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identifying type-r cams

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by HATCHET_HONDA, Jun 4, 2008.


    HATCHET_HONDA scottie fizzle

    so i was wondering how to identify true type r cams.. i see quite a few for bid on ebay but EVERYTHING on ebay says type r so im really skeptical on whats what.. are there any identifying marks to look for? they look the same to me
  2. LS_VTEC

    LS_VTEC you get the BRAKE

    Depending on the year, and if they are jdm/usdm, the ends have different looks. Just google it, I had to a long time ago. Honda-Tech had something on there with pictures.
  3. eg6sir

    eg6sir Supa Mod Moderator


    HATCHET_HONDA scottie fizzle

    COOL...so just look for the "rings" on the dizzy side of the cam huh? simple enough...ive seen plenty of "type r" cams for auction that didnt have those

    HATCHET_HONDA scottie fizzle

    asked a guy sellin some cams on ebay for close up pics of the ends of the cams..he said that they are aftermarket jdm type r cams so they have no markings...does that make sense?

    YBLEGAL Regular Member w/ Cheese

    yes it means they are not genuine honda most likely. some imitation design by an off brand

    HATCHET_HONDA scottie fizzle

    then they could be anything really... lol and hes asking like $250 for international shipping...he lives in valpo which is odd

    YBLEGAL Regular Member w/ Cheese

    lol of all places.......

    HATCHET_HONDA scottie fizzle

    found some cams from A 99 ITR.. they look legit, we'll see how it goes. i want this swap to have the good stuff but i dont have 5-$600 to throw around for cams..ahhh so close!!!after cams, mounts and a clutch and i can bolt er together!
  10. Superwho05

    Superwho05 New Member

    itr camshafts are awesome in a b16, but you wont get the complete powerband of them unless you get your valvetrain upgraded to redline at 9k. I had 96 jdm cams in my new b16, and it didnt REALLY pull until around 6200-6500, and if you hit your redline at 7900-8200, you wont enjoy them, but thats just my personal experience. (assuming theyre going in a b16 of course)

    HATCHET_HONDA scottie fizzle

    yea, they are.. b16 block and gsr head with skunk2 springs and retainers...but im having trouble installin all that new stuff. cant find a valve spring compressor tool or a shop that works on honda heads. check my other posts

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