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Idea for a Jeep Project

Discussion in 'Auto Multi-Media' started by SlushboxTeggy, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. SlushboxTeggy

    SlushboxTeggy Senior Member

    Came across this on CL.


    Was thinking about doing a chassis swap with this


    or figuring out something with this


    Looking to build something similar to this concept



    but obviously a Jeep.

    Comments, opinions, ridicule welcome. Probably taking a look at the Willy tomorrow.

    First things first though. What do you guys think I should pay for a project 1961 Jeep Willys 2 door Wagon that doesn't run.
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  2. Jeef

    Jeef NO MA'AM Moderator

    Aren't the Cherokees a unibody?
    The wagonner's frame will most likely be too big for the Willy. I wonder if an s10 or ranger frame would be a good choice.
    I would get the Wagoneer, and lift it.
  3. 92stoccord

    92stoccord Big Member

    If the willys is decent, I say do it. Like above, s10 frame is pretty much universal lol. Worst case scenario find a frame that's close and strap that fucker to it. They don't have to be pretty.
  4. TurboMirage

    TurboMirage Finally boostin'

    see if you can pick up the jeep for 20 bucks and then just scrap it :shrug:
  5. SlushboxTeggy

    SlushboxTeggy Senior Member

    Yea they're uni-body. And actually shorter than the Willy, which surprised me.

    Wagoneer is 186.4" x 74.8"
    Willy is 176.26" x 71.75"

    Surprisingly close. I don't think the width would be an issue and the length, I could either modify the frame or stretch the front portion of the Willy. Even the wheelbase is 110" vs. 104.5".

    Would love to keep the Wagoneer chassis simply because for a minimal initial cost, I could have a very capable Jeep, with old school flavor and Dana 44s front and rear.
  6. klyph

    klyph Dismember

    Why would you put that rusted out hull on a perfectly dope woody wagoneer? What are you gaining? The wagoneer body is so ugly it's sexy, and it has a burly chassis. Just get the wagoneer, those things are badass.
  7. SlushboxTeggy

    SlushboxTeggy Senior Member

    I'm gaining a sweet old school body with "modern" technology under it. Frankly I love the Willys Wagon, but the Wagoneer chassis is newer, better, and more easily upgradable. Might be going to take a look at it later today.
  8. klyph

    klyph Dismember

    I'd get the wagoneer drivetrain squared away before fucking with the body the body is usually the last consideration when building a functional wheeler.
  9. SlushboxTeggy

    SlushboxTeggy Senior Member

    Saw it today. Actually great in person. Every piece is there, plus a few extra. It's the 6cyl. with a 3 spd. (the good one).

    Stand up guy too. We actually have mutual acquaintances. Said it drove until it was parked so should be a short parts list away from running.

    WAY less rust than the pictures led me to believe. A few patches, a little grinding, and it should be ready for paint.

    So with all this info, I obviously put down a deposit. I'm going to get it running and driving and then decide if I'm going to try the Wagoneer route.
  10. 92stoccord

    92stoccord Big Member

    If the frame is solid, I'd say keep it original. If you really want to and the motor is a turd, find a 4wd compatable motor you like and toss it in.
  11. SlushboxTeggy

    SlushboxTeggy Senior Member

    It's going to stay original, at least at first. It's a 12-volt (most Willy's are 6V or 24V), it needs a few patches (nothing that would require serious surgery like floor panels or something), and it only has 55k on it. Not that that matter a whole bunch in its current state, haha. I even have a friend who lives nearby where it is that said I can tinker with it in his driveway.

    It's future after that is uncertain though. My Wagoneer idea has sparked another idea. If I was to do it, I'd have a Willy's frame and drivetrain left over. With a little frame alteration I could strap on a CJ tub and build what everyone thinks of when they hear Willy (MB/CJ-3). Only better. 6 cyl and 12V. Options never available in the others. The wheels are turning. But for now, I want a motor that turns over.

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