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Integra ,Civic and CRX Garage Sale

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by onlytime, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. onlytime

    onlytime Member

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    Jan 21, 2004
    Here is a list of things up for sell: All offers will be considered!!
    d15 intake manifold
    d15b2 throttle body
    d15b1 head
    88-91 sohc non vtec valve cover
    98 Integra brawl
    98 Integra GS air cleaner
    2-91 & 89 civic hatch air cleaners
    Integra OEM front turn signal lights
    91 civic hatch Oem spoiler white
    91 Si CRX Vent and clock panel
    91 Civic hatch A/C panel
    2-main relay for 91 Si CRX and 89 Civic hatch dx
    Blue 89 CRX dash
    Brown 89 Civch hatch dash
    94 Civic hatch backseats grey fabric color
    Brown 89 Civic hb instrument panel
    88-91 Civic hb gas lid
    Brown 89 Civic hb gas and truck release panel
    91 OEM Civic hb front head lights Left and right side
    89 Civic dx ECU
    89 Civic dx hb Shifter panel
    91 Civic hb L-R rear side GLass
    2 a/c condensors for 88-91 civic
    88-91 Civic hb a/c condensor cole and the all the a/c parts needed
    88-91 hb driver side mirror
    rear view mirror 89 hb
    91 hb rear view mirror thing that shows if you have a door open i think its kinda rare ,not sure though.
    89 hb Brown back seats
    89 hb brown center counsle
    89 hb doors (no digs)
    89 hb Brown side panels L-R side rear
    89 hb lower and upper trunk panels

    If there is anything not listed that you're looking for ,just ask cause im sure i havent listed everything..
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