the rotor bolts onto, the one that has a splined interior that fits over the axle) had been ground down a bit at the end (maybe a 1/4 long from the end ( I guess to make it easier to fit into the spindle) and also had some dimples on it, as if someone had beat on it with a punch. He said that there was no point on putting new rotors on this hub and that I should get a good wrecker hub, and put on a new bearing...
    5. At this point I asked two local dealers their opinion, one said change it, the other said that part of the hub doesn't effect the bearing operation or create any play in the hub
    6. I went back to the shpo that did all the work originally, the guy of course said that they would have never ground it...he offered me a deal on the labour to put on teh new rotors/pads, adn said he would change the brake hoses to make sure that an internal constriction in the hose wasn't causing the caliper to not retract and cook the rotor...I mentioned that I thought that the left bearing was startign to hum, he said no, it checked out fine (no road test, just visual and wheel play check).
    7. Since the work was done, the braking shudder has stopped, but the hum has goten worse (I had the winter tires put on, so I hope it's not just a perception!). Also, the car pulled a little to the left (the side that had the bad rotor), I figured the out of true was causing it to drag (it was way worse when Ibraked), but the pulling is worse now! (except when brkaing, when it tracks straight!?!
    So, after all this background, my questions:

    1. I've heard that it's common for the bearings to get smoked when pulling/installing the hubs (I'm pretty sure both shops used a puller). With all the on and off this spring and the last week, are the bearings probably damaged?
    2. Does that grinding at the end of the hub have any impact? The outboard race is fine, but I wonder how it affexcts the side that sits inboard.
    3. Does anyone have experience with complete hub/bearing assemblies from wreckers? I've heard mixed things, some say that they will smoke the bearings pulling them, others say that they are fine as long as they are careful...
    4. ...or should I look at getting a good used hub and new bearings? or just bearings?
    5. ANy other ideas as to what is going on here?
    Thanks for any help, the car has been in the family since new, over 350, 000 km and I plan on keeping it for another couple hundred k, I usually do all the work myself but work is too busy right now -- it's a little frusturating to take it to a shop, spend cash money, and then look at spending more to have hte same thign done again!

    good lines,

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