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Installing Skunk2

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by Harms Way, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. Harms Way

    Harms Way Senior Member

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    Mar 6, 2004
    I am installing a skunk2 intake manifold on a 99 civic ex and i have run into a problem. I got the old manifold out nicely and cleaned off excess gasket and such..went to put on new manifold (skunk2) and one of the hoses( i think the thermostat hose...the long one that connects to the front/top of the manifold on the stock one) doesnt have a place to go onto the skunk2 manifold. Is this right? I should probably mention that i have the older style skunk2 manifold, the one with the stamped "Skunk2 intake racing technology" on the top of the manifold. Please post anything asap.

    My stock manifold is a d16y8 and the skunk2 manifold i ordered was for a d16y8. Please help me!
  2. Arachnid

    Arachnid Senior Member

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    Apr 11, 2004
    there should only be 6 hoses connecting directly to the IM. 2 vacuum: one from the sensor on the fuel rail, one from under the IM from somewhere under that goes through the middle of the IM, one from the stock fuel pressure regulator, one from the firewall (small), and another (big) from the firewall, and there should be that big hose that goes into the right side of the IM( to your left if you're over lookin' the engine from your front. take note i'm taking what i know from my head....lol!

    you should have the hose from the egr canister connected to the sensor on the fuel rail. there should be one hose from the TB to the IACV. and then one from the thottle body to the thermostat housing. 2 hoses come from the back and bottom of your engine and they go into the IACV.

    a 99 d16y8? there's one extra hose from the thermalstat housing that goes into the IM from the top located in the middle of the IM right? dang... that one sucks. i have no idea!!! sorry i whould suggest switching your thermal stat housing to a 96-98 housing...but i don't know if it'll work. you'll have to try that or block the extra hose so no coolent comes out.

    when i did mines i messed up on the hoses and ended with a blown headgasket due to engine overheating... make sure you have the hoses correct or else.
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