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I can't find it an where, I'm popping code 43

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by phat87mazdarx7, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. phat87mazdarx7

    phat87mazdarx7 New Member

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    Mar 12, 2007
    My 90 Crx HF has a b18a1(ls) and its pulling a code 43 when I looked it up it just pops ups 43 92-95 Civic
    90-95 Prelude
    94+ Integra Fuel Supply System defective or malfunctioning fuel supply systembut else but not crx. the guy I got it from screwed up some of the wiring(he thought the hf was a dual point car so they tried to do the wiring conversion) I undid most of his wrong that I know of(mainly the tps, had the code up but when out after i swapped the wires around). what do you guys think I should check. I know its going to need a new harness but I'm not ready for that yet, lol(don't want to pull the dash). I bought a new Fuel filter(one on the car looks kinda old, then the o2 the plug(terminal inside the plug,) was not in right so I fixed it(pushed it further in till it clicked, that code was popped but this got rid of it) an I put electrical/dielectric grease on ever single plug and connectors.

    I kinda think I may have bumped something working on my radiator(92-00 half radiator, all aluminum:D)I drove it around a bit after I fixed it(got it out of limp mode) and it did not night up at all, but now it is on as soon as I crank it up, how do I clear it out, after I try some of your suggestions to solve this issue

    I really need help here, the car runs great but tat damn light is scary:eek:

    PS. My speedo is acting funny too:mellow:, it bounces around about 1-1.5 inches up and down till I hit about 40, then it settles don't to about 1/8 inch(maybe less) bounce
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