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im about to give up!

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by b18vtecrx, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. b18vtecrx

    b18vtecrx Senior Member

    ok im about to give up on my swap im doing it alone and its my first swap im doing a b18b into a 89' CRX HF and im keeping my stock harness and im using a obd-0 integra ecu but now im near the finishing stages and i messed up by putting my motor in without making sure i had everything to bolt it in. to make a long story short i have my motor hanging over my car with little things here and there and i cant find out a couple things. seeing as this is my only source of info on hondas somebody please help me with these couple things

    1. how do i put the rear mount in while my motor is still completely plugged into the harness? i unbolted the other 2 mounts but that only gives me so much room. unfortunately not enough.....any help on this????

    2. how do i extend the wires for the MAP sensor and for the coolant sensor? i tried soldering and it didnt work and i tried using clips but that didnt work so how was somebody successful on this part of the swap????

    3. how do i take off a brake disk when the 2 screws holing it are stripped? the dumass that owned my car before made nice circles where the screwdriver is supposed to go.

    4. how do i take off the rear mount? the one that bolts to the chassis not the block.....specifically how do i get the back bolt of the mount off im looking at it and it looks impossible.

    5. i need to see how the vaccum lines go on a 90 integra intake mani.

    well thats all i can think of now. i just keep hitting these crappy problems and dont know what to do so if anybody can help me before i give up then please do. or if anybody lives near the 707 area and feels nice enough to come help me then there might be some money in it so anybody help me out. thnx -mike
  2. theB16tegguy

    theB16tegguy Senior Member

    question #3. well the "brake discs" =rotors and you will need to drill the remaining part of the screws out. I've had to do this. in fact you don't even need the screws.

    question#1. take the tranny mount off completly as well as the front and driver side. obviously the engine lift needs to be hooked to the engine. use some muscle and put the bolt in the back. it would be nice if someone would help you move the engine while you put the bolt through.

    question #2. why does this not work..... I'm confused??

    question#4. go under the car and take the two bolts out of the frame. you will need to take the bracket of too.

    question#5. go to a honda dealer or hope that someone else helps you out with this.

    pm me for other stufff. def. don't give up.
  3. 91CRXSI

    91CRXSI Member

    I think everybody has trouble with those screws i did n wanted to find out whe the hell they were there. i did a little research and found out those are there to hold on the rotors when the car was being manufactured. wheels are on of the last things they do but brakes are not, so they put the screws there so they dont fall off the car and whack someone on the line. i used a torch to take mine out
  4. solblu

    solblu Senior Member

    1. Did you try from under the car?

    2. Learn how to solder. Look it up online if nothing else. It's the only way to do it right.

    3. Use a dremel and make new places for a screwdriver. Then get an impact screwdriver ( you hit it with a hammer, it works really well)

    4. Back bolt is easiest to get off with the motor out, but you need a really long 3/8 extention and a 2inch wabble extention. It will fit in down the firewall, and the wabble will let you put the socket on the bolt.

    5. A haynes manual/chiltons will have them they are cheap. Most public libraries have a lot of them that would be free.
  5. b18vtecrx

    b18vtecrx Senior Member

    thnx guys for the help. just one more question......i plugged the harness into the motor and now i have 2 things un-plugged that i cant tell where they go....

    one of them is a 3 prong plug right by the thermo housing(i dont have the housing yet so im not sure if it plugs there or not) and the other ones are the 2 wire connectors that go to the back of the block on the D series for the coolant temp? or press.? im not sure exactly but those are what i dont know where to plug in plz help me asap thnx -mike
  6. Krazy4379

    Krazy4379 Member

    3. GO get an "E-Z OUT" before you make a mildly expensive mistake. If that doesn't work then resort to the other ideas. Other than the last ? get someone to help you.

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