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if you weren't in chat tonight....

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by pissedoffsol, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. pissedoffsol

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    Sep 28, 2002
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    You have just entered room "HondaSwapChat."
    Airj0ckey: uppps
    Airj0ckey: you shouldn't speak of the devil
    pissedoffsolwork: 666
    Airj0ckey: hehe
    Airj0ckey: sup
    pissedoffsolwork: not much
    pissedoffsolwork: busnch of shit, like usual
    pissedoffsolwork: car sucks, girl sucks,
    Airj0ckey: welcom to my world
    Airj0ckey: and to tell you...it's not just that car...but every car
    pissedoffsolwork: i can't paste a freakin link
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: :cool: car sucks
    Airj0ckey: my AE86 project is dragging to slow
    pissedoffsolwork: there it goes
    Xy Swany: how much ya got dumped into the sol now?
    pissedoffsolwork: way to fucking much
    Airj0ckey: well.....you could always just trade your sol for my rex...it runs....
    Airj0ckey: hehe
    Airj0ckey: I'll be up there with a tow truck tommorrow
    Xy Swany: so they dont make a pillar pods for 60 mm gauges?
    Airj0ckey: just use a 52 MM pod and cut it open with a dremil
    Airj0ckey: inlarge the opening
    Airj0ckey: unless you can find a Tenzo dealer close
    Xy Swany: wish i was inlarging some openings tonight -=/
    pissedoffsolwork: the piece is not a gay over-lay
    pissedoffsolwork: it actually replaces the A-pillar on the car, and is color/texture matched
    pissedoffsolwork: i paid a pretty penny for it too
    pissedoffsolwork: and its the wrong fucking thing
    pissedoffsolwork: and with 600+ in gauges, im not swapping to 52mm now
    Airj0ckey: ouch
    Airj0ckey: BRB
    Xy Swany: wish i had 600 to put into my motor
    GSRCRXSi 314: what gauges do you got dude?
    pissedoffsolwork: greddy warning EGt, and oil press, apex i el glo boost
    pissedoffsolwork: 200 a pop
    GSRCRXSi 314: damn
    Xy Swany: anyone formiliar with VW shit?
    pissedoffsolwork: yup- they suck
    GSRCRXSi 314: hahahaha
    GSRCRXSi 314: nice productive day b, putting a shift knob on the shifter, now that takes some skill:)
    Xy Swany: i raced this kid with a older fox or golf or something and it was pretty fast j\w wtf common swaps are for them
    GSRCRXSi 314: some have turbos....
    Xy Swany: i didnt hear aBOV
    GSRCRXSi 314: and the gti's are pretty quick
    pissedoffsolwork: they are pretty quick and look ok, but try fucking working on one
    Xy Swany: oh i know
    Xy Swany: i work on them on a semi-regualr basis
    Xy Swany: the s4's are horrible
    Xy Swany: they shoehorn everything in
    GSRCRXSi 314: yea my friend has a corrado (sp?), dont remember the model, but its the supercharged model
    KyleMarhx: i'm eating fucker.
    Xy Swany: jesus
    pissedoffsolwork: <- just invite peeps
    pissedoffsolwork: G60
    Xy Swany: oh i was gonna say
    House Of Boost: Hey, does anyone want to play with my ballsac?
    KyleMarhx: G60?
    pissedoffsolwork: caraddo
    GSRCRXSi 314: yes g60, thats it
    PinkFuzzyDice69: my connection's a little screwy tonight so excuse me if i leave suddenly.
    House Of Boost: Corrado.
    pissedoffsolwork: 0
    pissedoffsolwork: :)
    PinkFuzzyDice69: i'm guessing i missed something.
    pissedoffsolwork: talking about vw's
    PinkFuzzyDice69: ahh.
    House Of Boost: What does VW stand for?
    House Of Boost: Very Weak.
    Xy Swany: lol
    GSRCRXSi 314: that thing was soo fucking confusing under the hood
    Xy Swany: all german shit is
    PinkFuzzyDice69: vw's are scary when u pop the hood
    House Of Boost: haha... you think that's confusing? Take a peek under the hood of my AllTrac!
    GSRCRXSi 314: and the kid said he blew the sc on it, so i guess they have probs withthaat
    pissedoffsolwork: they always blew
    pissedoffsolwork: 60k, needed to be rebuilt
    House Of Boost: Great... HondaSwap chat talking about VWs...
    GSRCRXSi 314: haha
    House Of Boost: Hey B, I finally hit up a rallyx this weekend.
    pissedoffsolwork: cool
    pissedoffsolwork: how was it?
    House Of Boost: There were Evos and STis and Forresters there, and we all got our asses handed to us by a- get this- Omni GLH. Go figure.
    Xy Swany: anyone goto a autox in va lately?
    pissedoffsolwork: glhs's are bad ass
    pissedoffsolwork: id so rock one
    House Of Boost: I came in 2nd place in the AWD turbo street tire class. That pissed off all the STi guys. I had "sUbaRu are teh S UCK!" written on the side of my car in the mud. :p
    GSRCRXSi 314: omnis are very versitle (sp?) they can go either route
    pissedoffsolwork: this kid me a bill know has one with the shelby charger 2.2 in it with a t3 .82
    pissedoffsolwork: car fucking flies
    GSRCRXSi 314: i know a guy with a 340 in his omni
    House Of Boost: No doubt they're fast, but this was a freakin' rallycross... the mud in the field was as slick as snow.
    HondaH22FI: spanky
    GSRCRXSi 314: its all motor with stock internals running 10.4's all day
    GSRCRXSi 314: automatic too!
    House Of Boost: But yeah, it was a hoot. First comp. with the AllTrac. Lots and lots of fun. I really can't wait for winter now. :-D
    GSRCRXSi 314: my brother creams all over the Alltracs
    GSRCRXSi 314: but hes such a dumbass
    Xy Swany: this winter is supposed to be a bitch i guess
    GSRCRXSi 314: he has a 5th gen gts and he wants to make it awd, but doesnt grasp how much work that is, lol
    House Of Boost: Yeah, what a dumbass for creaming all over AllTracs.
    GSRCRXSi 314: not for creaming all over the alltrac
    GSRCRXSi 314: for thinking he can turbo a car with JUST the turbo
    House Of Boost: Oh. hahhaaa... Yeah, I hear that a lot... ever gas station I go to, the monkey wants to make his Civic RWD or wants to drop an R34 driveline in his Kia...
    PinkFuzzyDice69: LOL!
    PinkFuzzyDice69: sorry, that was funny... back to my paper
    pissedoffsolwork: i want an r34 :/
    House Of Boost: :p
    PinkFuzzyDice69: in ur kia? :p
    Airj0ckey: I can get one
    PinkFuzzyDice69: haha jk...
    House Of Boost: B, it's not worth it. Go buy a $500 beater and go buy a house.
    Xy Swany: ya prolly couldve had one with what you have in the sol
    Airj0ckey: but it will cost ya
    PinkFuzzyDice69: i'd be happier with a ducati
    House Of Boost: I'd be happier with a girl that had a big set of....
    House Of Boost: TURBOS!
    House Of Boost: :-D
    Airj0ckey: who wouldn't
    PinkFuzzyDice69: LOL i'd need a lot of money for that...
    PinkFuzzyDice69: :-c
    PinkFuzzyDice69: :-X
    PinkFuzzyDice69: i wouldn't mind having a turbo on my car...
    PinkFuzzyDice69: with an h22
    House Of Boost: Yeah, I think implants would run less than a pair of GT series...
    Airj0ckey: right now I am happy...the wife is heading to JDM land to find parts for me
    PinkFuzzyDice69: or just buy the v6 and s.c it
    House Of Boost: Superchargers are weaksauce.
    Xy Swany: i wish my ball n chain would go get me some shit like that
    PinkFuzzyDice69: lol me too
    PinkFuzzyDice69: well, my BF
    SlammedIllusions: superchargers are weak? come run my supercharged car then :p
    Airj0ckey: already got 2 sets of mugen rims
    House Of Boost: Is it a four cylinder or V8?
    Airj0ckey: MF48's and MR5s
    Airj0ckey: CF48's
    Airj0ckey: not MF
    SlammedIllusions: v8 of course loco ;-)
    Xy Swany: uhm. you suck
    Xy Swany: i think ive gotten a few football tickets and a hotewl room
    House Of Boost: Throw a pair of T04Es on that V8 and you'll never look at a blower again.
    PinkFuzzyDice69: my BF got a jenna jameson porno lol
    pissedoffsolwork: >:eek:
    PinkFuzzyDice69: and a painting for his wall
    SlammedIllusions: we have a pair of IVS t3/t4 .63 a/r turbos for it already.
    House Of Boost: So what's the holdup?
    SlammedIllusions: parts to make our TT kit.
    GSRCRXSi 314: take out 4 spark plug wires and then we'll see who wins:)
    SlammedIllusions: we need manifolds
    dobinator4: sup guys
    SlammedIllusions: waiting for a friend to give us his old ones
    dobinator4: hey im looking for turbo shit in my ls/vtec
    House Of Boost: Well, make the manifolds then! And bring it to an ice race. ;-)
    dobinator4: like pistons, sleeves, crank, and shit
    House Of Boost: I have some shit I can put a turbo sticker on, making it turbo shit. It's JDM, y0. $550.
    Airj0ckey: turbo is fun
    dobinator4: ya i know i just blew up my turbo civic
    dobinator4: now im making it so it wont blow up :)
    GSRCRXSi 314: sounds like tony
    Airj0ckey: bt it hurts the wallet taking a 30 MPG car to go get gas at 15 MPG
    dobinator4: ya but its kool
    House Of Boost: haha... no shit... Tony: "I blew my motor because I don't know how to tune! Turbos suck!"
    Airj0ckey: I'm trying to blow mine up...but the engine just gets stronger
    GSRCRXSi 314: all motor y0, i get 30-35mpg easy
    dobinator4: nah i blew it cause it was only a zc cheap ass motor
    GSRCRXSi 314: hahaha
    dobinator4: bought the motor for 50$
    House Of Boost: Dude, I ran 10 PSI with an FMU on a 132K mile D16Z6... NO problems!
    dobinator4: slaped on my friends turbo and boosted 22 lbs
    dobinator4: :)
    Airj0ckey: I'm up to 9.5 PSI on a FMU only...and it still runs
    GSRCRXSi 314: its not the motor, its the tuning, any motor will blow if not built for it
    dobinator4: blew shifting in to 4th
    PinkFuzzyDice69: gotta go finish this paper, due tomorrow and i have work in the morning.
    dobinator4: crossed at 115
    PinkFuzzyDice69: bye guye!
    dobinator4: peace
    PinkFuzzyDice69: guys*
    House Of Boost: Have a good one!
    PinkFuzzyDice69: u 2
    Airj0ckey: BRB
    dobinator4: so anyone know any good places to get shit
    dobinator4: im gonna get je psitons i think
    dobinator4: but i dont know about the crank or ahit
    dobinator4: shit
    House Of Boost: The crank doesn't need to be touched.
    dobinator4: oil ported
    pissedoffsolwork: wtf is that?
    House Of Boost: Huh? Complete sentences help.
    pissedoffsolwork: christ
    dobinator4: i want a oil ported crank
    pissedoffsolwork: made tit3 jdm oil ported crank :bash:
    Xy Swany: lol
    House Of Boost: Christ made a tite JDM oil ported crank?
    Xy Swany: lmfao
    GSRCRXSi 314: RDM y0
    pissedoffsolwork: bubb rubb had it installed on his car
    GSRCRXSi 314: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: YEAH I GOTSZ IT ON MY CAAAA
    dobinator4: i have a oil ported crank for a d series
    GSRCRXSi 314: i think he means oil squirters maybe
    pissedoffsolwork: no you dont
    dobinator4: and domed pistons for d-series
    dobinator4: ya i do
    pissedoffsolwork: show me a pic
    House Of Boost: I have VT3C, y0!
    dobinator4: so do i
    dobinator4: now:)
    pissedoffsolwork: i have vte0cksaai y0!
    GSRCRXSi 314: you spelled wrong loco, its Vi-Tech
    House Of Boost: I have most efficacious VT3C-san! Hai! *bows* *gong crash*
    dobinator4: o
    GSRCRXSi 314: aahahahaha
    dobinator4: what cars your guys got?
    Xy Swany: i should really goto bed. its 12:30 and i have class at 8 -=[
    pissedoffsolwork: 8am class > you
    Xy Swany: 95 gsrrrrrr
    GSRCRXSi 314: shit its 1 30 here
    Xy Swany: yea
    House Of Boost: I have a Civic- killing Celica. Yeah, that's right... it's a girl's car!
    Xy Swany: this place is fucking addicting
    dobinator4: 95 gsr huh?
    GSRCRXSi 314: lol, the alltrac is the only exception, it does need a bit of help in the styling dept IMO
    Xy Swany: uh huh
    dobinator4: nice
    Xy Swany: kinda.
    dobinator4: why kinda
    GSRCRXSi 314: 91 CRX, 94 GSR motor
    dobinator4: nice
    dobinator4: i have a 91 hb with ls/vtec soon ot be done
    Xy Swany: cause all ive got on it right now is header, cat back .\
    dobinator4: and a 91 hb with d16 vtec turbo its a screamer
    House Of Boost: I agree- The AllTrac isn't the best looking car. But like the original WRX, you can't see it from the drivers' seat, so it doesn't matter. :-D
    dobinator4: ya man gots a point
    GSRCRXSi 314: i think wrx's are ok, but the stis are ugly
    XLerate93: ?
    dobinator4: sup man'
    XLerate93: did you get anywhere else with the swap brian?
    XLerate93: sup
    pissedoffsolwork: hi
    pissedoffsolwork: read the tread on pg 8
    GSRCRXSi 314: yea he got the shift know put on
    pissedoffsolwork: FU
    GSRCRXSi 314: knob
    pissedoffsolwork: i hate cars
    GSRCRXSi 314: lol
    XLerate93: yeah me too
    XLerate93: should have bought mine
    XLerate93: lol
    House Of Boost: hahahhahaa... B is teh pissedoffmechanic
    GSRCRXSi 314: hahahahaha
    dobinator4: i thought we were gonna ask question in this place?
    dobinator4: any one needs and body (aftermarket parts) by the way
    House Of Boost: OK, I have a question...
    dobinator4: i own a online shop and runnign a special on exterior shit
    House Of Boost: Where can I get a JDM ported dipstick?
    GSRCRXSi 314: bahahahahaha
    dobinator4: very funny
    House Of Boost: Will it give me VTEC?
    GSRCRXSi 314: y0 i want my ported valve cover
    dobinator4: if you ever built a engine then you under stand ported cranks purpose
    GSRCRXSi 314: dude theres no such thing as a ported crank
    GSRCRXSi 314: do you mean knife edged?
    dobinator4: ya ok
    dobinator4: nah
    House Of Boost: You're a dumbass... first off, you don't "port" a crank. Second off, if you did, you'd lose all your oil pressure and wouldn't get any oil to the head.
    pissedoffsolwork: dobinator4: oil ported cranks are meant for mad ass street cars or drag cars
    XLerate93: gotta keep the head lubed
    House Of Boost: Please sir, please go stick your head in the microwave and leave the engine building to those of us that can grasp simple concepts.
    dobinator4: i mean it has holes (ports) along it so it flows thought oils better
    pissedoffsolwork: i guess i don't have a mad ass street car
    pissedoffsolwork: :-\
    pissedoffsolwork: back to being slow
    dobinator4: i guess not
    XLerate93: nope
    SlammedIllusions: i guess i dont either :-(
    XLerate93: sell it
    SlammedIllusions: running low 12's for what? not a fucking thing.. slow ass fucking car of mine
    SlammedIllusions: and its stock :-(
    House Of Boost: Jesus H fucking christ, where the fuck do you retarded shitfaces come from????
    XLerate93: waterbury
    dobinator4: nevermind
    dobinator4: you guys dont get it at all huh
    House Of Boost: Go back to playing with GoPeds, you shit tard.
    GSRCRXSi 314: hahaha
    XLerate93: sport-ped
    GSRCRXSi 314: this is great
    SlammedIllusions: do you mean ported crank = bigger crank? like when you port a head, it makes the runners bigger? if so, that is a STROKER crank
    XLerate93: http://www.doa-clan.com/Members/V_Master/G.../GopedTake2.wmv
    pissedoffsolwork: this convo might be worthy of a post
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    XLerate93: go-peds arent all that bad
    GSRCRXSi 314: werd
    House Of Boost: Go ahead and post it.
    dobinator4: well shit i guess i got no respeect here huh?
    House Of Boost: You get no respect because you have no knowledge.
    GSRCRXSi 314: its just that you sound retarded
    SlammedIllusions: not if we can't decide wtf you're talkn about
    pissedoffsolwork: its not about respect. you get that on the street
    GSRCRXSi 314: lol
    XLerate93: lol
    dobinator4: i have a shit load of knowledge
    pissedoffsolwork: to some people, thats more important
    XLerate93: haha
    HondaH22FI: http://www.cslha.com/forum/index.php
    SlammedIllusions: then wtf is a ported crank?
    House Of Boost: No you don't.
    HondaH22FI: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    SlammedIllusions: explain it
    HondaH22FI: my forums is up
    dobinator4: ask something then
    HondaH22FI: everyone go Join
    pissedoffsolwork: my dixie wrecked
    HondaH22FI: B go join
    SlammedIllusions: okay, im' asking wtf a ported crank is
    dobinator4: nice
    House Of Boost: Wait... I'm gonna ask something...
    HondaH22FI: so i can make fun of you
    Xy Swany: you mean oil galleries on a crank?
    GSRCRXSi 314: i live my life a quarter mile at a time
    dobinator4: ya'
    House Of Boost: Hold up... everyone shut up... I'm gonna see what this jackass has got...
    GSRCRXSi 314: and in that 20 seconds or more...im free
    dobinator4: 20 secs huh
    XLerate93: where can i find a 2" barbell for my ear? thats a question
    XLerate93: lol
    GSRCRXSi 314: hot topic
    House Of Boost: Dobinator, what are the correct terms for the two types of joints used on the front axles of all Hondas ever produced.
    dobinator4: ya
    GSRCRXSi 314: its a store
    XLerate93: i havent checked there
    pissedoffsolwork: the hot topic here sells books
    pissedoffsolwork: wtf
    GSRCRXSi 314: im sure they got it, its a freaky ass store
    XLerate93: what?!
    House Of Boost: I'm waiting...
    XLerate93: brian what the fuck
    XLerate93: lol
    XLerate93: they sell goth shit
    House Of Boost: In case you missed it...
    dobinator4: first i thought we were on engine building
    SlammedIllusions: he didnt miss it.. he doesnt know or is looking it up
    House Of Boost: Doesn't matter. If you build engines, you should know more than just the engine...
    dobinator4: ya im posted somethign soemone please go answer it lol
    HondaH22FI: B did u join my forums as pissedoffracing???
    GSRCRXSi 314: ooo loco, i know i know
    House Of Boost: Don't say if you do... it's for 'Tardinator4.
    GSRCRXSi 314: hahah
    dobinator4: nice
    pissedoffsolwork: yes, thats me
    HondaH22FI: ok
    HondaH22FI: just checkin
    dobinator4: its all good if i dont knwo
    dobinator4: i know for a fact my car still beat yours and thats all i care about
    pissedoffsolwork: really?
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    dobinator4: i build motors not axels i leave that up to honda
    pissedoffsolwork: mr. 8 sec car here
    XLerate93: lol
    dobinator4: nice
    House Of Boost: No, it's not all good. You don't fucking know, and you said you know shit, but you can't answer the simple fucking question. Beat mine? Oh, that's a hell of an argument! You're what... 15..? 15?
    XLerate93: what kind of car do you have?
    dobinator4: whats all dont on it
    Xy Swany: dobin=?
    pissedoffsolwork: man, my garage is faster than you
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    SlammedIllusions: so tardinator.. or whatever.. your car is quick eh? where do you live?
    dobinator4: spokane
    dobinator4: wa
    pissedoffsolwork: ohh shit
    pissedoffsolwork: ji, hes all yours
    House Of Boost: You're in Spokane? I'm in Bend, Oregon.
    dobinator4: nice
    SlammedIllusions: well if you ever come to texas.. look me up, i want you to read my bumper as i pull so hard from you, you'll forget the color of car i'm in
    House Of Boost: Come on down. Pavement, gravel, snow, mud, I'll punch you in the colon and drag you down the street by your nutsack.
    pissedoffsolwork: HAHAHAHAHAH
    XLerate93: lmao
    dobinator4: you guys are so funny
    pissedoffsolwork: whats that meatloaf one?
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    SlammedIllusions: im' not funny.. im' serious
    dobinator4: so whtas in your motor house of boost
    House Of Boost: Meatloaf tuna hoochie? No, that's his mom.
    House Of Boost: What's in my motor? Bone stock. :)
    SlammedIllusions: same here
    dobinator4: really
    XLerate93: me too
    dobinator4: y is that huh
    Xy Swany: me 3
    House Of Boost: I have ported pistons and VTEC rods and a carbon fiber powerband.
    SlammedIllusions: fucking challenge me, i'll drive up there to wax your ass, stop by, see a friend in Renton and drive home
    XLerate93: lol
    SlammedIllusions: hahha
    Xy Swany: carbon fiber powerband. lmfao
    House Of Boost: It's stock because I don't need to upgrade it.
    dobinator4: y not
    XLerate93: me too
    Airj0ckey: Man....I just read what I missed........I can't believe what just transpired
    House Of Boost: Yeah, I'm gonna order a titanium JDM powerband in a few weeks... shit's gonna be hot, y0!
    SlammedIllusions: w3rd
    Airj0ckey: I think I fell off the chair 3 times
    XLerate93: they are on national order
    XLerate93: i cant find them
    XLerate93: :-(
    House Of Boost: My engine is stock because it's better than anything you'll ever have in your Civic.
    SlammedIllusions: i want a spoon chip for my car
    XLerate93: my motor is stock
    dobinator4: mine motor is nice
    Xy Swany: spoon electric supercharger
    dobinator4: my*
    SlammedIllusions: yea, i need one of those also
    SlammedIllusions: but i dont wanna get rid of the stock eaton roots on top ;-)
    House Of Boost: I don't give a shit what you have in your motor. It'll NEVER measure up to my motor, let alone my whole car.
    XLerate93: hmm
    Airj0ckey: my bottom end is stock...and 18 years old as well....with over 200,000 miles on it
    pissedoffsolwork: i dont care what you have in your pants, it will never measure up to whats in my pants, let alone my balls
    dobinator4: im 18 too
    XLerate93: haha
    dobinator4: my bottom in isnt stock
    House Of Boost: You're 18! WoW!
    SlammedIllusions: mine is
    dobinator4: mr. cockjockey
    Airj0ckey: I got 9.5 PSI at the nuts
    SlammedIllusions: bone stock
    SlammedIllusions: my car has air filter and mufflers.. w00 w00
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    House Of Boost: I'm running 15 PSI on a stock bottom end and head gasket!
    pissedoffsolwork: yeah i got it on my caaahh
    dobinator4: my has a air filter and muffler too
    pissedoffsolwork: most cars do
    SlammedIllusions: i'm running 8.5 and still faster then you loco :p
    House Of Boost: I have twice the traction you do, Slammed. ;-)
    pissedoffsolwork: im running 32 psi on a turbo the size of a blowing ball :)
    pissedoffsolwork: *bowling
    SlammedIllusions: dr's.. helps make up
    pissedoffsolwork: fuck
    dobinator4: what turbo
    XLerate93: not yet
    XLerate93: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: t88/t99 hibrid y0
    dobinator4: lol
    XLerate93: as of right now hes running to dunkin donuts to keep awake while he works on it
    GSRCRXSi 314: hahaha
    dobinator4: what you driving a semi lol
    House Of Boost: T99? Shit, I'm running a straight GT100...
    SlammedIllusions: http://www.hondaswap.com/gallery/images/s3...79aec07f103.jpg still wanna play and stand behind that "my car is faster then your car" comment?
    pissedoffsolwork: gt35 center?
    House Of Boost: 'Tardinator, if you're serious about racing me, meet me in Portland for a rallycross in the spring time.
    pissedoffsolwork: someone link the ship with 23343134144 hp
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    GSRCRXSi 314: hahaha
    dobinator4: rally cross i race 1/4 mile
    SlammedIllusions: i'll race you 1/4
    House Of Boost: 1/4 is gay.
    dobinator4: k
    SlammedIllusions: hey now
    GSRCRXSi 314: wanna put that in your civic tardinator?
    House Of Boost: But, if you insist, let's just hit the highway and see who's really got it.
    pissedoffsolwork: better be able to do 160 :)
    GSRCRXSi 314: 1/4's not all gay
    dobinator4: my is fine
    dobinator4: mine*
    XLerate93: lol how far are you two from each other to be arguing like this?
    GSRCRXSi 314: gotta repect the peeps who live their life a quarter mile at a time
    SlammedIllusions: i can do 160 :-D
    House Of Boost: Tell you what... we'll do 1/4 mile, rallycross, open track at PIR, and autocross... how's about that?
    pissedoffsolwork: better have an 8 speed
    dobinator4: 160 you want a metal
    Xy Swany: slammed wtf is that?
    pissedoffsolwork: metal? boy i'll give you a purple heart
    SlammedIllusions: stock 03 cobra :-D
    Xy Swany: thought so
    House Of Boost: Metal? It's spelled medal. Dumbass.
    dobinator4: what those things run int he 1/5 btw
    dobinator4: 1/4
    SlammedIllusions: you mean 1/4?
    dobinator4: ya
    dobinator4: liek 12 secs
    SlammedIllusions: beat so far is a 12.2 stock
    SlammedIllusions: best
    SlammedIllusions: and that was before dr's and stripped interior
    XLerate93: i run the 1/5
    dobinator4: nice i ran that in my d-series
    XLerate93: its way more fun
    GSRCRXSi 314: i race the 1/5 all the time y0, its straight RDM craze
    XLerate93: w3rd
    House Of Boost: I ran a 13.2 @ 106 MPH with a total of $12 in power mods.
    SlammedIllusions: sure you did.. 12 second d-series.. hahaha
    pissedoffsolwork: 12.2 stock d-series
    pissedoffsolwork: here we fucking go again
    dobinator4: not stock at all
    pissedoffsolwork: show a slip, or stfu
    XLerate93: o
    dobinator4: my cars are far from stock
    XLerate93: proof?
    pissedoffsolwork: show a slip, or stfu
    XLerate93: i dont know any of you, what do you guys drive?
    XLerate93: lol
    dobinator4: 2 91 hb
    pissedoffsolwork: cuz i ran 9s, but dont have a slip to show you either
    dobinator4: 91 civic hb
    SlammedIllusions: glad you can run 12.2 with a modded motor.. mine was stock.. about to have a 2.76 pulley, 150 shot dry, offroad h pipe, no catback.. and we'll see if you can touch the mid/low 11's it will be
    SlammedIllusions: then these get put on http://www.hondaswap.com/gallery/images/s3...79ae7194ee8.jpg
    House Of Boost: My car is stock, 'cept for $12 in mods, and it'd kick your car in the balls and take it's lunch money. Then it'd laugh and point and call your car a homo.
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: you forgot about $1 in JD weld on the BOV
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: *JB
    SlammedIllusions: JB weld sucks
    House Of Boost: Shhh... It doesn't have a BOV!
    dobinator4: nah it doesnt
    pissedoffsolwork: held 12 psi
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    House Of Boost: hehe
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    dobinator4: 12 psi is week
    pissedoffsolwork: on a t1
    House Of Boost: Weak.
    Xy Swany: ya mean weak
    SlammedIllusions: i'll ber unning 12 and pushing 600 to wheels.. how is it weak?
    pissedoffsolwork: i push grocery carts
    House Of Boost: Yeah, I'm gonna go out and get a T1 and run 100 PSI on it. That shit'd be hard y0!
    GSRCRXSi 314: lol
    dobinator4: ill be in 11 with over 700 thank you very much
    pissedoffsolwork: y0! i wannt get a Ds3 y0
    pissedoffsolwork: maybe even slap an oc-12 on the baitch
    XLerate93: it takes 700 hp in a hatch to get 11's
    XLerate93: lmao
    pissedoffsolwork: 700 hp????
    SlammedIllusions: that's not true tho
    dobinator4: i bought my car for 1000
    SlammedIllusions: a friend has a stock h22, rev hard kit, 9 lbs, dr's, ran 12.2
    dobinator4: and motor is about 7000
    dobinator4: better then his 32000 he spent on his car
    GSRCRXSi 314: werd ive seen a rex go 10s with 250
    SlammedIllusions: in a gutted hatch
    dobinator4: mine are street legal
    pissedoffsolwork: doubt it
    dobinator4: pass emissons and all
    House Of Boost: I got my car for free, threw $12 at it, and am running low 13's. Full interior, AC, cruise, and a system.
    XLerate93: or4: ill be in 11 with over 700 thank you very much
    SlammedIllusions: i spent 36 fucktard and its a much better machine then a civic/honda any day.. you'll learn honda's are LAUGHED at..
    XLerate93: what did he mean by that?
    XLerate93: 700 bucks?
    GSRCRXSi 314: slips and pics or stfu n00b!!
    XLerate93: i hate my honda
    House Of Boost: Hey 'Tardinator, wanna see a picture of my car?
    SlammedIllusions: 90% of the HS members dont like honda's
    dobinator4: i can beat your big POS V8 in my half motor
    pissedoffsolwork: WHAT?
    dobinator4: sure dude
    XLerate93: lmao
    SlammedIllusions: hahaha
    pissedoffsolwork: english next time
    SlammedIllusions: 2 cylidners?
    SlammedIllusions: hahaha
    pissedoffsolwork: i
    SlammedIllusions: bring it or stfu
    SlammedIllusions: texas isnt a far drive
    pissedoffsolwork: 'll race my yugo Type R against your civic on 2clys.
    dobinator4: if your so big and bad bring you ass up here
    XLerate93: whats a half motor?! haha
    dobinator4: 4 cyl
    pissedoffsolwork: you're the one with something to prove
    dobinator4: half of his v8
    SlammedIllusions: thats fine, that is giving ME the advntage
    SlammedIllusions: s/c LOVEs cold wash air
    pissedoffsolwork: everyone already knows that i have the fastest garage :)
    dobinator4: so do turbos
    XLerate93: i want your garage
    XLerate93: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: :-D
    SlammedIllusions: we have a built 5.3 iron block b with those 2 turbos in the garage.. dont be so sure anymore :p
    GSRCRXSi 314: i like hondas for their reliability, i think the styling is good on most the cars, and they are generally easy to work on, but i dont think they have the most potential, or even half the potential of a lot of cars
    Airj0ckey: my garage is fast.....well...not fast...but full
    XLerate93: i just want to pet the turbo the size of a basketball
    XLerate93: lol
    XLerate93: i spent a good amount and regret it
    SlammedIllusions: so what do you have tardinator?
    XLerate93: brian regrets it and hes not even done yet
    XLerate93: lol
    dobinator4: well shit guys it was fun "talking" to ya
    dobinator4: 91 honda civic
    House Of Boost: 'Tardinator, here's my car: http://www.dangerz.net/gatasa/images/taliban.jpg WORK WANRING
    SlammedIllusions: http://www.hondaswap.com/gallery/images/s3...4e277a2e648.jpg glad to see the uncomfy stock seats leave
    Xy Swany: ughhh
    Airj0ckey: BRB
    GSRCRXSi 314: hahaha loco
    dobinator4: yours looks nice man but thats doesnt mean its fast
    Xy Swany: now ya got somehtin to beat off to dob
    SlammedIllusions: 91 civic beating the cobra? im' sorry, but unless you're pushing over 300 to the wheels, you're not touching us.
    House Of Boost: BTW, incase you're wondering, 'Tardinator, that's really your dad...
    GSRCRXSi 314: lol
    dobinator4: I HAVE OVER 600 TO THE WHEELs
    SlammedIllusions: pics or stfu
    GSRCRXSi 314: dude, whats your setup
    GSRCRXSi 314: fucking prove it
    XLerate93: .........
    dobinator4: 91 honda civic
    House Of Boost: I don't care what you have. I'll destroy you.
    SlammedIllusions: and if you think it takes 700 to his 11's, then your punk ass cant drive, you deserve a fucking celica
    House Of Boost: Hey now...
    SlammedIllusions: or beetle
    XLerate93: hit*
    SlammedIllusions: exclude all-tracs
    House Of Boost: OK. :)
    GSRCRXSi 314: pics, slips, dyno sheets, fucking something besides your face talking out your ass
    SlammedIllusions: b's girl is hot :-X
    SlammedIllusions: and nice to me ;-) wink wink
    SlammedIllusions: :p
    dobinator4: ls/vtec b18a1 block bored to 84mm (2.0L) with JE turbo pistons, p&p head, turbo stage 3 cams, spoon cam gears, hondata, y1 lsd tranny, t3/t4 turbo,
    dobinator4: .68mm copper headgasket, port TB, type r intake manifold, turbo is at 25lbs at race
    dobinator4: its sleeved for sure
    XLerate93: fo sho mang
    House Of Boost: Fo sheezy!
    SlammedIllusions: slow
    House Of Boost: BTW- B18A with 84mm pistons is still shy of 2.0L. Do the math, fuckface.
    dobinator4: block gaurd forgot that
    dobinator4: it was for the n00bs
    dobinator4: ruffly 2.0
    SlammedIllusions: so how many stupid street mags did it take to look up those parts?
    House Of Boost: Maybe you should read the whole magazine article before you start listing your "parts list."
    dobinator4: sorry
    Xy Swany: roughly
    dobinator4: no mags
    Xy Swany: goto bed cause you need to goto school tomorrow.
    House Of Boost: No mags... just CSi!
    SlammedIllusions: you cant even fucking spell.. how the hell can you spell performance parts right WITHOUT looking them up?
    XLerate93: i have that honda tuning issue too@
    pissedoffsolwork: SlammedIllusions: b's girl is hot :-X FU
    SlammedIllusions: fuck me? she is bro.. its called props
    XLerate93: hes never had a gf before, hes learning
    dobinator4: i know i cant spell but i can still spell "My car can beat the shit out of yours right"
    dobinator4: cant i
    GSRCRXSi 314: dude, werent you asking where you could find turbo shit when you first got here?
    dobinator4: for a d series fuck face
    SlammedIllusions: yea, but until you stfu and prove it, then you're a worthless troll
    House Of Boost: Telling you... I'm like, five hours from you, 'Tardinator... come down. PLEASE!
    dobinator4: i will
    GSRCRXSi 314: and now all the sudden you shit is built complete with 600 to the wheels?
    XLerate93: 2 da wheeeels y0
    dobinator4: I HAVE TWO HB
    House Of Boost: OK, when can you come to Bend?
    XLerate93: they bof have 600 hp y0
    dobinator4: alright well ill talk to you pissedoffsolwork later ills end yoru pics and shit
    dobinator4: alright
    SlammedIllusions: hey loco.. i wanna come to bend and play :-(
    GSRCRXSi 314: riiiight, btw i have 2 skylines
    dobinator4: ill coem to bend with my shit when the weather is all fucked
    GSRCRXSi 314: one is stock
    GSRCRXSi 314: one has 1000hp
    dobinator4: when it isnt all fucked
    dobinator4: RHD?'
    GSRCRXSi 314: still no pics of your ride at least
    GSRCRXSi 314: or slips
    SlammedIllusions: or proof he has a ride.
    dobinator4: ill get them on here
    House Of Boost: It was sunny and 65° here today, and will be for a few more weeks.
    pissedoffsolwork: dobinator4: alright well ill talk to you pissedoffsolwork later ills end yoru pics and shit WHAT?
    dobinator4: $ goes to my cars not stupid shit
    SlammedIllusions: yummy, it beats texas 80 and high humidity.
    House Of Boost: Yeah, money goes into your cars, not stupid shit like, ohhh... an education...
    GSRCRXSi 314: hahaha
    dobinator4: well ya ill talk to you guys some time illg et those pics and shit
    dobinator4: aright
    SlammedIllusions: brb, food.. this fucker made me hungry.. someone who i'm talkn to on im, keep meupdated
    dobinator4: peace
    GSRCRXSi 314: bye, we will never see you again
    pissedoffsolwork: ok, time to post this one
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    GSRCRXSi 314: he wont be back

    dobinator getst owned
  2. Loco Honkey

    Loco Honkey Banned

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    Jun 5, 2003
    It's a long ass post, but DEFINETLY read it!
  3. GSRCRXsi

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    Nov 13, 2002
    :werd: but omfg it was great
  4. B16

    B16 Super Moderator VIP

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    Sep 30, 2002
    yay area, CA
    fucking shit that was long, wish i knew what i was getting myself into... pretty funny tho.
    how does he have a sleeved motor to 84mm with a block guard too? lol
  5. MaaseyRacer

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    Sep 29, 2002
    San Francisco, Ca.
    :cliffs: I guess i just do not have the patients to read that much, at midnight. Anyways it is phucken long...
  6. swanny

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    Jul 13, 2003
    buck teeth and government checks, PA
    i was laughing my ass off all night.
  7. JDMilan

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    May 11, 2003
    Boca Raton, FL
    damn that was long...
  8. phunky.buddha

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    Sep 30, 2002
    Dallas / Fort Worth, TX


    Mine's sleeved to 85mm and doesn't have a block guard... doesn't need one. Hell, can't fit one.

    :( :lol:
  9. civicious

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    Jun 15, 2003
    Houston, TX
    12's on a stock D series YO!

  10. D See 2

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    Sep 29, 2002
    Baltimore, MD
    when u guys usually chat?
  11. swanny

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    Jul 13, 2003
    buck teeth and government checks, PA
    later at night round 1
  12. 93stockhatch

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    Jul 22, 2003
    queens ny
    how doi get to that chat room and what time are u guys on, someone put me on there buddy list, and im me a link at nodumbblondes@aol.com thanx fellas
  13. silver

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    Nov 15, 2002
    St. Louis
    hahaha that shit was good, worth the time to skim it
    new sig: House Of Boost: Come on down. Pavement, gravel, snow, mud, I'll punch you in the colon and drag you down the street by your nutsack.
  14. civicious

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    Houston, TX
    that's, like, a plethora of sig's right there...lmao
  15. pissedoffsol

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Retirement Home

    link is on the home page bottom left corner "join us in chat"
  16. GSRCRXsi

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    Nov 13, 2002
    anyone up for another round? im in there now
  17. civicious

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    Jun 15, 2003
    Houston, TX
    im there.....

    sure is quiet in here
  18. civicgirlracer97

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    Jul 9, 2003
  19. GSRCRXsi

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    Nov 13, 2002
    dude, i think i might be in the wrong room, was i in there when you got there, someone invite me
  20. GSRCRXsi

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    Nov 13, 2002
    im on trillian now, its called HondaSwapChat right?
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