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Just a few more questions about a GSR build

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by tcpappas, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. tcpappas

    tcpappas New Member

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    May 11, 2007
    My chassis is a 1989 CRX HF

    Top End is a b16 head with Brian Crower N/A stage 2 cams, Brian Crower OEM size valves, steel springs, and retainers, Blox IM and 65mm throttle body. Hondata IM gasket.

    Bottom End: B18GSR, My block is at the machine shop right now getting checked over and possibly bored and honed 1mm because I had one ring gouge in cylinder 1. My plan is to go with the Brian Crower stroker kit PN BC0027 or possibly the BC0027 lightweight as they are forged, I get to choose my bore as well as CP with these kits. The displacement of that bottom end is 2.16 per the Brian Crower website at OEM bore.

    Drivetrain: P72 trans with LSD, ACT clutch, Stock Flywheel.

    ECM: OBD1 USDM p72 with Hondata s300

    I also received a NOS dry kit through trade for my stock internals that might get installed depending on what you think.

    Now after all of that I only have a few questions,
    1. Should I get a p28 and move my S300 over since I am no longer running a IM that has the IAB setup?
    2. What compression ratio would be optimal for my stoker kit if i plan to drive on the street a bit and might introduce nitrous on the track?
    3. With a $100 difference between the lightweight stroker kit and the non lightweight stroker kit which would you recommended for my build?
    4. Knowing that my s300 can control my nitrous as if it is a wet kit, if I upgraded my injectors and used the s300 to compensate the fuel what could I safely run and which injectors would you recommend.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you very much for your time
    -Tom Pappas
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