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JDM DC2/DB8 Honda Integra RECARO SRD

Discussion in 'Vendor Classifieds' started by n1concepts, Jan 23, 2009.

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    DC2/DB8 Honda Integra Type-R Recaro Seats


    Item Description:

    • A set of black JDM Honda Integra Type R front Recaro seats.
    • Both seats have a little bit of fading but are still in very good condition.
    • The U.S. passenger side has some creases and the bolster is misshapen slightly.
    • Seats have no tears, holes, or scuffs in the fabric.
    • Seats are a litle dirty but can easily be cleaned.
    • Will come with 94-01 Acura Integra rails.
    • The item pictured above is the actual item you'll receive.
    • Also available from EK9 Honda Civic Type-R, please contact me.
    $1200 shipped
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