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Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by daGSRhatchNEPA, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. daGSRhatchNEPA

    daGSRhatchNEPA I love my Honda

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    Oct 11, 2007
    The Harness on the JDM B16 SIR II Motor i swapped into my EJ1 Has only (1)wire for either the TPS or the MAP sensor
    The map sensor that came with the motor bolts onto the firewall or "just hangs there" but i cannot find another plug on the harness to fit the TPS
    Which the TPS is broken by the way>>>the plug on it is completely broken off of it...... Although it is attached to the Throttle body. (I am about to drill out the one on my d16 i have laying around)

    Now idk if they Purposely pulled the plug on it to adjust the map of the TPS on a Controller of some sort because the Metal Prongs are shown comming off the sensor.

    I do have another harness that has both female ends (1) for the TPS and (1)for the MAP Sensor.

    Is the Map Sensor INTERNAL on this Motor & do I need it???? Why does my JDM Harness not have one. LoL????
  2. rex187

    rex187 Member

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    Mar 15, 2005
    look at the part of the harness that goes under the intake manifold(not the big bundle that goes to the alt and drivers side strut tower). i'm talking about the part that has the air intake temp sensor wires and there should be the tps wires there aswell. if not you might need to pull your harness apart and see if someone cut them off flush with harness. i've had a shop do that to me. but it was with my backup sensor for the reverse lights. good luck. oh almost forgot as far as i know not a single honda that was made from 88-00 was not made with a internal map sensor. unless it was modified. almost all honda's 94+ have the map sensor on the throttle body and the wires for it and the tps are in the same loom. about 90%(well maybe not 90% but its a guess) of honda's made between 88 and 93(i think that only the 92 and 93 si had the map on the throttle body) have the map sensor on the firewall near the vin number. i have 2 1993 lx and dx and 1 91 si and all have the map on the firewall. i've had other late models of honda's and they where on the firewall as well.
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