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Ls vtec 95 eg coupe

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by Myhondasleepsforno1, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Myhondasleepsforno1

    Myhondasleepsforno1 New Member

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    Feb 9, 2009
    Curious as to what people think of my build and how much power you think it will make and i will elt you know who was right after my tune :D
    Also just some general stuff I have found out along the way
    (I might be forgetting some parts)

    Hassport mounts
    B18 block
    gsr girdle
    spoon oil pump
    type r water pump (or gsr)
    Crower crank
    Eagle rods
    12:6:1 Je srp pistons
    bored 81.5 with eagle sleeves
    golden eagle ls vtec kit
    b16 head port polished milled and hot tanked
    super tech valve springs
    titanium retainers
    (can do bronze valve guides but they wear out faster)
    buddy club spec IV cams
    skunk 2 pro series cam gears
    Toda timing belt (kevlar)
    Skunk 2 intake manifold
    skunk 2 fuel rail
    310 RC injectors
    sard fuel pressure regulator
    walbro fuel pump
    blox throttle body with tps (throttle positioning system)
    password jdm intake carbon fiber
    b16 tranny
    short shifter
    act lightened flywheel
    act street racing clutch
    arp flywheel bolts
    iridium NGK spark plugs
    vision spark plug wires
    skunk 2 cam seal
    type R red valve cover
    carbon fiber spark plug cover
    p28 ecu
    skunk 2 oil cap
    password JDM magnetic oil and tranny plug
    buddy club header and test pipe
    RSR exhaust
    tein coilovers springs and shocks
    skunk 2 front and rear camber kits
    sustec front and rear strut bars
    ( i only need front and rear skunk2 lower control arms)( and I might get traction bars)
    (and if you really want to be crazy go itbs (individual throttle bodies))

    Anyway this is my ls vtec build and it was expensive to say the least but done right damn right let me know what you think.
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