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low idle, stutter, car will stall at random time while driving.. help please!!!

Discussion in 'Trucks and SUV's' started by hondaody, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. hondaody

    hondaody New Member

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    Apr 26, 2009
    Hi all,

    I'm new here. First of all, thanks for taking time to look at my problem.
    Ok, it's quite a long one, but will try to make it short. pls bear with me. your help/helpful comments is much appreciated!!! also sorry if I've posted in the wrong category.

    1. It all began when the car started to stall while driving at random time i.e. intermittent and can't really reproduce it. as you can imagine, it's very dangerous because it stops in the middle of you driving, all electrical bits are off as well which affect the power steering, brakes (abs wont work), etc. I've been very lucky so far as it's done it 3 times within the last 2 monts.

    2. then, the car started to experience a low idle as if the engine or power wanted to cut out at a stop after driving i.e. stop at the traffic light. as you might have guessed, this is where the stuttering comes into play as well. all in all, you can say stuttering = low idle.

    3. then notice another issue which I'm a bit unsure if this is related with the above issue. here we go anyway, I tried accelerating the gas on an idle, the car will only go up to 5000rpm and won't go beyond it as it will just stutter up and down trying. too bad I don't know if it's always been like this since I bought it 2 years ago.

    4. so, for sure, brought it to the mechanics/garage/auto service and told them all the above issue. they called in the auto-sparkie to have a look at the car in case there is any electrical fault or computer issue. surprisingly enough, the sparkie tested the computer etc and couldn't fault it!!! so.. they decided to change the battery and the spark plugs as starting point because they said they've all had it.. spent $450 for those test and change which I think quite a rip-off.

    5. brought the car home, used it as per normal, haven't had the stall but as mentioned above the stall doesn't happen all the time and very hard to reproduce. BUT the rest of the issue are still there!!! which puzzles me and am not so keen on going back to the same mechanic as I have the feeling that they don't actually know what they're doing or saying.

    so here I am, really need some help here. if yall have ever had the same experience and/or managed to solve the issue.. pls.. pls.. pls.. you will make my day...

    sorry forgot to mention the car is odyssey 2001.

    thanks in advance.
  2. pre92ludejs

    pre92ludejs New Member

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    Jun 13, 2009
    Loveland, CO
    Hello. I work at a Honda specialists garage and i have seen this problem before. It seems to be common on the 2.0 3.0 and 3.5 Honda engines. what i have seen to be the most common failure is the build up of carbon on the valves. over time this will cause the valves to come out of adjustment and as the problem gets worse the vehicle can shudder and die. Try to find a ASE certified shop. Technicians with more experience should be aware of this problem. Also it is best to address this soon. The reason the vehicle will die is due to the air leaking out of the combustion chamber Causing a misfire. Over time if this is allowed to continue it will eventually burn the edge of the valve. If this has not yet happened have the garage perform a valve adjustment with a engine decarbonization service. If the valve is burned you will have to have the cylinder heads removed and the damaged valves replaced. Hopefully this helps you.
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