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Ls/vtec Or Ls/t ?

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by WhItE90CRX, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. WhItE90CRX

    WhItE90CRX Member

    I just got my hands on a ls motor, and i am planning on rebuilting it with the same c/r and basically stock internals just... lighter lol. I was wondering what would be a better bang for your buck? Ls/t or ls/vtec ? I heard that there is some relaiblity problems with the ls/vtec is this true? What would be some of the disadvantages or/and disadvantages to either modifaction? What would be the gains i would get from the two? Does turbo give you more hp? or does the ls/vtec give you more? Ok thanks for any/all help.
  2. luVTEC

    luVTEC Senior Member

    Turbo LS B) as long as you keep the boost levels within what your turbo kit was designed for.

    For the amount of money you'll spend converting your ls to ls/vtec you wont get nearly as much power as you would if you put that money towards a turbo. Turbo will give you much more TQ then a VTEC head will.

    The LS was not designed to Rev as high as a VTEC engine, so just b/c you put a VTEC head on doesnt mean you can rev it to 8000 RPM over and over again without problems, as long as you keep the RPM's under what the stock LS motor can handle you should be ok.

    That being said the LS was never designed to be turbo either so if you want to crank the boost to higher levels 10+ PSI you should build the bottom end, add a FMIC, get some tuning equipment (hondata) and upgrade your fuel system.
  3. Civic_88ls

    Civic_88ls Senior Member

    this topic has already been discused a couple of times. heres one of them but there is some more around here.

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