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LS/VTEC ECU Question

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by jits1980, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. jits1980

    jits1980 New Member

    Hey guys I am building a 92 integra ls/vtec. I have 95 gsr head and 92 ls block. I am using everything stock gsr manifold. What do you guys think of this ECU?

    Honda ECU, manual p28 spec that has been socketed and chipped with a Stock ITR program. Every ECU i sell come with a guarantee to be in working condition when recieved. This ECU is socketed in addition to being chipped so it will work with Hondata s100/s200, Neptune, Crome, ECTune, Uberdata and other rom editors. I can include a free datalogging header if requested in paypal instructions. Vtec cross over at 5500 rpm, and 8,500 rpm rev limiter, no speed governor, no vtec speed check, knock sensor disabled and maps dyno proven to gain power over stock maps.
  2. GsR_CiViC

    GsR_CiViC New Member

    Just get an obd1 p72... the p28 will not open up the iabeEeEeZ yo0!
    do some searchin!

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