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Intake Mani

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by ilikepie, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. ilikepie

    ilikepie Senior Member

    Im ordering a new intake mani soon and i plan on turboing my car this summer. I was going to order a skunk2. Are they good turbo mani's, or should i get somethin else. thanks
  2. NotUrAverage_Si

    NotUrAverage_Si Senior Member

    skunk2 is fine. Golden Eagle, STR, Vemon, and JG Edlebrock also make good intake manifolds.
  3. cycloneb18c3

    cycloneb18c3 Senior Member

    skunks are good, I personally like JG Edelbrock's Victor X manifold, both are reasonably priced, unlike STR's, and Venom's.

    the victor X is massive and great for turbo.
  4. NoJokE

    NoJokE Senior Member


    Just get that and fuck it.

  5. Full-Race Henry

    Full-Race Henry 9.616 @ 159.16 mph

    i wanna get one of these.
  6. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    1300 bucks though... crazy

    JG X for me
  7. turboB20hatch

    turboB20hatch Senior Member

    hahaaha i have 1 of those
  8. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    holy thread from a month ago

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