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K20 in ef hatch

Discussion in 'Civic and CRX - EF' started by SlowAsFck, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. SlowAsFck

    SlowAsFck New Member

    hey guys. i was thinking about putting a d16a6 head on my d15b2 block for a while then looked around and said f it, im gonna throw a k20 in it. im just wondering where i could find one for a decent price online. ive searched a couple places and the lowest price i found was $4500 at jdmtigerjapanese.com if anyone knows a cheaper place please let me know.
  2. 95b16coupe

    95b16coupe New Member

    you're going to spend $8000 on a swap into a $1000 car? think about that one for a minute.
  3. TurboRex90

    TurboRex90 Golden EG

    To each thier own. Ive seen a guy with a CRX with a k24 in it around some of the meets in my area. Its sexy regardless, but yeah its about 7-8k $$$.
  4. SlowAsFck

    SlowAsFck New Member

    just cuz my car isnt a $25,000 car doesnt mean i cant put a bad ass engine in it. i love my ef. plain and simple.

    engine & tranny-4500
    wiring harness- 45 @ u-pull it in omaha
    motor mounts- 450-500
    so around 5,550$
  5. 95b16coupe

    95b16coupe New Member

    do you know how to wire it up? do you know all the work that it entails? do you know how to get all of the interior wiring to work?

    if i had $8k to spend, i would just buy something newer and faster out the box. but it's your money.

    oh, and the reason we are so pessimistic about these threads is that 100 start every week, and absolutely none are finished. ever.
  6. TurboRex90

    TurboRex90 Golden EG

    Most installs on this level are done by shops full of people who know just wtf they are doing.. Doing it yourself and youre bound to come across alot of issues. As for the harness from a junkyard, its not that simple. You need a harness converted to be used in that chassis with that motor. Invest in one pre-made and youre looking at another 3-400$. You also need an exhaust manifold (as i believe the stock doesnt work in these chassis, atleast it doesnt in an EG), axels, shift linkage, and ecu for that motor. On top of possibly fabricating here and there.

    Dont get me wrong, im not trying to rain on your parade and discourage you, but you need to be ready for a long process that eventually may end in rejoice and satiafaction, or utter failure.

    I know shops in my area will do a full k swap for 7k, thats parts and labor.
  7. jlicrx

    jlicrx Senior Member

    D16A6 and D15B2 use the same head - the only difference is the different camshaft
  8. Dj211855

    Dj211855 New Member


    Alot of money involved into a kswap. It's ok to be different, it's ok to go fast, its ok to waste money. But is it not o.k to change your mind after it's all said and done.

    Best example, Meeting this weekend out at the track. A kswap eg, he was getting bet by crx with a junkyard turbo that spent less than a grand. Also got bet by all motor b20v, all motor gsr. Now, he wants to kill himself.
  9. SlowAsFck

    SlowAsFck New Member

    my friend is going to help me with the swap. he works at import connections here in omaha and has a k20 in his 90 crx si. hes been looking up everything i need. but tell me, what would be better. k20 or b20?
  10. 95b16coupe

    95b16coupe New Member

  11. CAFROG

    CAFROG Honda Minion

    Its more than just the parts you listed. Header.....intake.....radiator (cheapest is a relocation).....shift box....shift cables......custom axles....K-Pro (a 02-04 PRB ECU is best). Plus a variety of other little cheap things that do add up. There are other options for ECU's but they all pale in comparison to the ease and ability of K-Pro.

    And any serious (bolt on K-pro'd) K-swap (K20A2, K20Z1, K20Z3, K24A2, K20-R, K24/20) would stomp, bitch slap and humiliate any B series all motor frank unless its built so much (and the the balance of these prices switches lol) So these stories of bolt on B-Franks beating K-swaps.....just bad told stories from a skewed point of view. I do not think a K20A3 swap counts (Base RSX or EP3 Civic Si) b/c its lower hp than a bone stock GSR motor.

    My swap cost me $8k and I did it all myself. K20-R can be pricey :shrug: but running mid 12's on 22" slicks is the realistic goal I have. (H/I/E/K-Pro) and thats a stock motor who's potential can only go up!
  12. newb

    newb phresh

    Damn, cant belive so many ppl are pissin on this guy right off the bat. Ive seen K swaps in EF's before and they were badass.

    Theres a lot of work to it, but if you take your time to research and source part, its not that bad. It can be figured out, anyways.
  13. SlowAsFck

    SlowAsFck New Member

    newb..thanks for not being a hater/dick
  14. efhondakid

    efhondakid My name is Byron.

    I would throw a B-series in it, boost, be faster, and have money left over, Thats just me.
  15. dilbeckskate

    dilbeckskate Infamous

    first zc swap it, if thats not enough b-series it, then if thats still not enough , boost it , be done
  16. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator

    Can't he get you a hook-up on a motor?
  17. CAFROG

    CAFROG Honda Minion

    Don't skimp on the motor and trans. Used swap parts? Yes....those can be some good deals. Especially when the guy can't finish his swap (bit of more than they can chew) Parts can be had cheap. I suggest getting a motor and trans from somewhere that will have a gaurantee on the set up. Buying off some guy on a site (like k20a.org) can be a scary venture. You don't know how it was pieced together and its too expensive to take such a gamble.

    A K20A2 complete swap (simplest swap to get in a chassis) can be had for $3400-4000 (70-110K miles are the bulk of these swaps) K20Z1, K20Z3, and K24A2 take more fiddling to swap over.....which equates to more money needing to be spent(plus they are usually lower miles and that costs more too). K20A3 can be found cheap but you get what you pay for. In my opinion, its not worth all the hassle to swap for a inferior motor with little hp.

    But....if you haven't gone through the B-series swap......its a better choice economically and mechanically (so much easier to swap over) If your experience is little.....learn more first then start doing it.
  18. SlowAsFck

    SlowAsFck New Member

    BrutalB83. yes he can get hook ups on motors. he did his full k20 swap for about $3500
  19. CAFROG

    CAFROG Honda Minion

    No trying to be an ass.....but I have huge doubts that he did it for that price. Even if it was a cheap K-series motor/trans (Base RSX, Accord, CRV, Element) and he found used mounts....used everything while he made his own engine harness from the K and CRX engine harness.
  20. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator

    It's possible. I mean, if he works at a shop he can probably get some pretty good deals. Shops make money by charging labor and reselling parts for more than they pay to get them. And if he's a decent mechanic, he might be able to wire up the swap, and of course he's minus the labor costs of the install...

    EDIT: And yeah, it might have been an engine from a CR-V/Element/Accord. Even those engines are fantastic upgrades to a Civic...

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