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INJECTORS D-series question

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by jpoenitsch, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. jpoenitsch

    jpoenitsch Member

    Stupid Question
    off a 1991 CRX D16a6
    Anyone know why cut off injector plug-ins from a D series DOHC would not plug into a D series SOHC injector??

    I bought an engine from a guy and he threw on some fuel rail from a??? which did not fit even close so I found a rail and cut off fuel injector plug wiring off of a DOHC (plugs for the DX to SI convers.), but now the new plugs won't plug into the injectors I have on the engine.

    So I am not sure if I have the wrong injectors (if the guy just threw on some off of a pile he had or what), or are these plugs I got wrong.

    Can't find anything on the net on plug differences, so i was hoping one of you guys might know something.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks! :spin:
  2. Bl6CRX

    Bl6CRX Senior Member

    plugs are different according to what obd system the injectors are from, not dohc vs sohc your rex is obd0 (unless converted) and he probably gave you obd 1 or 2 injetors
  3. jpoenitsch

    jpoenitsch Member

    Ok, but if I want to use these obd 1 plugs to do my dx to si wiring on my crx can I just find a pair of obd 1 injectors and use them? or is that going to screw something else up??

    Rest of car will be obd0
  4. crx-si

    crx-si Member

    No you need obd 0 injectors because they are a low inpedance injector
    the ones you have are high impedance so no.
  5. paybac4223

    paybac4223 Junior Member

    i just picked up 4 obd0 injectors from a teg d16a6 for 26 bucks so if you need another pair i'll send them to you for 50 shipped comming from so cal.
  6. crx-si

    crx-si Member

    Tegs diden't come with d16a6's they came with d16a1's but the injectors are the same
  7. jpoenitsch

    jpoenitsch Member

    Thanks for the information. Anyone have a picture of an obd0 injector plug-in configuration, or can anyone snap one quick?? So I make sure it is the injectors that are wrong and not these stupid plugs. I am doing the DX to SI conversion so you know.

    All of the injectors that I have seen for sale look the same on the outside, where the real visible difference is in the plug-in design.

    IF you can snap a picture I would really appreciate it. If you want put it on here or send it to me at,


    Thanks alot! ;)
  8. crx-si

    crx-si Member

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