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JDM B18.. couple Q's

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by XpL0d3r, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. XpL0d3r

    XpL0d3r New Member

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    Sep 18, 2009
    New to the forum. Since I didn't see any New Members section I'll shoot down a quick intro.

    I have a 1997 Civic LX. Originally automatic, has been converted to 5 speed. Also did a mini-me swap and threw on an EX head.

    Few months later I overheated and blew up (whoops). Perfect time for a B-series swap.

    I now have a JDM B18B engine with roughly 39k on it. Runs great minus a few kinks I need to work out..

    OK now onto my questions..

    I think my P/S pump is on the way out. It's fairly quiet when I don't touch the wheel. When I turn it either way it makes a pretty loud whizzing noise. Assuming the pump is on the way out?

    I've also noticed that I have what sounds like a belt squeal.. gets louder the higher RPMs I'm in, and when I idle it goes away. Tensioner maybe? If it helps, WHEN I have my A/C on, it makes a belt squeal, goes away for a minute, makes a squeal again, goes away, etc.. but even with the A/C off the normal squeal I've been hearing is still there.

    Finally, my idle is sort of rough. Not up and down like a vacuum leak though. Running on cold engine, it idles at a little over 2k (still kinda high). When it's warm it idles anywhere from 800 to 1100. It doesn't fluctuate, but if I'm at a red light it might idle at 800. Next light might be 1100.. etc. Possible IACV problem? I DO still need to calibrate my TPS as it hasn't been calibrated since the swap was done (month and a half ago).

    Some motor related stuff:
    JDM B18B
    Motor was sitting for two years or so before I got to it.
    Motor is all stock, I am still using my EK rear torque mount (being held in my ONE bolt because fitment is off).. I don't have time to put the right one in (I have it, just not in the car) because I'm away at school right now.

    Any help you guys can offer with my idle problem/squealy belts problem would be great. I plan on sticking around here for a while too. I'm pretty active on Clubcivic..

  2. welfare

    welfare Ancient Member

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    Apr 19, 2004
    New York
    1 check your p/s fluid level and make sure its not all frothed up, you MUST use honda or "for honda" power steering fluid, otherwise kiss the pump goodbye.
    if the fluid is good then its time for a new pump.

    the belt squal is probably just a loose belt, start with the a/c since it makes the on and off like it should when the a/c is on. it will still squeal at higher rpm with the a/c off if its loose enough. then check the p/s and the alt belts to make sure they are tight enough. If they seem tight then take them off 1 at a time till you find which accessory belt is the culprit and track it down from there.
    Lastly, it sounds like you have a mild vacuum leak. its probably not enough to make the engine rev up and down.
    Some of the jdm engines have a thermo valve located in on the base of the throttle body, it has 2 coolant hoses going to it, they go bad if they sit with no coolant in the for too long. I would check for an air leak tho, probably a small vacuum hose or port.
    I did a writeup a while back about iacv and thermo valve how to check to see which one is malfunctioning, maybe you can find it in my previous posts.
    Good luck.
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