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Ls/vtec Swap Specs

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by civicblazin101, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. civicblazin101

    civicblazin101 Junior Member

    what are the specs on a ls/vtec motor...hp, redline and estmated cost on a complete swap. Also do i kneed motor mounts to put it in a 94 civic dx. And do they make turbo kits that fit that motor in my car?
    Thanks steve
  2. civicblazin101

    civicblazin101 Junior Member

    also what is the displacement on that motor.
  3. sohcslammer

    sohcslammer Senior Member

    An ls/vtec is a hybrid motor that you make by putting a VTEC head, (B16a/B18c) on a non VTEC block. It would displace 1.8L just like the B18 block. Redline and horsepower depend on what components you put in there. You do not need a motor mount for your car. I think they make a turbo kit for your car, but you are better off slapping a VTEC head (D series) on your motor and turboing that. IMO. As for price of the LS/VTEC, talk to pills... :D
  4. civicblazin101

    civicblazin101 Junior Member

    what would it take to vtec my motor just a vtec head and running some wires, is this somthin i could do or somthing i would have to get done at a shop. what kind of price are we talking about.
  5. lsvtec

    lsvtec GNU/Linux Evangelist

    Price goes right in there with the other specs the engine. It really depends on what you what to include, and what kind of hook ups you have.
  6. convertedstangbanger

    convertedstangbanger Senior Member

  7. pills_PMD

    pills_PMD Super Moderator

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