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last nights chat

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by pissedoffsol, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Retirement Home
    quite possibly the best debauchry yet

    You have just entered room "HondaSwapChat."
    pissedoffsol: hi :)
    Xy Swany: yop
    Xy Swany: er yo
    Xy Swany: whats new
    Revolution8k has entered the room.
    pissedoffsol: chillen
    Xy Swany: i see
    pissedoffsol: just setting up the new link
    pissedoffsol: and now, im off
    Revolution8k: wassup fellas?
    Xy Swany: nothing
    pissedoffsol: im out... i'll catch you all in 3 hours :D
    Xy Swany: at all. thats why im here:-D
    Xy Swany: ok cu
    Xy Swany: stay straight
    Integra1990Racer has entered the room.
    Revolution8k: a'ight
    Xy Swany: y0
    Integra1990Racer: <<< pissed
    Xy Swany: y?
    MXDesa has entered the room.
    Xy Swany: integ=?
    Integra1990Racer: just am
    Xy Swany: i see, i get like that sometimes to.
    Revolution8k: anyone watch wwe?
    Integra1990Racer: there really isnt a reason
    Xy Swany: no.
    Integra1990Racer: wwe is :ghey:
    Xy Swany: uh huh
    Revolution8k: so is going :ghey: when the gif isn't even there...
    Integra1990Racer: yea
    Integra1990Racer: thats not funny
    Xy Swany: who feels like writing a paper?
    Revolution8k: wasn't meant to be funny.
    Xy Swany: cause i sure as hell dont.
    Integra1990Racer: uhm about hwat
    MXDesa: whats up guys
    Xy Swany: psychological disorders
    Integra1990Racer: I have many of htem
    Integra1990Racer: pick one
    Xy Swany: hmm bipolar
    Integra1990Racer: ME ME
    Integra1990Racer: lol
    Integra1990Racer: if you have all the documents and sources and shit i can do it
    bmxslyguy187 has entered the room.
    Xy Swany: and no im not the guy who posted asking for papers, i just happened to get the same assignment
    ek0j0n has entered the room.
    Integra1990Racer: I have one too its on a Budget
    ek0j0n: what the dealy y0
    Xy Swany: nah thats ok, my laziness shouldnt be your fault
    Integra1990Racer: in this monthly budget we have to include car pmt's, rent, ins. etc.
    Integra1990Racer: Im getting a 00 SI on this budget and im married
    Integra1990Racer: eww
    Integra1990Racer: how is everyone in here... Brian
    Xy Swany: im alive
    MXDesa: good and u?
    AllMotorDXHatch has entered the room.
    Integra1990Racer: alright
    Integra1990Racer: could be better
    Revolution8k: wow
    Integra1990Racer: the girl im dating i have been with before... the reason why we broke up is becuase her parents hate me, well sat. night we decided to say fuck the parents and got back together
    Qu1ckS1lva has entered the room.
    Integra1990Racer: now we have to play cat and mouse with her parents
    Qu1ckS1lva: holy chat thats alot of people
    Integra1990Racer: so we can see eachother
    Integra1990Racer: on top of that im going to Basic Dec. 15th
    Xy Swany: i thought you just said you were married?
    ek0j0n: star-crossed lover
    ek0j0n: :'(
    Integra1990Racer: nope
    Revolution8k: wait you said fuck her parents and now you're hiding from them to be together?
    ek0j0n: tear in eye
    Integra1990Racer: not married
    Xy Swany: o.
    Integra1990Racer: just in the budget that i have to prepare for class
    Integra1990Racer: in the budget im married... and gettin 00 si
    bmxslyguy187: its like high school sounding mang
    Integra1990Racer: well I love this girl very much
    ek0j0n: :'(
    Revolution8k: 00 Si...good choice...seems they're everywhere...
    bmxslyguy187: just do your thing seriuosly, its about you 2 not her parent's, you shouldn't have anything to hide then
    Xy Swany:

    Integra1990Racer: uh?
    Integra1990Racer: yes on the budget for class
    Integra1990Racer: IT IS NOT REAL
    Xy Swany: ohhhhh
    Integra1990Racer: damn
    Integra1990Racer: sorry im so stupid
    Xy Swany: nah thats alright im not so bright either,
    Integra1990Racer: haa
    ek0j0n: anyone in need of Dynamat?
    MXDesa: me
    Integra1990Racer: nope we like to go fast
    ek0j0n: i got 3 Extreme Bulk Packs for sale
    bmxslyguy187: if the price is nice...
    ek0j0n: 275 SHIPPED for hondaswappers
    bmxslyguy187: for a bulk pack, how much is that?
    Revolution8k: 275 shipped for some sound matting?
    Integra1990Racer: what are everyones cars and set ups
    ek0j0n: Integra1990Racer: nope we like to go fast , i know thats why im selling it lol
    Integra1990Racer: haa haa
    ek0j0n: 36 sq. ft.
    ek0j0n: each
    bmxslyguy187: k, too much
    Xy Swany: 95 gsr exhaust
    ek0j0n: too much?
    ek0j0n: for 3 bulk packs?
    Integra1990Racer: 1990 Integra Sedan, soon to be LSVTEC and auto -Manual swapped
    ek0j0n: look on egay
    bmxslyguy187: yeah, its cheap I know, but I can't afford 275
    ek0j0n: they go for 94 plus shippin
    bmxslyguy187: I was going to think of chopping it up and selling it piece by piece you know?
    ek0j0n: ill sell individually
    ek0j0n: one pack
    bmxslyguy187: yeah, let me think bouts it
    Revolution8k has left the room.
    bmxslyguy187: I know kids that would probably spend atleast 50 on a small amount
    Integra1990Racer: Hello... your car and setup
    bmxslyguy187: 93 civic si, the basics, and my tranny is toast
    ek0j0n: cheap fucks around my area
    ek0j0n: soo fuck em
    bmxslyguy187: sell it to people that don't know
    bmxslyguy187: how much it really is
    bmxslyguy187: that's all I do
    Xy Swany: where is everyone from?
    bmxslyguy187: wa
    AllMotorDXHatch: baltimore
    ek0j0n: REPPIN' JERSEY
    Integra1990Racer: Blue Springs Missouri
    ek0j0n: w00t
    MXDesa: Queens - New York
    Qu1ckS1lva: CT
    Xy Swany: i see
    BodyDroppedNikes has entered the room.
    Integra1990Racer: what is everyones car setup for?
    MXDesa: Reppin Jersey?? hahaha cool
    BodyDroppedNikes: hey all
    Integra1990Racer: autoX
    ek0j0n: ill sell 1 pack for 100 shipped
    bmxslyguy187: to go to school and back
    ek0j0n: hey MXDesa you been to Hunts Point lately?
    Xy Swany: i might be movin aug. j/w where your from
    ek0j0n: i havent been this year
    MXDesa: yeah i went last friday night
    ek0j0n: how was it
    ek0j0n: ?
    Minor6DNiner has entered the room.
    Integra1990Racer: is that a street ricing spot?
    Minor6DNiner: wooo
    MXDesa: some dumbass in a grand national TT almost hit the side rails
    ek0j0n: yes sir, good ol' ricing
    Qu1ckS1lva: ay1 in here live near Asbury Park, NJ?
    Qu1ckS1lva: any1*
    ek0j0n: kinda close
    Integra1990Racer: lol, thats what we call it here (in the KC area)
    ek0j0n: 35 minutes away
    Qu1ckS1lva: o
    ek0j0n: yup
    ek0j0n: so MXDesa how was Hunts Point
    Integra1990Racer: well im out
    BodyDroppedNikes: god dammit i said HI
    Xy Swany: cu
    ek0j0n: i havent been since the winter
    MXDesa: Cops around here are starting to go under cover in EVO's and a couple SRT-4's
    Xy Swany: HI BITCH
    ek0j0n: later
    Xy Swany: j\k
    ek0j0n: are you serious?
    ek0j0n: holy shit
    Integra1990Racer: lata'
    BodyDroppedNikes: i got yo' bitch ;-P
    Integra1990Racer has left the room.
    bmxslyguy187: I believe
    bmxslyguy187: it
    MXDesa: i saw two, one in a red EVO and another in a Yellow SRT-4
    Qu1ckS1lva: wow that is fast and furious undercover style
    Xy Swany: you can have her shes gettin fat.
    MXDesa: arrested and tickets 7 for street racing and disorderly conduct, something like that
    ek0j0n: damn
    BodyDroppedNikes: no fat bitches in my trailoir park...only fine ass hoes apply
    ek0j0n: Global in Bayonne has been kinda hot
    Xy Swany: fine assholes?
    Xy Swany: j\k
    BodyDroppedNikes: :ban: LOL
    BodyDroppedNikes: j/p i wouldnt do that
    BodyDroppedNikes: lol
    ek0j0n: A Porsche 911 Turbo, showed up one day
    ek0j0n: noone wanted to race it
    Xy Swany: if ya did my GOA would jump about 3 points
    Xy Swany: GPA*
    ek0j0n: haha
    MXDesa: no one in the right mind would race a porsche
    bmxslyguy187: my brother has a porsche
    bmxslyguy187: its fucking slow
    ek0j0n: i would, see what its got
    BodyDroppedNikes: anyone watching monster garage?
    MXDesa: true true
    bmxslyguy187: neg
    Xy Swany: nah anything good?
    MXDesa: depends on ur set-up
    ek0j0n: yea
    BodyDroppedNikes: they making a real car into an r/c car
    ek0j0n: if i can only lose by 15 car lengths then ill do it
    Xy Swany: anyone watch "worlds dirtiest jobs" on discovery?
    Minor6DNiner: someone has already done the rc thing
    ek0j0n: yea i saw video of that
    ek0j0n: they totalled it on the dunes and shit
    AllMotorDXHatch: yea on hs a while ago
    ek0j0n: is that what you are talking about?
    ek0j0n: they redlined it in neutral for lik 17 minutes until the motor blew
    ek0j0n: lol
    ek0j0n: good stuff
    bmxslyguy187: everyone's seen thav vid, its sick though
    AllMotorDXHatch: yea
    AllMotorDXHatch: hahaha
    AllMotorDXHatch: that was pretty good
    ek0j0n: a Corolla?
    bmxslyguy187: yeah, something old and shitty
    Minor6DNiner: ferrari
    ek0j0n: Koenigsegg
    AllMotorDXHatch: i think it was carbureted
    ek0j0n: woooooo 4 barrel carbs pwn j00
    MXDesa: Aight Homies, ill talk to you guys later
    Xy Swany: cu
    AllMotorDXHatch: l8s
    BodyDroppedNikes has left the room.
    Minor6DNiner: i thought this chat was suppose to be fun?
    ek0j0n: one more plug for my Dynamat before i make thread, ANYONE WANT DYNAMAT?
    ek0j0n: pfffft
    ek0j0n: fun?
    ek0j0n: not on hondaswap
    MXDesa has left the room.
    Minor6DNiner: i want dynamat
    ek0j0n: i am selling
    Minor6DNiner: by the mile?
    ek0j0n: 36 sq. ft. Extreme Bulk pack
    ek0j0n: enough for ESCALADE limo
    ek0j0n: HOLLA
    ek0j0n: lol
    Minor6DNiner: well i dont need that much
    ek0j0n: how much you want
    ek0j0n: i need to get rid of this shit, the boxes are big
    Qu1ckS1lva has left the room.
    Minor6DNiner: crx size
    ek0j0n: and i have 3
    ek0j0n: one box is enough for a whole car
    ek0j0n: doors, trunk, floor
    ek0j0n: give HS people a good deal
    Minor6DNiner: how much?
    ek0j0n: for one?
    ek0j0n: 100 Shipped
    Minor6DNiner: sure
    ek0j0n: on Egay, its 94 plus 30 shipping
    AllMotorDXHatch: eghey is awesome
    Xy Swany: how much do dart blocks cost
    Minor6DNiner: nah i dont need that much
    Minor6DNiner: 700
    AllMotorDXHatch: alot
    Xy Swany: i see
    ek0j0n: $1950
    tommimimi has entered the room.
    ek0j0n: just the bare block
    Xy Swany: anyone see that fatass black guy getting beat?
    Davlawson has entered the room.
    Minor6DNiner: by who?
    AllMotorDXHatch: theyre good to like 40 psi they claim
    Minor6DNiner: police?
    Xy Swany: cops
    ek0j0n: Dynamat on Egay
    Xy Swany: yeah they cover em up to 40 psi i guess
    AllMotorDXHatch: thats fuckin sick
    ek0j0n: more than that
    ek0j0n: AEBS T-Sleeves hold 55 PSI of boost
    ek0j0n: i think the Dart Block would hold more
    ek0j0n: or close to it
    AllMotorDXHatch: thats just a silly amount of boost
    Minor6DNiner: 100 psi
    ek0j0n: not that much
    ek0j0n: but more then 40 i would think
    tommimimi: not many people'll ever boost to 40
    AllMotorDXHatch: not many at all
    tommimimi: nice to know you could though i guess
    AllMotorDXHatch: yea
    ek0j0n: throw some nawwz in there
    ek0j0n: from a bucket
    Xy Swany: i guess my buddy is building one and hes going to be boosting around that
    ek0j0n: you guess?
    AllMotorDXHatch: lol
    Xy Swany: he wouldnt fill me in on the specs
    ek0j0n: oh
    AllMotorDXHatch: ooo
    tommimimi: any of you know if the apexi n1 downpipe removes the cat?
    Xy Swany: i dont doubt it though
    ek0j0n: to boost 40 PSI you need some sick fuel, methanol or some shit
    AllMotorDXHatch: one of those "yea i'm building something but dont worry about it"
    EH339 has entered the room.
    tommimimi: anyone?
    Xy Swany: he does all sort of crazy shit look at midwesthybrid.com in the photos
    Xy Swany: he has a boosted b16 turbo in a hyundai accent
    EH339 has left the room.
    ek0j0n: yes it replaces the cat as well
    tommimimi: so doesnt remove it or anything right?
    ek0j0n: Apexi N1 Downpipes
    tommimimi: 225 off of ebay shipped y0
    Revolution8k has entered the room.
    ek0j0n: i was just showing you that it removed the cat
    ek0j0n: i didnt look at the price
    tommimimi: ah sry
    tommimimi: guess i could keep my stock pipe to pass emissions..
    ek0j0n: cali?
    tommimimi: no, missouri
    ek0j0n: missouri?
    tommimimi: i wont even be passing here w/o a cat i think
    ek0j0n: oh
    FerioSiR3 has entered the room.
    Revolution8k: so whats new guys?
    ek0j0n: you know whats the next best thing to the Apexi Downpipe?
    tommimimi: what?
    ek0j0n: Dynamat
    FerioSiR3: whoa, i never knew about this
    ek0j0n: which i happen to have
    ek0j0n: :p
    tommimimi: lol
    Xy Swany: i feel sorry for all you with emissions
    tommimimi: you're in indiana arent you
    Xy Swany: nope wisconsin
    tommimimi: no emissions there either?
    Xy Swany: nope
    ek0j0n: i paid some douche 100 bucks and he gave me the sticker
    ek0j0n: w00t
    tommimimi: lol
    Xy Swany: only in milwaukee
    ek0j0n: would anyone here be interested in an ITR Intake Manifold?
    ek0j0n: with or without TB
    tommimimi: just happen to have one or do you have a source?
    ek0j0n: i happen to have one
    tommimimi: oh..damn lol
    ek0j0n: i got JG Edelbrock manifold
    tommimimi: i need a B16G actually
    ek0j0n: B16G?
    tommimimi: big 16G mitsu
    anthonys new sn has entered the room.
    ek0j0n: ohh
    revolution8k: tommimimi (9:54:15 PM): you're in indiana arent you
    revolution8k: Indiana rules
    revolution8k: actually no...not it doesn't
    tommimimi: indiana's got some ugly girls
    ek0j0n: you lie!
    AllMotorDXHatch: lol
    revolution8k: I'll give you that man
    revolution8k: lol
    tommimimi: i was there at my moms for thanksgiving
    Xy Swany: nah i hooked up with one on spring break
    revolution8k: but most of them are from Ohio that trek over here.
    tommimimi: there were a few hot ones, but im sure they're imbred somehow
    Xy Swany: she was hot
    Xy Swany: but she was psycho
    AllMotorDXHatch: all girls are psycho
    AllMotorDXHatch: ALL
    revolution8k: if you think someone that's imbred is hot then you have some serious issues
    ek0j0n: some more then others
    Xy Swany: nah this was was actually
    revolution8k: or you haven't met someone that was imbred
    tommimimi: dont think i have
    Xy Swany: i grew up in a town with the highest imbreeding percentage of our county
    AllMotorDXHatch: fact?
    Xy Swany: yup
    AllMotorDXHatch: or the local legend?
    Xy Swany: aka bayview trailer park
    ek0j0n: lol
    tommimimi: yea damn i need to get studying, i actually want to sleep tonight
    revolution8k: if you wanna talk Trailer parks, talk to TPP...he's the Pimp
    revolution8k: heh
    FerioSiR3 has left the room.
    Xy Swany: yea thats what ive heard
    AllMotorDXHatch has left the room.
    Xy Swany: CU sukkuhs
    Xy Swany: stay straightg
    Xy Swany has left the room.
    bmxslyguy187 has left the room.
    LO SLED4991 has entered the room.
    LO SLED4991: sup guys?
    LO SLED4991 has left the room.
    ek0j0n: im outta here
    ek0j0n: if anyone needs Dynamat or ITR Intake Manifold let me know
    ek0j0n: peace
    ek0j0n has left the room.
    BrockPayton has entered the room.
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    THNKRLHRD has entered the room.
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    BodyDroppedNikes has entered the room.
    BodyDroppedNikes: y'all raise the fuck up 'causee TPP is in this here mutha
    BodyDroppedNikes: never mind....y'all are not herre
    BodyDroppedNikes: bye
    BodyDroppedNikes has left the room.
    Minor6DNiner: wooo
    Minor6DNiner has left the room.
    FastAssSDime has entered the room.
    FastAssSDime has left the room.
    BrockPayton has entered the room.
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    revolution8k: you suck
    revolution8k: haha
    Revolution8k has left the room.
    BGNards has entered the room.
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    simplegreen99 has entered the room.
    simplegreen99 has left the room.
    asmallsol has entered the room.
    asmallsol: hey
    greyfades has entered the room.
    greyfades: hmm...
    greyfades: chattin' it up in here, i see
    asmallsol: no ones really in here yet
    greyfades: lol
    greyfades: B....how'bout some hondaswap stickers, huh?
    Liquid00Meth has entered the room.
    asmallsol: his away message is on right now, He wont talk on here until midnight
    ZeuzIP170 has entered the room.
    ZeuzIP170: hello all
    asmallsol: hey
    greyfades: oi
    ZeuzIP170: this is my first time in the hondaswap chat but my hondaswap member name is driver1
    greyfades: dont worry....you arent missing much
    greyfades: t'usually dont get happenin until hella late
    asmallsol: it is very slow in here right now, it gets better at midnight.
    greyfades: all these haters-of-daylight in here
    ZeuzIP170: ya seems kinda slow
    ZeuzIP170: ha
    ZeuzIP170: i work druing the day so my midnight chat will prob be limited
    Liquid00Meth: alot harder to explain a chat room to the boss
    Liquid00Meth: than a webpage
    ZeuzIP170: ya i bet it is
    greyfades: lmfao....Family Guy owns j00!
    ZeuzIP170: i need a tv by my comp i think
    tommimimi has left the room.
    greyfades: fine....leave then
    Liquid00Meth: is family guy on?
    greyfades: yup
    greyfades: cartoon network
    Liquid00Meth: balls roomate is watching a useless football game
    greyfades: family guy>>>>>sports
    MrTrippendicular has entered the room.
    Liquid00Meth: agreed
    MrTrippendicular: anyone here know where i can find a site to help me convert an 1987 crx hf from carburated to fuel injected?
    ZeuzIP170: patriots>all other television
    ZeuzIP170: anyone watch the game yesterday
    greyfades: man you gotta convert the whole fuel system
    greyfades: i think....
    greyfades: www.crxguru.com
    ZeuzIP170: along with a shitload of wiring i would say
    greyfades: yeah, were the carburated rex's even obd?
    MrTrippendicular: obd?
    greyfades: and just when you thought obd0 was a nightmare
    greyfades: On Board Diagnostics
    greyfades: the ecu
    MrTrippendicular: yeah, they have obd
    MrTrippendicular: and a stupid feedback carb
    ZeuzIP170: i would say they are pre obd
    greyfades: by "do they even have obd" i meant are they pre-obd0
    greyfades: read: you're fucked. sell it and buy an 88
    MrTrippendicular: 87 is lighter
    greyfades: 87 is carburated
    greyfades: youre gnna have to change the fuel pump and all the fuel lines
    ZeuzIP170: sounds pretty gay to me
    greyfades: to work with a FI setup
    greyfades: you're also gonna have to change your in-car wiring harness
    MrTrippendicular: i think i can get a wrecked 1985 si that's fuel injected
    greyfades: because im 90% sure that the pre-88 is non-obd
    greyfades: the hard part isn't finding a FI rex...it's changing the fuel system
    MrTrippendicular: yeah, but that'll be last resort
    ZeuzIP170: why not just find one that is fi and go with it
    MrTrippendicular: emmisions are killin me
    greyfades: you're gonna run into more problems than i've been running into putting an obd0 motor in my ek
    MrTrippendicular: too much $
    Liquid00Meth: 87 is lighter?
    Liquid00Meth: who cares
    greyfades: dude you'll spend more money converting your 87 to FI specs
    Liquid00Meth: you can make up the weight difference easily
    greyfades: and besides man...it's a crx
    greyfades: its still lighter than most any other honda
    MrTrippendicular: true, i like my older body style too though
    Liquid00Meth: not worth it man
    Liquid00Meth: you'll be faster just starting with at least FI off the bat
    MrTrippendicular: and i'm gettin 55mpg on the freeway
    Liquid00Meth: so keep it for an econo box
    greyfades: if you want somethin fast, youre gonna have to sacrifice stuff like mileage
    Liquid00Meth: and buy a car to modify
    greyfades: dont get me wrong, im sure its possible
    greyfades: but it'd be hella 'spensive
    MrTrippendicular: i can't pass emissions is my whole problem...and i know someone who will help me swap the carb for fi...i just need the parts
    ZeuzIP170: ya and what do u have when its all done....and 87 crx....
    greyfades: how are you not passing emissions with a stock 87 rex?
    MrTrippendicular: hydrocarbons from the feedback carb
    greyfades: i dont konw what that means.
    greyfades: welcome to post-1988, man
    MrTrippendicular: running too lean
    greyfades: i dont know what to tell you, other than sell it and get at LEAST an 88
    ZeuzIP170: sound slike you need a new car
    MrTrippendicular: and there's no idle mixture screw
    Liquid00Meth: hey man
    MrTrippendicular: it's computer controlled
    ZeuzIP170: e boy you gots mad issues yo!
    Liquid00Meth: I don't know if you got the memo
    Liquid00Meth: but an 87 carb'd rex isn't a performance car
    ZeuzIP170: haha
    MrTrippendicular: it's not
    MrTrippendicular: 62hp
    Liquid00Meth: thats all the advice I can offer you
    ZeuzIP170: thats what i was waitin for
    greyfades: lol...pwned
    Liquid00Meth: my best advice
    Liquid00Meth: it to get a better base setup
    Liquid00Meth: if your lookin to go fast
    Liquid00Meth: otherwise, don't go sinking money into a hole
    Liquid00Meth: you'll never get it out of
    MrTrippendicular: i'm just lookin to get this car to run nice
    greyfades: dude the 92-95 cx was like 67 hp or somethin
    ZeuzIP170: ya keep the rex for mpg and get something worthy of building
    greyfades: i think it was the cx...one of the hatch's
    MrTrippendicular: if i wanted to go fast, i'd swap engines
    greyfades: it had like an inch-and-a-half diameter TB
    ZeuzIP170: oh ya their beastly ones
    MrTrippendicular: you guys know where to find a 5 wire O2 sensor for an 87 hf?
    ZeuzIP170: absolutely not
    MrTrippendicular: every other model has a 1 wire
    greyfades: dude, your car is screwin you more than r. kelly pee-pee
    greyfades: d on that li'l preteen
    asmallsol: the 92-95 civic VX's had 5 wire
    asmallsol: they were a wideband
    MrTrippendicular: what's vx?
    MrTrippendicular: i'm new to owning a honda
    ZeuzIP170: why is that
    MrTrippendicular: always had a cheaper car
    ZeuzIP170: such a wide band as one might want for tuning an air to fuel ratio or just some useless one honda used for no apparent reason?
    ZeuzIP170: no i was reffering to the wideband comment
    greyfades: lol
    greyfades: ain't obd2 4-wire??
    shortbusrebel07 has entered the room.
    ZeuzIP170: vx was a model made only in hatches that featured a vtec e motor that was desinged for gas mileage mainly
    shortbusrebel07: hey everyone...
    ZeuzIP170: wassup
    MrTrippendicular: oh, the O2 sensor does regulate the air/fuel in my crx
    shortbusrebel07: absoulutely nothing...just watching the end of monday night football
    greyfades: bah...sports
    shortbusrebel07: the Jets are handing the titans their asses on a silver platter
    ZeuzIP170: well naturally thats what it would do
    shortbusrebel07: ball game.. jets win 24-17
    greyfades: thats not really that great of an accomplishment....beating the titans
    shortbusrebel07: hell yea it is
    greyfades: thats like saying "WOW! LOOK AT ME! I ZIPPED UP MY OWN PANTS!"
    greyfades: dont the titans suck?
    shortbusrebel07: nope
    ZeuzIP170: ya thier not very good
    MrTrippendicular: yeah, i need an old car...no computers, manually controlled carbs...those were the days
    greyfades: iono....texas football teams usually suck
    shortbusrebel07: the cowboys are having a good yr
    greyfades: trippendicular - jus buy a chevelle
    MrTrippendicular: yeah
    MrTrippendicular: true dat
    ZeuzIP170: good compared to normal but not overly great
    MrTrippendicular has left the room.
    shortbusrebel07: they will go to the playoffs if they keep winning
    ZeuzIP170: the pats are whwere its at
    greyfades: ok...leaving is cool too
    greyfades: patriots are the bomb diggity
    shortbusrebel07: im a chiefs fan....
    ZeuzIP170: yessah thats what i like to hear
    ZeuzIP170: ha chiefs suck balls
    ZeuzIP170: i hate em
    shortbusrebel07: best record in football and they suck balls ?
    ZeuzIP170: thier fucking 0-1 against teams with anything for a winning record
    greyfades: the cowboys used to be good too
    greyfades: but that was waaaay back in the day
    ZeuzIP170: 500 or better which is considered a winning record
    greyfades: the chiefs are an NFL equivalent of the Philadelphia Phillies
    MrTrippendicular has entered the room.
    ZeuzIP170: therefor they havent played anyone with any talent
    ZeuzIP170: theyre gay
    shortbusrebel07: they beat the raiders both times even though the raiders are having a bad yr they are still a good team
    ZeuzIP170: pats=7-0 against teams over 500
    ZeuzIP170: no theyre not they suck this yr
    shortbusrebel07: and we came back from being 17 points down to the packers and beat them in overtime
    ZeuzIP170: it doesnt matter if theyre a good team if they cant win a game
    greyfades: *sigh*
    ZeuzIP170: bottom line is they arent all theyre chalked up to be and they have played against no REAL talent and IMO will get their asses handed to them in the playoffs
    GSRCRXSi 314 has entered the room.
    iRomeo256 has entered the room.
    Airj0ckey has entered the room.
    shortbusrebel07: we have won 11 games and we are 2-1 against good teams
    iRomeo256: hello ladies
    ZeuzIP170: peeps is rollin in now....
    TheSutrix has entered the room.
    Airj0ckey: holly shiiaatt
    shortbusrebel07: we lost to the bengals
    TheSutrix: Is that a jewish holiday
    shortbusrebel07: but beat the packers and the ravens
    Airj0ckey: time to bust this place with some sick humor
    ZeuzIP170: ok im done the cheifs are a bullshit team and thats is all
    TheSutrix: after what I've seen tonight, your humor can't be sicker than the truth
    iRomeo256: lmao
    GSRCRXSi 314: hey all
    Airj0ckey: howdy
    iRomeo256: heya
    ZeuzIP170: yello
    TheSutrix: I spent $13 on brake pads. I feel so dirty
    ZeuzIP170: ewww
    TheSutrix: I feel like bringing the old ones back for a core charge
    iRomeo256: atleast you can stop now
    ZeuzIP170: must have been some good ones eh
    Airj0ckey: well, did the pads work?
    TheSutrix: Yeah, but my wheel started coming off
    GSRCRXSi 314: check out HS everyone, look at my post
    TheSutrix: apparently I didn't tighten one.
    iRomeo256: like that hasnt happened before...
    GSRCRXSi 314: it wont let me link it for some reason
    greyfades: there it is
    iRomeo256: the post about your car?
    greyfades: what the.....
    greyfades: i swear i jus posted the link
    greyfades: what the carp
    ZeuzIP170: what section is it in
    GSRCRXSi 314: home page
    greyfades: members lounge
    GSRCRXSi 314: members lounge
    asmallsol has left the room.
    Airj0ckey: cool
    Airj0ckey: they found it
    greyfades: most of it
    GSRCRXSi 314: they found the important stuff
    GSRCRXSi 314: lol
    GSRCRXSi 314: if they didnt take the engine i doubt they took the jimfab bar
    Airj0ckey: did they finger print it
    GSRCRXSi 314: i dont know, it was just recovered today
    Airj0ckey: hmmm
    shortbusrebel07: do the police have your car or do you have it ?
    ZeuzIP170: man everyone seems to be gettin theyre sit stolen
    iRomeo256: i posted
    ZeuzIP170: makes me kinda happy to live in Maine
    Airj0ckey: steal my car next people
    Airj0ckey: I need the insurance maoney
    Airj0ckey: and they will be busted quiker than fly's on shit
    shortbusrebel07: people just break into my car they dont steal the whole thing
    Airj0ckey: I came up with a device that will beat the snot out of Lowjack
    ZeuzIP170: ....?
    Airj0ckey: an Aircraft ELT
    TheSutrix: SHHHH
    Airj0ckey: Emergancy Locator Device
    TheSutrix: jesus christ you are the WORST inventor
    Airj0ckey: hehe
    Airj0ckey: so what
    THNKRLHRD has entered the room.
    iRomeo256: noone wants to steal a purple mirage
    greyfades: here's an idea
    greyfades: switch your power system over
    THNKRLHRD: Sup guy and girls?
    Airj0ckey: by the time I get around to getting a cell phone to be able to flip the on switch
    shortbusrebel07: yea no one wants a faded red hatchback either
    TheSutrix: "Hey guys, wouldn't be it great if we took DOS, and gave it a GUI like Macintosh has?" -> Ellie Fisher, Bill Gate's ex roommate
    ZeuzIP170: whos got a purple mirage
    iRomeo256: i doooo
    greyfades: so ground is now 12v+ and 12v+ is now ground
    greyfades: so now your chassy/body is now electrically charged
    Airj0ckey: someone else would have developed it
    greyfades: when theives try to touch your car, it shocks them
    ZeuzIP170: oh shitty
    iRomeo256: u think so?
    TheSutrix: Greyfades: That's not how electricity works, but thanks for playing
    greyfades: it made sense in my head
    GSRCRXSi 314: po pos have my car
    ZeuzIP170: no its a great car
    GSRCRXSi 314: im getting it back to my house soon
    shortbusrebel07: when do you get it back ?
    shortbusrebel07: oh o k
    GSRCRXSi 314: and my car looked like shit
    GSRCRXSi 314: lol
    shortbusrebel07: i bet dude
    shortbusrebel07: that has to suck
    greyfades: *sigh* im out....peace
    iRomeo256: Zeuz> i know its great ;-)
    Airj0ckey: hehe
    shortbusrebel07: any thoughts as to who did it ?
    greyfades has left the room.
    pissedoffsolwork has entered the room.
    ZeuzIP170: chicks must dig it
    pissedoffsolwork: im so cool, im here twice
    pissedoffsolwork: :)
    iRomeo256: just my girl, but she laughs cuz her car is faster
    ZeuzIP170: ha i imagine she does
    iRomeo256: she drives a 240sx
    Airj0ckey: BRB
    iRomeo256: :-D
    ZeuzIP170: wow does she wear the pants to...
    GSRCRXSi 314: i have no clue who did it
    TheSutrix: /me bangs his head on the desk
    iRomeo256: sometimes
    GSRCRXSi 314: it was stolen from baltimore, and they found it in dc
    shortbusrebel07: any of your lady's see anything ?
    iRomeo256: but she bought it from me anyways
    shortbusrebel07: lady's nieghbors*
    ZeuzIP170: so you sold a 240sx to buy a purple mirage.....
    iRomeo256: i can drive the car anytime i want
    ZeuzIP170: whats next breaking up with the girl and barging out of the closet?
    iRomeo256: the mirage will be turbocharged
    iRomeo256: i didnt plan on buying the mirage, i was actually going to buy a crx but i wanted a car that had over 100ft lbs of torque before modifications
    iRomeo256: so that made me buy the mirage
    TheSutrix: /me 's eye pops out
    iRomeo256: haha steve
    pissedoffsolwork: http://www.hondaswap.com/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=4&t=27004
    SaintSlideDrift has entered the room.
    SaintSlideDrift: hello
    SaintSlideDrift: anyone chatting
    shortbusrebel07: little upset Brian ?
    pissedoffsolwork: fuckers man
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: i hate that
    SaintSlideDrift: want to ciber........
    pissedoffsolwork: sure
    shortbusrebel07: i hate it when taco bell leaves out my bean burrito
    pissedoffsolwork: with a door
    SaintSlideDrift: cyber,,how ever it's spelled
    TheSutrix: Oh sure
    iRomeo256: we are all guys
    TheSutrix: I think he knows that
    TheSutrix: lemme get my chaps.
    iRomeo256: ooo gonna get some?
    iRomeo256: O:)
    TheSutrix: You takes what you can gets
    SaintSlideDrift: so the stickers ready B
    iRomeo256: hey amanda wants to spend NYE with me again ;-)
    MrTrippendicular: stickers add 5hp
    pissedoffsolwork: THERE ARE NO STICKERS YET
    iRomeo256: get up and gooooo
    TheSutrix: who the HELL is amanda ?
    pissedoffsolwork: PLEASE RELAX. thank you
    SaintSlideDrift: hahah
    iRomeo256: the girl who came down with me last years nye partay
    SaintSlideDrift: I hit up a reply for that post
    SaintSlideDrift: typed in that your on it.....lol
    SaintSlideDrift: just busting your chops
    Liquid00Meth: there is only so much fast food stupidity you can take
    SaintSlideDrift: :-D
    shortbusrebel07: thats why they work fast food
    Liquid00Meth: one time fucking McD's left out my BBQ sauce after a long day
    Liquid00Meth: working at a ski mountain
    Liquid00Meth: i got pissed and ripped the E brake in the middle of the road with 3 people in the car
    shortbusrebel07: i would've went physco on that bitch
    Liquid00Meth: spun a 180 and busted back into the drive through
    Liquid00Meth: err the parking lot
    Liquid00Meth: ended up dropping my cellphone
    TheSutrix: Have you considered meditation ?
    pissedoffsolwork: 180?
    planetarygear94 has entered the room.
    MrTrippendicular: like speed
    pissedoffsolwork: sounds familiar
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: you have a hard time keeping that ass end from coming around bro :D
    shortbusrebel07: i like watching soccer mom's in their minivans get pissed when someone forgets the toy in a kid's happy meal
    TheSutrix: I'm reminded of that scene in "Mystery Men" when "Mr Furious" grabbed the stress ball, squeezed it and said "That... Th.at just saved your life!"
    ZeuzIP170: haha
    iRomeo256: haha
    iRomeo256: they guy who gets pissed and does nothing? lmao
    ZeuzIP170: so whats up witht he sol B
    pissedoffsolwork: who ar eyou
    MrTrippendicular has left the room.
    Liquid00Meth: haha yea B
    SaintSlideDrift: Brian, how is the 240 holding up
    SaintSlideDrift: ?
    Liquid00Meth: the civic loves to spin
    Liquid00Meth: maybe one day i'll luck out
    ZeuzIP170: Im driver1 on HS
    Liquid00Meth: and it will be into a tree
    pissedoffsolwork: my 240 has been at the dealer for 2 weeks
    SaintSlideDrift: no shit
    Liquid00Meth: so I can get a real car
    SaintSlideDrift: for what
    Liquid00Meth: haha
    pissedoffsolwork: clutch slave and master blew up
    SaintSlideDrift: or should I say what went wrong
    SaintSlideDrift: that sucks
    pissedoffsolwork: i own 2 cars, and have to walk to work
    pissedoffsolwork: life sucks
    SaintSlideDrift: mine has been running great
    SaintSlideDrift: that sucks man
    shortbusrebel07: the good ol' nikes getting you to work now ?
    iRomeo256: that sux B
    ZeuzIP170: that does suck
    iRomeo256: air and i replaced the clutch in my old one over the weekend
    THNKRLHRD has left the room.
    iRomeo256: but the cylinders are an easy fix...
    pissedoffsolwork: the clutch is fine...
    pissedoffsolwork: prob is it died.. all my jacks and shit are tied up on the honda
    pissedoffsolwork: i had no choice really
    Liquid00Meth: sell 240, sell sol, purchase e36 M3
    SaintSlideDrift: I think my temp sensor is on the way out
    Liquid00Meth: equation balanced
    SaintSlideDrift: it tends to spike a tad from time to time
    ZeuzIP170: ya youve kinda madeit impossible to work on anything but the sol for a while eh
    SaintSlideDrift: or I have some type of coolant leak which I can't locate
    shortbusrebel07: i hate mystery leaks
    SaintSlideDrift: cleared an airpocket in the coolant system
    SaintSlideDrift: no shit
    SaintSlideDrift: I need the motor to last until the new motor comes in
    SaintSlideDrift: which won't be for another 5 months
    shortbusrebel07: what motor you buying ?
    ZeuzIP170: ouch sounds like youll be limping her for a while
    SaintSlideDrift: flat black top
    SaintSlideDrift: sr
    FattieBoy562 has entered the room.
    pissedoffsolwork: find someone to buy an un-running sol, 240 is being kept for beater, purchase e36 = waiting for sol to go = solved
    SaintSlideDrift: haha
    shortbusrebel07: would you part out the sol ?
    pissedoffsolwork: no
    pissedoffsolwork: wtf am i going to do with a chassis?
    pissedoffsolwork: no one wants that shit
    SaintSlideDrift: my buddy just got the G35, car is pretty nice
    shortbusrebel07: no i meant the turbo and shit like that
    pissedoffsolwork: uhh yeah.. and do what?
    pissedoffsolwork: have a sleeved 9:1 motor na?"
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: that would suck
    shortbusrebel07: i didnt know what compression you were running
    ZeuzIP170: ya it would
    ZeuzIP170: well hopefully itd be somewhere around there
    shortbusrebel07: now that i know...i retract me last staements
    Liquid00Meth: put a body kit on the sol
    Liquid00Meth: and sell it on ebay
    shortbusrebel07: my*
    TheSutrix: What an insult
    pissedoffsolwork: unrunning car
    Liquid00Meth: possibly some 19s
    pissedoffsolwork: wtf would i even ask for it
    TheSutrix: "Your car is no good, why don't you dress it up and sell it to an idiot"
    shortbusrebel07: air ride...
    Liquid00Meth: this is true
    SaintSlideDrift: get it running atleast and ebay it
    ZeuzIP170: ha right and put fast and furios on the description and youll get like 25 g's for it
    shortbusrebel07: lol tru
    Liquid00Meth: thats the thing
    pissedoffsolwork: i've been trying to get it running for 4 months
    Liquid00Meth: to get it running
    iRomeo256: ill trade you a running mirage that pulls on civics
    Liquid00Meth: isn't easy
    Liquid00Meth: to "barely" get it running
    Liquid00Meth: not easy
    pissedoffsolwork: no
    Liquid00Meth: pulls on civics?
    pissedoffsolwork: not at all
    shortbusrebel07: is the motor in the car ?
    iRomeo256: yep
    Liquid00Meth: thats like saying smokes pedal bikes
    Liquid00Meth: ...
    iRomeo256: ok, pulls on b16 vtec
    iRomeo256: civics
    shortbusrebel07: so what all do you have left to do to get it running ?
    ZeuzIP170: are you still doin shit in order to get it runnin B or are you actually having a prob gettin it to run?
    iRomeo256: but yea, still huffys
    SaintSlideDrift: laters people, have work tomorrow
    shortbusrebel07: night man
    pissedoffsolwork: later
    SaintSlideDrift has left the room.
    iRomeo256: :-D
    pissedoffsolwork: motor is in
    pissedoffsolwork: has no fuel
    pissedoffsolwork: no igintion
    pissedoffsolwork: no drive line
    pissedoffsolwork: :)
    ZeuzIP170: wow still got some work ahead of ya eh
    Liquid00Meth: solution a.) drop car off at shop
    Liquid00Meth: b.) pick up car. Drop off check
    Liquid00Meth: considered at all?
    iRomeo256: i think that would be uber expensive...
    pissedoffsolwork: http://www.hondaswap.com/brian/2003/11/swap/DSC00618.JPG
    ZeuzIP170: ha ya i think yor right
    pissedoffsolwork: there are no shops i trust
    pissedoffsolwork: hood doesn't close
    iRomeo256: not even the dropshop? :cool:
    ZeuzIP170: figure out what its hittin on yet?
    shortbusrebel07: there is one shop around me that i trust and all they do is mount and balance those big ass BLING BLING rims on SUV'S
    pissedoffsolwork: dont get me started on the cock shop
    iRomeo256: :-D
    iRomeo256: lmao
    GSRCRXSi 314 has left the room.
    pissedoffsolwork: http://www.hondaswap.com/brian/2003/11/swap/DSC00601.JPG
    pissedoffsolwork: almost done
    pissedoffsolwork: someone buy me
    pissedoffsolwork: :)
    FattieBoy562: damn dat shit looks clean
    shortbusrebel07: how much you want for it ?
    Liquid00Meth: rock the no hood
    pissedoffsolwork: http://www.hondaswap.com/brian/2003/11/swap/DSC00600.JPG
    Liquid00Meth: who needs a hood
    Liquid00Meth: only slowing you down
    FattieBoy562: how much do u think itll be for all the necessary parts to get it running?
    Liquid00Meth: :p
    pissedoffsolwork: buy me buy me
    Liquid00Meth: uhh about 200 bucks O:)
    FattieBoy562: pffft
    shortbusrebel07: how much do you want for it B ?
    pissedoffsolwork: make an offer
    FattieBoy562: id cop dat
    pissedoffsolwork: http://www.hondaswap.com/brian/2003/11/swap/DSC00599.JPG
    iRomeo256: turbo mirage?
    iRomeo256: set and forget
    pissedoffsolwork: maake a real offer
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    FattieBoy562: rofl
    TheSutrix: OOOOOOOO
    TheSutrix: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...item=2445350366
    pissedoffsolwork: will trade for bmw's and thats about it
    shortbusrebel07: i have $612.82 cents right now
    iRomeo256: ;-)
    TheSutrix: oh my god
    iRomeo256: gross
    TheSutrix: For the first time in months I've got, and sustained, an erection
    iRomeo256: wow
    iRomeo256: mary doesnt visit often huh
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: owned
    ZeuzIP170: hahaha
    shortbusrebel07: that is nice
    TheSutrix: No, but Brie does
    pissedoffsolwork: High bidder: danshooker( 3 )
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    shortbusrebel07: lol
    iRomeo256: only in your dreams, and my nightmares buddy
    pissedoffsolwork: so back to buying my car :)
    iRomeo256: nevAr!!
    shortbusrebel07: im about a month and half away from my swap
    ZeuzIP170: looks like the hood might be httin the radiator it sticks up higher than the support
    pissedoffsolwork: nope.. clears
    iRomeo256: im about 2 months away frmo turboooo
    ZeuzIP170: do u know what it is then?
    pissedoffsolwork: i can't see where it is
    pissedoffsolwork: its the last of my concerns really
    FattieBoy562: put some paint under the hood and wherever u see paint marks booya
    FattieBoy562: :p
    shortbusrebel07: which motor is in the sol B ?
    pissedoffsolwork: 84mm gsr
    shortbusrebel07: i know my friend had trouble with the timing belt hitting his hood on his swap
    pissedoffsolwork: sleeved by GE, built byu importbuilders
    pissedoffsolwork: e's itr fits in his sol...
    ZeuzIP170: doesnt that equal like 1.98 liters or something like that
    CrimsonGuardJay has entered the room.
    pissedoffsolwork: so its not the motor
    iRomeo256: porkchop sandwiches!!!
    pissedoffsolwork: yeah, its like 1934 cc's
    ZeuzIP170: mmm yummy
    pissedoffsolwork: no, you
    pissedoffsolwork: :)
    iRomeo256: lmao!!!
    ZeuzIP170: ha
    pissedoffsolwork: so buy it if its yummy
    pissedoffsolwork: :)
    iRomeo256: johnny you aint no pimp dude
    ZeuzIP170: nope i got enoguh proj
    ZeuzIP170: and not enoguh money
    pissedoffsolwork: yeah, but this one is done... all parts included :)
    ZeuzIP170: wow im having a rough time with enough
    ZeuzIP170: all parts included but not exactly done i wouldnt say
    iRomeo256: reeses peanut butter cups are awesome when frozen
    shortbusrebel07: hell yea they are
    TheSutrix: "reeses peanut butter cups are awesome when frozen" - Corky from "Life Goes on"
    FattieBoy562 has left the room.
    iRomeo256: shutup you
    pissedoffsolwork: lol@corky
    shortbusrebel07: well guys im leavin i need sleep
    ZeuzIP170: alright gotta work in the morn night all
    Airj0ckey: go to bed
    shortbusrebel07: later everyone
    iRomeo256: seeya kids
    TheSutrix: "Hi I'm Corky, what's yours ?"
    shortbusrebel07 has left the room.
    Airj0ckey: ahh...my hang over it killing me
    iRomeo256: hi courky, im chris
    ZeuzIP170 has left the room.
    Airj0ckey: to many beers before bed
    iRomeo256: shoulda had K drive u to work ;-)
    TheSutrix: http://www.tccn.nl/02-leden/001%20tot%20en...09/009_ta40.jpg
    TheSutrix: http://www.tccn.nl/02-leden/001%20tot%20en...00/009/009c.htm
    TheSutrix: I'm jealous
    pissedoffsolwork: i hate it
    pissedoffsolwork: i dont know what you guys like about those things
    TheSutrix: I own one
    iRomeo256: looks sweet under the hood, rest of the car is pure assss
    Airj0ckey: cant you learn to make a clickable link?
    pissedoffsolwork: clicks here
    pissedoffsolwork: aim express owns j00
    TheSutrix: Yeah, cut and paste
    Airj0ckey: damn
    Airj0ckey: how
    Liquid00Meth: they are hideously ugly
    Airj0ckey: cant c&P
    Liquid00Meth: but ugly cars that go fast = all the rage
    iRomeo256: prolly
    TheSutrix: I suppose it's a refined taste
    TheSutrix: I've owned 14 Celicas of that generation
    pissedoffsolwork: kevin, when you throwing a party. i need to get out of town for a weekend :)
    iRomeo256: whos throwin a NYE partay that i can crash
    Liquid00Meth: haha me? I'm at UNH. The party is every weekend
    Liquid00Meth: muhahahah
    iRomeo256: :-D
    pissedoffsolwork: i know
    Airj0ckey: I might
    pissedoffsolwork: so invite my ass up (once i get a car back)
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    Airj0ckey: if I find a house and get moved in before that date
    Liquid00Meth: haha np, any time
    iRomeo256: doesnt it take forever to close escrow or something?
    Airj0ckey: not sure
    pissedoffsolwork: 30 days usually
    iRomeo256: your past due then...
    Airj0ckey: I'm new to buying a house thing
    Liquid00Meth: more sluts than you can shake a stick at
    Airj0ckey: WTF...?
    iRomeo256: hes talking about partying at unh
    Liquid00Meth: yea
    Airj0ckey: I can't just put 20K's down, pull a morgage, find a house and move in on the same day?
    pissedoffsolwork: i've been in pimp mode lately :D
    iRomeo256: prolly not
    planetarygear94 has left the room.
    pissedoffsolwork: i've been practiving a fe wlines
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    iRomeo256: its not like an apartment :-\
    pissedoffsolwork: naw clayton, it takes a while
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    CrimsonGuardJay: this is the greatest chat.... ever
    Liquid00Meth: excellent
    Airj0ckey: damn it
    CrimsonGuardJay: i told you.. clayton owes me a coke.
    iRomeo256: jay wants to do sc400 snowcross
    pissedoffsolwork: do it
    CrimsonGuardJay: oh shut up you
    Airj0ckey: I think I'll join steve and bash my head against the table
    Liquid00Meth: do it
    CrimsonGuardJay: no way in bloody hell...
    pissedoffsolwork: *cracks open a beer to watch this show
    iRomeo256: :-D
    iRomeo256: celerity snowcross?
    iRomeo256: oops... celebrity? O:)
    CrimsonGuardJay: im getting 4 bridgestone bliZZACKS on it and driving slowly all winTAR
    iRomeo256: puttin the stockers back on?
    CrimsonGuardJay: the celebritys fucked..
    Liquid00Meth: im not sure about how to decode that
    pissedoffsolwork: what?
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: :emofo:
    iRomeo256: dude lets demo the celeb
    CrimsonGuardJay: i dont have the stockers, i sold those to some puerto rican in nyc for his 80s supra
    iRomeo256: nice
    Liquid00Meth: ZZACKS TAR????
    iRomeo256: he means blizzaks and winter
    CrimsonGuardJay: yes blizZACKs
    TheSutrix: I'm snowcrossing my Celica
    iRomeo256: man, that shits whack
    TheSutrix: BEEEOTCH
    iRomeo256: haha
    CrimsonGuardJay: i just dont want to hit anything this sintAR
    CrimsonGuardJay: god i hate sintar
    iRomeo256: clayton should use the jeep. everything else will just spin and spin or sputter
    iRomeo256: id love to run my dads extreme ;-)
    TheSutrix: Yeah, we all were thinking that
    TheSutrix: but no one wanted to bring it up to you
    pissedoffsolwork: trucks aren't allowed y0
    TheSutrix: yes they are
    TheSutrix: in wintercross
    Liquid00Meth: AWD????
    Airj0ckey: yup
    TheSutrix: yup
    iRomeo256: its practially a car, its dropped on bilsteins, 16x8s and has an LSD...
    iRomeo256: rwd
    iRomeo256: studded allowed?
    pissedoffsolwork: i hear no
    Airj0ckey: burrrbpp
    Liquid00Meth: sounds like a good time
    Airj0ckey: Ouch
    Liquid00Meth: if not driving laughing at others
    Airj0ckey: I just choked on my own coffee
    pissedoffsolwork: fuck you
    iRomeo256: geebus
    pissedoffsolwork: i want coffee
    Airj0ckey: man that hurk my throut
    iRomeo256: every 1st work day of the month at incom... free coffee/hot chocolate
    Liquid00Meth: mmm yes free coffee
    iRomeo256: :-D
    Liquid00Meth: good thing about my old job
    CrimsonGuardJay: ahh a job
    Airj0ckey: went down the wrong throat pipe
    Liquid00Meth: good coffee too
    CrimsonGuardJay: i wis i had a job
    iRomeo256: you mooching fawk
    Liquid00Meth: yea you don't want burning hot substances going "down the wrong pipe"
    iRomeo256: hey did ur mom get rogers pc goin?
    pissedoffsolwork: ohh and friday is hawaiian shirt day
    Airj0ckey: I wish I had a house
    CrimsonGuardJay: yes
    CrimsonGuardJay: thank you much for all your help
    iRomeo256: good for her!
    Airj0ckey: and a wife that puts out
    pissedoffsolwork: :-\+
    pissedoffsolwork: wtf is up with that?
    Liquid00Meth: ooohohh
    Liquid00Meth: he drops the bomb
    CrimsonGuardJay: she doesnt put out or isnt around TO put out?
    Airj0ckey: well...
    iRomeo256: she doesnt go anywhere but the antique store :-D
    pissedoffsolwork: *cracks open beer*
    Airj0ckey: I kinda screwed her
    CrimsonGuardJay: ahahahahaha
    Liquid00Meth: liquor her up a bit
    Liquid00Meth: she
    CrimsonGuardJay: and?
    Airj0ckey: before we married...she got preg
    iRomeo256: get out the saké
    Airj0ckey: and she had no body mass to have the baby
    CrimsonGuardJay: o shit.
    Liquid00Meth: will undoubteduly put out once she has a few beers in her
    Liquid00Meth: they all do
    Airj0ckey: so...it had to be aborted
    CrimsonGuardJay: yeah thats true
    Liquid00Meth: yes thats spelled wrong
    Airj0ckey: well the docktor fawked up something on her insides
    CrimsonGuardJay: oh jeez
    Liquid00Meth: i'm installing battlefield 1942 MP demo
    Liquid00Meth: ahh that sucks man
    Airj0ckey: and my long fat dick just makes it worse
    pissedoffsolwork: wtf
    TheSutrix: /me barfs
    iRomeo256: haha
    pissedoffsolwork: IDB?
    Airj0ckey: she had tramma after that
    TheSutrix: this is the biggest load of shit I've ever seen online
    CrimsonGuardJay: hahahahahahahah
    iRomeo256: you should see him play with his guy
    iRomeo256: gut
    Airj0ckey: I did a chick IDB before
    CrimsonGuardJay: dont brag, yknow how it is.
    TheSutrix: When you piss at the side of the garage, the squirrels laugh
    pissedoffsolwork: idb owns.
    CrimsonGuardJay: only yer g/f should brag for you, AND SHE DOES.
    CrimsonGuardJay: (in my case)
    Airj0ckey: but
    iRomeo256: dude you havent even put it in her
    Airj0ckey: after doing that chick in the butt
    iRomeo256: every nite owns
    Liquid00Meth: yea, IDB usually requires a few more beers than usual
    Liquid00Meth: thats how you gotta rate things up at college
    TheSutrix: I'm going
    pissedoffsolwork: no way... not if you get a good one :D
    Liquid00Meth: how many Keystone Lights it would take
    TheSutrix: I will never shake your hands
    CrimsonGuardJay: yes, but she fucking brags about it to everyone in school and it rules
    iRomeo256: my ex let me put it idb
    CrimsonGuardJay: ahahahahaha
    CrimsonGuardJay: idb
    Liquid00Meth: either for a.) you to do her. or b.) her to get it IDB
    TheSutrix: but your ex was a guy
    iRomeo256: you wish
    Airj0ckey: what there to stop you from doing a guy IDB?
    Airj0ckey: same thing
    Airj0ckey: so I stayed away from IDB since then
    Liquid00Meth: you psyched yourself out
    Liquid00Meth: you can't look at it like that
    TheSutrix: That's it ?!?!??!
    Airj0ckey: well
    iRomeo256: lol
    TheSutrix: You offer advice, some words of wisdom,
    TheSutrix: on Anal sex
    Airj0ckey: coffe throat killing time again
    TheSutrix: and it turns out the moral is "You're kinda doing something you can kinda do to a guy"
    TheSutrix: What the fuck
    TheSutrix: I want my 5 minutes back
    Airj0ckey: hehe
    Liquid00Meth: no
    iRomeo256: wanna see suttin funny???
    Airj0ckey: I'll give it too yaa
    pissedoffsolwork: guys ass is nothign like a chicks
    Airj0ckey: IDB
    pissedoffsolwork: or something
    Liquid00Meth: that is not the moral either
    Liquid00Meth: and brian I'm concernced that you know that
    pissedoffsolwork: fuck it. i like girls, and i like hitting it in the butt
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    iRomeo256: likewise
    TheSutrix: HondaSwap Forums -> Member's Lounger -> [01.12.44] pissedoffsolwork: guys ass is nothign like a chicks
    pissedoffsolwork: lmao
    pissedoffsolwork: owned
    Liquid00Meth: hahahaha
    Airj0ckey: would you let a girl hit you IDB?
    pissedoffsolwork: *good game*
    pissedoffsolwork: LOL depends
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    Liquid00Meth: well you know the girl really likes you
    TheSutrix: or the guy
    pissedoffsolwork: if she was like a 9 or higher...
    iRomeo256: if i was to spend my life with her hands down, if it got her off...
    Airj0ckey: how about a girl with an adams apple?
    Liquid00Meth: if she offers you the lube, and alludes to getting it IDB. Because you know she just wants you to like her
    pissedoffsolwork: then she could strap on whatever she wants and hacve her way wth me
    Liquid00Meth: you get lots of attention sluts like that around
    TheSutrix: Jamie Lee Curtis has an adam's apple
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    iRomeo256: heh
    Liquid00Meth: im not sure what this conversation has degraded too
    Liquid00Meth: but I'm pretty sure there are other chatrooms dedicated to it
    TheSutrix: Welll... let's recap
    TheSutrix: Lots of the people in this room have a love affair with asses
    TheSutrix: They love the butt-sex
    TheSutrix: Which puts them all borderline gay in my book
    Liquid00Meth: or they are secure enough in their straightness
    Liquid00Meth: that they aren't afraid to use the back door every once in a while
    TheSutrix: No. Like to fuck the chocolate whizz-way
    TheSutrix: And it's wrong
    iRomeo256: atleast we get laid :-D
    Airj0ckey: ew
    Liquid00Meth: yea
    TheSutrix: Don't go there, champ
    Airj0ckey: that was cold
    CrimsonGuardJay: this is the best chatroom..... ever....again
    Liquid00Meth: obviously you haven't had enough pussy to get bored with it yet
    pissedoffsolwork: bored of pussy/
    Airj0ckey: I have
    pissedoffsolwork: unh must suck
    TheSutrix: keep on justifying it
    Liquid00Meth: need to spice things up
    CrimsonGuardJay: yeah i gotta get laid.
    iRomeo256: i like buttsex, and as you know im obviously straight
    TheSutrix: When it comes down to it, you like butts. Like Freddie Mercury.
    Airj0ckey: you are?
    CrimsonGuardJay: isnt it terrible being me chris?
    Airj0ckey: +I thought you liked the dremel IDB
    CrimsonGuardJay: you just banged crystal idb a few times...
    CrimsonGuardJay: how much experience is that?
    TheSutrix: What kind of choices does one need to make,
    Airj0ckey: BRB
    Liquid00Meth: as much as you need
    Liquid00Meth: to do it again
    pissedoffsolwork: now eating a chicks ass out
    Liquid00Meth: :p
    TheSutrix: To find a point in their lives,
    pissedoffsolwork: thats whwere its at
    Liquid00Meth: woah woah woah
    TheSutrix: Where and when they acutally WANT to do that
    Liquid00Meth: lest rip the E brake here
    Airj0ckey: brown wings......
    Liquid00Meth: thats a different story
    TheSutrix: oh what's the matter Silvera ?
    TheSutrix: don't like to tongue the ass ?
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    Airj0ckey: I had redwings,, but no brown wings
    pissedoffsolwork: 180 huh?
    iRomeo256: kids
    Liquid00Meth: yea
    Liquid00Meth: we just did a 180
    Liquid00Meth: in the civic
    Liquid00Meth: no ass eating
    pissedoffsolwork: we need naws
    pissedoffsolwork: don't know it till you try it
    TheSutrix: yeah
    pissedoffsolwork: if its clean, like just after a shower...
    TheSutrix: go for it
    pissedoffsolwork: you wanna see a chick go nuts
    pissedoffsolwork: try it
    TheSutrix: or a soapy=water sudzy
    iRomeo256: haha
    TheSutrix: an enama
    Airj0ckey: Airjockie's coffee is = NAWSSSSsssss
    TheSutrix: Oh yeah
    TheSutrix: Then you can lick right up to the duodenum
    pissedoffsolwork: naw, don't tongue fuck her
    TheSutrix: lollipops are great for that
    iRomeo256: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: just kinda mess around her asss
    Airj0ckey: and it is a natural colon clenser
    TheSutrix: oh, now the ass romance is wearing off ?
    Liquid00Meth: the girl would have to be a 10 in my opinion, or she would have to be extremely hot, and me extremely liquored up
    pissedoffsolwork: thats what i thought
    pissedoffsolwork: till i did it
    Liquid00Meth: which is a common occurance persay
    Liquid00Meth: I don't know
    Liquid00Meth: I can't say for sure
    Liquid00Meth: too sketchy
    pissedoffsolwork: get the girl in the shower
    TheSutrix: Garbage comes out of the ass. People who tongue assholes are just trying to get their dinner back - Which they may have paid for
    pissedoffsolwork: wash her up good :)
    pissedoffsolwork: go back to bed
    pissedoffsolwork: go to town
    pissedoffsolwork: you;ll thank me in th emorning
    iRomeo256: haha
    TheSutrix: That was a gem
    TheSutrix: I'm making that a bumper sticker
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    CrimsonGuardJay: this is the best chat, yet again
    iRomeo256: yea thats good shite
    Liquid00Meth: the civ should no longer be a spin machine pretty soon
    Liquid00Meth: by the way B
    pissedoffsolwork: pissedoffsol (me at home) has been in the chat since liek 6pm...
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    Liquid00Meth: buying some of Knowledge's old parts
    pissedoffsolwork: werd
    Liquid00Meth: for a winter isntall
    pissedoffsolwork: like?
    Liquid00Meth: camber kit and coils for one
    TheSutrix: Family Guy gave me a GREAT idea
    TheSutrix: 10 minutes into movies that Peter that rents,
    Liquid00Meth: possibly d16/T
    TheSutrix: He records over them
    TheSutrix: ... him giving the ending away
    Liquid00Meth: depends if I can still get a deal on an LS motor, or if I still feel like sinking money into my civic
    Liquid00Meth: heh
    Liquid00Meth: probably go with a rear sway also, and a subframe kit
    CrimsonGuardJay: for aminute there i thought you were speaking of a 1UZ-FE motor.
    Liquid00Meth: just something to do in the winter when I'm home
    CrimsonGuardJay: from an LS4
    pissedoffsolwork: werd
    iRomeo256: ahhrg
    Liquid00Meth: indeed
    pissedoffsolwork: who is davlawson and why hasn't he said anything in hours
    CrimsonGuardJay: i was just thinking that
    TheSutrix: We prolly gave him a heartattack
    iRomeo256: :-\
    Liquid00Meth: if I had the cash I'd buy your motor and everything right from you, drop it in for shits and giggles
    CrimsonGuardJay: i wouldnt fucking doubt it
    CrimsonGuardJay: who?
    Airj0ckey: ohhh
    iRomeo256: heh
    Airj0ckey: much better
    Liquid00Meth: Bri's GSR
    TheSutrix: It takes a strong person to switch from probing rectums to swapping motors so quickly
    TheSutrix: I mean NO SEGUE
    iRomeo256: why are you so bent up on that?
    pissedoffsolwork: buy it
    pissedoffsolwork: ::)
    TheSutrix: It's annoying
    Liquid00Meth: i'm desensitized
    Liquid00Meth: who cares
    TheSutrix: Oppressed societies love the butt
    pissedoffsolwork: condoms got you again?
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    iRomeo256: haha
    Liquid00Meth: that is most psuedo-philisophic pile of garbage sentence I have seen in a while
    Liquid00Meth: lol
    TheSutrix: I aim to please
    Liquid00Meth: something a hippie writes on the bathroom stall
    pissedoffsolwork: you ever play tennis in the shitteR?
    Liquid00Meth: negative
    tommimimi has entered the room.
    iRomeo256: hehe
    Liquid00Meth: what an annoying name
    TheSutrix: Back and forth, back and forth with the balls until someone gets love
    pissedoffsolwork: you write on the left wall "Let's play tennis. look right" and on the right wall, you right, look let
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: *look left
    iRomeo256: haha
    Liquid00Meth: endless amusement. behold!
    TheSutrix: Anna Kournikova's sweaty little glory in the stall... sure. Why not.
    iRomeo256: i saw things like that in bathroom stalls in georgia
    tommimimi has left the room.
    TheSutrix: I'm starting to get compliments on my hair, behold my glory
    Airj0ckey: man...I'm bored again
    iRomeo256: neat
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    Jul 4, 2003
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    im so not reading that....
  3. pissedoffsol

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    iRomeo256: comes up for me
    iRomeo256: \http://www.discounttiredirect.com/product/tires/kumsr2.l.jpg
    iRomeo256: http://www.discounttiredirect.com/product/tires/kumsr2.l.jpg
    pissedoffsolwork: looks weak
    TheSutrix: the blizzack just about pisses on those tires
    pissedoffsolwork: i hate kumhoes
    pissedoffsolwork: lo
    iRomeo256: lol
    iRomeo256: where can i get blizzaks
    pissedoffsolwork: tirerack i think
    TheSutrix: Gislaved makes an AWESOME snow tire
    TheSutrix: but I hear that Blizzacks are better
    iRomeo256: http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?ti...romCompare1=yes
    Airj0ckey: and they have them in 13's
    pissedoffsolwork: holy fuck- peep this
    pissedoffsolwork: http://www.honda-tech.com/zerothread?id=693907
    Airj0ckey: but damn
    Airj0ckey: DAMN!!!!
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: reasdon #2444123421 not to buy an american car
    Airj0ckey: yup
    iRomeo256: holy fucking wow
    iRomeo256: no wonder ford is going into the gutter
    iRomeo256: new mustang gts are selling for just over 21k
    jah rasta SOBER has entered the room.
    jah rasta SOBER: stoopid trillian
    jah rasta SOBER: thanks B
    jah rasta SOBER: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: :)
    pissedoffsolwork: you missed it mike..
    pissedoffsolwork: http://www.honda-tech.com/zerothread?id=693907
    jah rasta SOBER: and its trying to open something still, i have hourglass when i go down to my explorer bar
    jah rasta SOBER: haha, holy shit
    jah rasta SOBER: my friends moms volvo did that once
    iRomeo256: trillian is used by those who dont have system resources to run the original programs independently... ;-)
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    jah rasta SOBER: shush, i use it because i hated having like 5 different chat clents running
    jah rasta SOBER: 1.7ghz and 512mb is plenty of resources
    iRomeo256: dual 1ghz, 1.5gb ram OWNS j00
    jah rasta SOBER: ya, well
    jah rasta SOBER: lol
    iRomeo256: :-D
    jah rasta SOBER: i'll get on my database server at work and own you!
    jah rasta SOBER: lol
    iRomeo256: this is a home pc
    iRomeo256: lol
    Airj0ckey: anyone else getting a friggen pop-ups syndrom?
    iRomeo256: nope
    TheSutrix: did I fix yours ?
    jah rasta SOBER: no
    Airj0ckey: my comp at the house is screwed
    Airj0ckey: nope
    iRomeo256: you need naviscope and adaware
    Airj0ckey: 2 minutes after you left
    pissedoffsolwork: i got it at home too
    iRomeo256: that will fix your problem
    jah rasta SOBER: and there is another one
    pissedoffsolwork: adawre didnt fic it
    Airj0ckey: everything was back to where it was
    jah rasta SOBER: adbot or something
    jah rasta SOBER: i forget the name
    Airj0ckey: it so friggen anoying
    iRomeo256: u shoulda aske dme to take a look @ it
    Vindowviperer has entered the room.
    Vindowviperer: whats up?
    Airj0ckey: well...I could have lived with it..but this morning...my browser freezed
    pissedoffsolwork: hi
    jah rasta SOBER: froze
    Airj0ckey: and I can open 2 pages and it locks up
    Vindowviperer: man I hate dunkin donuts but their cofee is good though
    iRomeo256: hehe
    iRomeo256: ill take care of it when i come down next
    jah rasta SOBER: i haven't seen a dunkin donuts in years
    jah rasta SOBER: they're not around here
    Vindowviperer: sry
    jah rasta SOBER: we have krispy kreme tho, mm
    Airj0ckey: please
    Airj0ckey: somebody fix my damn computer
    Vindowviperer: krispy kreme good donuts, bad coffee
    iRomeo256: i will homestar
    jah rasta SOBER: ship it to me, i'll fix it
    pissedoffsolwork: KK sucks
    jah rasta SOBER: you suck
    jah rasta SOBER: don't be hatin
    pissedoffsolwork: went once, never again
    Airj0ckey: I suck
    iRomeo256: kk is so gross
    jah rasta SOBER: you guys are insane
    Vindowviperer: KK has good glazed donuts nothing else
    pissedoffsolwork: http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c...BAGLV39DJD1.DTL
    iRomeo256: its like eating sugar
    jah rasta SOBER: yes
    jah rasta SOBER: sugar = good
    jah rasta SOBER: ask B
    jah rasta SOBER: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: FU
    sharky5888 has entered the room.
    jah rasta SOBER: haha
    sharky5888 has left the room.
    Airj0ckey: mmmmm...sugar
    Airj0ckey: got plenty of that in my gallon of coffe tonight
    Vindowviperer: did u see that lennon thiong? $3 4 sugar? no way man
    TheSutrix: sometimes,
    iRomeo256: heh
    TheSutrix: when I get the hard caramels by accident in the candy box,
    Vindowviperer: u know what sux
    TheSutrix: I'll suck the chocolate off and spit the candy carcass into my sister's bookbag
    Airj0ckey: hehe
    Vindowviperer: when u mix ur semen sample with the urine sample
    jah rasta SOBER: hahaha
    Airj0ckey: just like that peanut joke
    jah rasta SOBER: lol
    jah rasta SOBER: the old lady
    jah rasta SOBER: and peanuts
    Airj0ckey: guy is visiting an old woman
    pissedoffsolwork: reason #43242343543 why cali sucks: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?...2053EST0142.DTL
    Airj0ckey: he started eating the peanuts in the bowl
    jah rasta SOBER: bwhahaha, nice article
    iRomeo256: fucktards
    Airj0ckey: and the old lady said they were M&MS
    Vindowviperer: they dont prolly even know what that means
    iRomeo256: ugh
    anthonys new sn has left the room.
    Airj0ckey: I'm dead tonight
    pissedoffsolwork: me too
    Airj0ckey: Bored shitless
    Airj0ckey: hung over
    jah rasta SOBER: i'm doing homework
    pissedoffsolwork: its approaching nap time here at American Customer Care
    pissedoffsolwork: :)
    jah rasta SOBER: lol
    Airj0ckey: and choking on my own coffee
    jah rasta SOBER: wish i could take nap time at my job
    pissedoffsolwork: whos here to stop me?
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    jah rasta SOBER: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: working by myself owns
    Airj0ckey: same here
    jah rasta SOBER: :-(
    jah rasta SOBER: i work in cubicle farm
    iRomeo256: :-D
    Airj0ckey: but if I dont get some ply kits made up...then they might put somebody with me
    jah rasta SOBER: i only see light during lunch
    jah rasta SOBER: lol
    jah rasta SOBER: dark when i get there in the morning, dark when i leave
    jah rasta SOBER: sunlight at lunch
    jah rasta SOBER: lol
    jah rasta SOBER: it blows
    iRomeo256: hehe
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: its cubcle famr here too
    pissedoffsolwork: thers just no one in them
    pissedoffsolwork: :)
    jah rasta SOBER: haha
    jah rasta SOBER: ya, i'm there from like 7-7
    jah rasta SOBER: during the day
    pissedoffsolwork: that sucks
    pissedoffsolwork: quit
    pissedoffsolwork: java sucks anyway
    pissedoffsolwork: :S
    jah rasta SOBER: lol
    jah rasta SOBER: they pay for my school
    Airj0ckey: Http://home.comcast.net/~daphneevers/commercial2.wmv
    jah rasta SOBER: i have 1 year left
    jah rasta SOBER: then i'll quit
    jah rasta SOBER: :)
    Airj0ckey: right click save yo
    pissedoffsolwork: :)
    pissedoffsolwork: what is is lcay?
    pissedoffsolwork: god i can't fucking type
    pissedoffsolwork: *what is it clay?
    Airj0ckey: somebody made a commercial for the AE86
    Airj0ckey: saying Toyota is making them again
    Airj0ckey: cool vid
    Vindowviperer: is getting payed to play comp games a bad job?
    iRomeo256: no way
    Vindowviperer: woot
    Vindowviperer: sry
    Vindowviperer: I run a lan center and just sit and rake in the cash while playing counter-strike
    TheSutrix: Vindow Viper
    Airj0ckey: :^( they are not going to re-make them
    TheSutrix: the G.I. Joe story line ?
    iRomeo256: nice vid!
    Vindowviperer: http://www.lumpen.com/video/BobyMassage.mov
    Airj0ckey: ^^^is that work safe?
    Vindowviperer: GI JOE BABY
    Vindowviperer: got sound but maybe
    Vindowviperer: no profanity
    Vindowviperer: but if u want some good shit here
    TheSutrix: you should talk to CrimsonGuard
    TheSutrix: he's a BIG G.I. joe guy
    Vindowviperer: http://www.lumpen.com/video/skier.mov
    TheSutrix: I'm laughing my ASS off
    iRomeo256: jay has like a 25k joe collection
    Airj0ckey: got to do some work...BRB
    Vindowviperer: what?
    Vindowviperer: whats funny sutrix?
    TheSutrix: This is the funniest fucking thing EVER
    Vindowviperer: GI joe?
    Vindowviperer: here is a good one
    Vindowviperer: http://www.lumpen.com/video/carnival2.mov
    TheSutrix: "look at me I'm going OH FUCK"
    Vindowviperer: holy cow I totally going so fast --- OHHHH FUCK!!!
    TheSutrix: memememeeme
    TheSutrix: o_O
    Vindowviperer: just kiddin with ya
    Vindowviperer: http://www.lumpen.com/video/nosebleed.mov
    TheSutrix: I remember these.. the real ones
    Vindowviperer: me too
    Vindowviperer: "And knowing is half the battle
    jah rasta SOBER: lol
    TheSutrix: These are INSPIRED
    Vindowviperer: nice catch blanco niino but too badd ur ass got saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacked
    TheSutrix: <tackle>
    TheSutrix: this is fucking hysterical
    Vindowviperer: G I JOEbaby
    TheSutrix: The Viper one was a hoot
    TheSutrix: "I am zee Viper"
    Vindowviperer: what?
    TheSutrix: "I am zee Vindow Viper"
    Vindowviperer: http://www.heavengallery.com/fenslerfilms/computer.mov this one is good\
    TheSutrix: That was wierd
    iRomeo256: i dont have quicktime
    Vindowviperer: D/L it then
    iRomeo256: i am
    TheSutrix: prolly not funny unless you're an Avid Joe fan
    pissedoffsolwork: my gf's brother is still into gi joe
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    pissedoffsolwork: he has a gi joe toothbrush
    pissedoffsolwork: hes 24
    pissedoffsolwork: its sad
    Vindowviperer: u dont even have to be a fan to mkae this funny (maybe a little drugs help)
    iRomeo256: its making me download itunes
    Vindowviperer: lol apple for ya
    jah rasta SOBER has left the room.
    iRomeo256: fuck that panzy shit
    Vindowviperer: lol
    iRomeo256: ill stick with my creative playcenter
    Vindowviperer: give it up man its gonna mke u donwload some other crap too just to make sure u like apple
    iRomeo256: nah
    iRomeo256: i got this bish under control y0'
    iRomeo256: i need some more reeses
    iRomeo256: but im too lazy to go to the fridge
    iRomeo256: and corky over there is making fun of me
    Vindowviperer: all of a sudden his screen says - -ERROR-
    pissedoffsolwork: <delted>
    Vindowviperer: delted?
    Vindowviperer: lol
    iRomeo256: yea, thats about rite
    Vindowviperer: missed an E there buddy
    pissedoffsolwork: i ate it
    iRomeo256: be careful, thats dangerskew
    Vindowviperer has left the room.
    pissedoffsolwork: never took it
    pissedoffsolwork: lol
    iRomeo256: heh
    TheSutrix: night guys
    TheSutrix has left the room.
    iRomeo256: and then there were 5
    iRomeo256: 4
    iRomeo256 has left the room.
    pissedoffsolwork: 3?
    pissedoffsolwork: ;p;
    pissedoffsolwork: im proably not goin to pay attention to this anymore...
    pissedoffsolwork has left the room.
    iRomeo256 has entered the room.
    iRomeo256 has left the room.
    Airj0ckey has left the room.
    Airj0ckey has entered the room.
    Airj0ckey has left the room.
  4. swanny

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    buck teeth and government checks, PA
    jesus christ, ive spent the last 10 minutes reading this thing and im not even halfway through.
  5. TurboMirage

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    May 20, 2003
    Central, MA
  6. JDMPlaya

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    And what was the point of posting that?
  7. pills_PMD

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    New Albany, OH
    took me 10 fucking m inutes to scroll down lol
  8. Celerity

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    These are GEMS.

    -> Steve
  9. E_SolSi

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    :werd: :withstupid:

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    :ghey: :imgone:
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    HAHAAHHAHA, i just scrolled down casue I wasnt going to read all that and I read this shit bout assholes being licked.
  12. pissedoffsol

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    read the whole thing.
    it's hillarious :D
  13. Bob Vila

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    :no: you like guys butts. :imgone:

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    wait til tonight.......hehe
  16. 94RedSiGal

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    Going to push the limits of gayness even further? lol.
  17. Smonkeyboy

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    i read about half of it and gave up
  18. silver

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    best 20 mins i didnt waste reading that lol
  19. jamesA

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    hahahahah I knew you were gonna post that...
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    hey, my name is in there! my chat was copyrighted, you owe me $1,000,000.00 B :)
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