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Just Bought a 90 Civic Si HELP!

Discussion in 'Civic and CRX - EF' started by TheBigPhantom, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. TheBigPhantom

    TheBigPhantom DarkBoostPerformance

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    Nov 3, 2008
    Northwest Suburbs
    hi I am very very NEW to HONDA so I have no idea where to start. I basically was looking for a daily driver but around Chicago there arent many civics that are completely stock. The one I bought had a CAI, a stage 2 clutch, and a DC Header to a muffler shop straight back? it has race wires and I think thats it. Full interior. Broken deck and a broken shifter so I cant put a knob on it so I have to shift it with a little stub.

    I want to know what I can do to ONE make the car quiter because I've been looking around and I havent been able to find a bolt on catback for this car anywhere. ebay only has headers for the 90 si???

    TWO i want to get rid of the CEL that is on because of the straight back?

    and si there anyone near Chicago who is good with Hondas and wants to come help me out and give me a run down of what I can do?

    Remeber I'm thinking clean, stock, quiet, reliable, and sporty.
  2. henrettatc

    henrettatc New Member

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    Oct 10, 2008
    Any muffler shop can put a stock sounding exhaust back on, just tell them what you have or drive it up there and normally they can look at it and weld something on... not that big of a deal

    Second, have the muffler shop weld in a cat that matches the inlet and outlet... try to find a pic of a stock si cat and see where the o2 sensor that missing goes and that should fix the CEL... also for the CEL see if one goes in the manifold... you can weld in a sensor bung if the top one is missing (I'm assuming the si has 2... may be wrong on that)...

    And as far as the shifter goes... either buy an aftermarket short shifter and knob which will be just as sporty as your lil stub (for throw distance) or just buy a knob that has the three little allen screws that don't use threads but rather pinch the stub that you have there now (That's the way my ghetto fabulous setup is rigged... it's not the greatest thing and if you have the money I would strongly suggest the short shifter

    If you have any other questions let me know
  3. sevenhillsbilly

    sevenhillsbilly New Member

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    Feb 18, 2008
    i had to do the same thing on my shifter i took the knob with the 3 screws and bolted it on there

    exhaust go with a cat back with a high flow muffler and no tip the clean party just dont to any real big mods to the outside of the car just keep it pretty much stock and you should be good maybe go with a suspension for handling like an adjustable shock system or something
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