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Looking for swap info

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by dreded90crxsi, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. dreded90crxsi

    dreded90crxsi Senior Member

    I wanna swap a f22b1 sohc vtec from a 94-97 accord ex into my 90 crx si. I have spent many hours searching the net for information about an f series swap and have found nothing yet. I want to stick with the ease of working on a sohc motor but don't want to stay with the torqueless d series, so f series seems to be perfect for me with 145hp and 147tq. If anyone here can give me a link or anything on how to do this swap would be thankfull.
  2. ef9civicgen4

    ef9civicgen4 Senior Member

    You can do a search on Drag Racer Bisi Ezerioha. He has an 88 CRX with an F series running DUAL weber carbs. Just search his name. I read about him in Honda Tuning. I beleive is was the October, Or November edition.

    Also you may want to think about how the F sereis works. First thing, the transmission uses cables to shift gears and has a Hydralic Clutch. Also the engine will be at least OBD-1, so you will need to convert to OBD-1. Ok, with that said you will need to get special mounts made for this setup. The first thing you need is clutch master cylinder and clutch hard lines (you can substitute for soft lines from Autozone).

    Keep in mind, H series transmission will interchange with F so you can use a PRELUDE transmission on the F motor.

    Well, good luck.
  3. dreded90crxsi

    dreded90crxsi Senior Member

    Thank you for your reply. I already know I will need custom moutns welded in and have to do some wiring. I'm wondering what else will need to be changed and what axles to use. I'm sure I'll need a custom shift linkage made too. I have read articles about Bisi but nothing has info about doing the swap, and I plan on staying fuel injected.
  4. ef9civicgen4

    ef9civicgen4 Senior Member

    Thats my point, you dont have Shift Linkages, you have shift cables. Look into Prelude swaps, trust me tehy are cables.

    And Bisi's car is running 10's I believe.
  5. dreded90crxsi

    dreded90crxsi Senior Member

    I think I read somewhere that Bisi got his crx in the 9's but just barely. His setup is all custom. He's still using his d series tranny. Reading some articles about him are what made me start looking into the f series engins in the first place. Many people have told me that these engins are pointless and have no potential, yet some of the same people will say how much potential is in a d16y8 and how great it is. I've herd that f22's can handle more power on stock parts then the d16's. The f22 has more hp and tq to start with also. I used to want a b series but then I realized their lack of torque and decided I need to either go with f or h series. I'll get id done eventualy.
  6. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    And the F series a closed deck design. I believe it does anyway. Well, I wish you all the luck with your swap. When you actually do the swap, turn to HondaSwap and write a how to article, B' would love to have, even though he isnt into Honda's as much any more.

    BTW - I was EF9 last night, I was at his house signed on as him, sorry for the confusion.
  7. reckedracing

    reckedracing TTIWWOP

    your base info should be from an H series into your car...

    H mounts are the same and you should be able to use the H series mount kit...

    but why the hell are you putting such a huge heavy mtor in your car?
    doesn;t make sense to me... too much weight for not enough HP, i mean yea, it will be fast, but not the best choice...

    but i think everything about the H swap would be exactly the same except for the wiring issues...
    you're trying to do sohc vtec f series? or just a regular f series?

    f and h trannies are same bolt pattern, the axles should be interchangable, mounts are all the same... should be fairly straight forward if you have the h info, but again, i would advise again this swap...

    if you're doing all that work then go with an h23, for 160 horse and better gearing in the tranny...
    but for that sort of weight i would def advise you go fro h22, and def check into upgrading your suspension if you still want your car to be able to handle...

    and lack of torque in b series?
    the ls motor has 120-130 foot pounds of torque?
    what do you think you'll get out of the f? and will it make up for all the extra weight, doubtful...

    and the sohc vtec is obd 2, good luck trying to figure out that wire cluster fuck...

    NOTE: and just cause a drag racer has an f doesn;t make it a good idea for someone that doesn;t have his time, money, and complete team to do the work... i would advise you do a swap thats been done by many others so you can at least have people to ask questions about when your crank hits your rear tire
  8. Drenni

    Drenni Senior Member

    :eek: :eek: Maybe he not doing the F to crx swap :werd: I don't want to be the guy that tells you this but the guy on top is kind of right...But then again it's your fucking car do what ever the fuck you want, but I'm getting a B16 B)
  9. dreded90crxsi

    dreded90crxsi Senior Member

    I'm not really concerned about the weight of the engin because when I do this swap my crx will be race only. It's the f22b1 sohc vtec I plan on swaping to and from what I've read it's obd1. I realize that the h22 and h23 have more power but like I said in an earlier post I wanna stick with a single cam. To reckedracing what do you mean a lot of work for little hp? The f22b1 has 145 at 5500 rpm, that's not much less hp then a b16 which has 160hp at 7600 rpm. The ls has 142 at 6300 and 127tq at 5200rpm, the f22b1 has 147 tq at 4500rpm. The f22b1 also has lower compression then b16's and b18's, it's cheaper to replace if something goes wrong, and with the right tuning when at the same rpm's as a b series it will have much more power. I personaly think that the b series engins are overrated, but remember that is just my opinion. Anyway thanks to everyone for their replies and opinions about this swap.
  10. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    Fuck Drenni and Reckedracing.

    dreddedCRXsi do waht you want. Im with you 100% on this swap, and would love to live close to help you out with it. My friend has a F22B1 which is SOHC Non Vtec if you are interested he may sell it. It's out of a 94 Accord Automatic. Just to let you know.

    This would be a unique swap rather for all race or street use. As far as reckedracings assumptions on the mount kit working, he may be correct. Check to see if Hasport makes this H22 into EF mount kit then EMIAL them and ask if it will work on the F series, along with axles and such. Good Luck once again.
  11. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member


    Im sorry.
  12. reckedracing

    reckedracing TTIWWOP

    i wasn't calling anyone a cluster fuck?!?!?!

    i was refering to the wiring as a "cluster fuck", not a person

    chill out man...

    and note: MOST of the sohc vtec's are OBD 2, i stand correctly...

    and i was just giving my advise, not telling him not to do it...
    i think it would be unique as well... and i also would like to live close by to come and help you out...

    but for all the tuning you're doing with sohc, you can do twice as much with a twin cam...

    EDIT: why are you ripping me apart when i'm just trying to give him all the info i can? i think i was the most informative of the people that responded to him although i was off regarding the OBD...
  13. driver1

    driver1 Senior Member

    well you are both incorrect in a way....as for spodab1 your incorrect in saying that your buddy has a f22b1 that is non vtec because all f22b1's were vtec and recked as said already the f22b1's do come in obd1, i know i had one.
  14. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    Typo y0, I meant F22B2!

    A complete list of F-Series Specs Pulled directly from Hondaswaps Honda Engine List
    Code | Disp. | HP@RPM | Tq @ RPM | CR | Bore | Stroke | Cams | VTEC | OBD | Vehicle it came in
    F22B | 2156 | 160@6000 | 148@5000 | 9.2:1 | 85 | 95 | DOHC | no | 1 or 2 | 1992-1996 Prelude Si
    F22B1 | 2156 | 145@5500 | 147@4500 | 8.8:1 | 85 | 95 | SOHC | yes | 1 or 2 | 1994-1997 Accord EX
    F22B2 | 2156 | 130@5300 | 139@4200 | 8.8:1 | 85 | 95 | SOHC | no | 1 or 2 | 1994-1997 Accord DX/LX
    F20A | 1997 | 150@6100 | 137@5000 | 9.5:1 | 0 | 0 | DOHC | no | 0 | 1990-1993 Accord 2.0Si (JDM)
    F20C | 1997 | 240@8300 | 153@7500 | 11.1:1 | 87 | 84 | DOHC | yes | 2B | 2000+ S2000
    F22A1 | 2156 | 125@5200 | 137@4000 | 8.8:1 | 85 | 95 | SOHC | no | 0 or 1 | 1990-1993 | Accord
    F22A1 | 2156 | 135@5200 | 142@4500 | 8.8:1 | 85 | 95 | DOHC | no | 1 or 2 | 1992-1996 Prelude S
    F22A4 | 2156 | 130@5200 | 142@4000 | 8.8:1 | 85 | 95 | SOHC | no | 0 | 1990-1991 Accord
    F22A6 | 2156 | 140@5600 | 142@5400 | 8.8:1 | 85 | 95 | SOHC | no | 0 or 1 | 1991-1993 Accord

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