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Integra Parts for sale or trade. JDM stuff also..

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by seephor, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. seephor

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    Nov 11, 2004
    I have some parts I need to clear out. I will take pics upon request. My ebay ID is narbm so you can check my feedback and if you want I can setup an auction specifically for you to insure a secure transaction. I have not set any prices for these Items so I am going to take offers and let you know. I prefer you email me at seephor@hotmail.com for sales related stuff. The parts I'm willing to trade for are listed at the bottom.

    Parts for Sale/Trade

    - 96+ GSR Motor mounts (all 5 including rear. good condition).

    - 97 GSR struts (shock & spring).

    - JDM B18C oil pump (needs new seal) with timing belt gear and key (off a 2001 B18C)

    - JDM VTEC Solenoid (JDM B18C does not have pressure switch).

    - JDM B18C exhaust manifold with heatshield (o2 mounts on it unlike USDM version).

    - 1 Integra Passenger side axle (non ABS).

    - 2 AC compressors. 1 is off a JDM B18C motor, the other off a USDM B18C1 motor.
    - GSR ignition cap, coil and wires

    - GSR left and right knuckles with upper control arms.

    - GSR fuel pump

    - GSR rack and pinion, subframe, complete assembly (will not ship, pickup only).

    - Apexi N1 silencer. Not sure if it will fit newer N1 but if you give me the diameter of the tip I can measure it for you.

    Parts Wanted. Willing to trade.

    - Neuspeed lowering springs (yellows) new or like new for 97 GSR. Other good quality springs (like tien, ebach will do). let me know what you have.

    - 97' GSR ECU. Yes it has to be off a 97' part #37820-P72-A03. I have a 99' GSR ECU but it is not quite the same willing to trade my 99' ECU for the 97' ECU. Non modded only.

    - I want my turbo back! heh

    Thanks for looking
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