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LACR times SLOW or what

Discussion in 'Racing and Driving Techniques' started by mjfubar, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. mjfubar

    mjfubar Member

    ok well i havent been racing that long but i race at LACR which they say has like a .5 or so difference in time compared to sealevel. well my question is everyone here says im slow with a 89 civic hb with a b16a2 and i ran 15.1 at 90 my 60 is 2.3 which i know isnt that great but ok u know.
    A friend ran his 00 civic si and got 15.9 i forget the speed
    And another friend ran a 15.9 in a b16a1 crx si
    Another friend ran a 4 door integra with GSR with supercharger and computer upgrade and ran 13.5. so what the fuck ar we all slow or is it the dirt and elevation
  2. Slo86GT

    Slo86GT Super Moderator

    You're about average for the Honda field... My 91 Si hatch went 15.6 with the mostly stock b16 when I swapped.

    be happy.
  3. mjfubar

    mjfubar Member

    well its about damn time someone tells the truth instead of these people saying they are running like 13.9 with a stock b16 and shit i mean id believe 14.5-15 anywhere but palmdale but in palmdale if u have a stock b16 expect 15's dammit unless u are damn good driver or i should say better than me.
  4. mjfubar

    mjfubar Member

    there is a 89 civic hb timeslip from palmdale he was in a 94 civic hb with a GSR dont know the mods can u tell what he needs to work on
  5. GSRCRXsi

    GSRCRXsi Super Moderator Moderator

    what lane are we supposed to be looking at?
  6. mjfubar

    mjfubar Member

    sorry the right lane i guess i assumed that everyone would know the GSR hatch would win
  7. B16RacerN2NR

    B16RacerN2NR Working Hard

    yeah, our track conditions out here in lancaster/palmdale suck balls...fastest time i ran with my b16 CRX was a 16.1@96MPH...my guess is i have to work on my launching cuz my trap speed is too fucking high for a 16 sec pass!!! it's hard to work on launches tho when you could only get like 3 runs in a night
  8. HondaMoCo

    HondaMoCo Senior Member

    in lancaster/palmdale since our elevation is so high, you have to multiply your E/T by 0.97 and that gives you your actual time at sea level, so if you ran a 15.1 that equals out to a 14.6 at sea level
  9. B18C_NA

    B18C_NA Banned

    that is some slow holeshot, .8? c'mon. i know ricers out there with bone accords with big fat hoods and kits that blow a .6 pass.

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