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I Need help with an F22B1 swap into 95 prelude!!!

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> BA-BB /CA-CD' started by F22B1Prelude, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. F22B1Prelude

    F22B1Prelude New Member

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    Oct 29, 2008
    :huh:I bought a 95 prelude (f22a1 non vtec stock)from a friend for dirt cheap with an F22b1 vtec (94 accord ex) swap in it. It didnt have vtec so I thought all I would have to do is buy the proper ecu and harness and I would be ok..........wrong! First off, the f22b was running off of the f22a ecu and harness.(the mechanic chopped up the harness to make the f22b work.) I didnt wanna just plug the f22b ecu in with the fear of it getting fried from the hack job on the harness so I went to install the f22b harness and ran into a few probs. The harness wont hook up completely at the fuse box area because all that is still stock. I also noticed that there is no egr valve on the fuel rail so that connector is just hanging out. I also noticed that im probably gonna have to find the accord ignition coil cause that wont hook up either. There is also a lonely connection right beneath the intake manifold connected to a hose. I dont really know what I'm doing so if anyone can help make this swap work I would REALLY appreciate it.
  2. JDM92Lude

    JDM92Lude Banned

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    Nov 23, 2007
    Mechanicsburg, PA
    where you located???
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