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* Jun, AEM, HalTech, Enjo, B20, B18, D16, K20-24* Alot Parts Need Gone..

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by topsecretusa, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. topsecretusa

    topsecretusa New Member

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    Mar 11, 2007
    Wass Up B20.. i got alot parts to list need to get rid of them all,ASAP.. If u need parts contact me i have alot.. i own a shop so i pretty much have everything laying around.. Have Pictures Just Contact Me.. Check Sig For Info

    Complete Swaps
    95 Jdm H22 Complete Swap with Shift Cables, Axles, 50,000 Miles.. Asking 2500.00

    Gsr Head B18C1 asking 600.00

    B18B1 Block asking 500.00
    B20 Complete BLock With AEB5 Sleeves, ready to bore hone, O Ring
    asking 2000.00

    Engine Managements Systems
    AEM Engine Management For 200 Honda Civic Si Standalone asking 900.00
    Haltech E6K Engine Management Complete asking 500.00

    Jun Parts
    Jun Rods B18C1 asking 1000.00
    Jun Intake Cam asking 400.00 B16/B18
    Jun Retainers - Titanium asking 350.00 B16/B18
    Jun Valve Springs asking 350.00 B16/B18

    91 Eagle Talon Trans.. 50,000 Miles asking 800.00

    Single Cam Parts
    High Compression Pistons D16A6 Compression 11.5:1/w Rings asking 250.00

    Misc Parts.
    Gt Steering Wheel asking 50.00
    Enjo Stage 1 Axles (Integra) asking 250.00

    Testing Waters
    K24A2 Block, K20A3 Block, K24A2 Bone Head (No Cams, No Rocker Assembly)
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