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Marvel Mystery Oil

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by Kanned, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Kanned

    Kanned Beast

    Has anyone heard of this stuff causing rubber to swell? I heard from a reputable source that this stuff will fix leaking valve stem seals by causing the rubber to expand. I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of this before.
  2. cjvictoria

    cjvictoria New Member

    never heard of it...
  3. phyregod

    phyregod !!YTINASNI

    I've used it.. It doesn't cause the seals to swell as far as I know, but it will clean out your engine really well. Adding it to the gas will lube up your fuel pump and injectors.. Will sometimes fix a malfunctioning injector. Run it through the intake, the white cloud of smoke is an amazing sight.. Can fix a sticky IACV. Cleans up your combustion chamber, carbon deposits, and lubes up the back side of the valve seals as well. They say to use it in your oil too, but I don't know about all of that. Most oil people you talk to do not advocate the use of oil additives. Except lucas, who sells them.. So they don't count.
  4. Justin66

    Justin66 The Hondaswap Canadian

    Run though the intake eh? I wanna try that, only if it helps.
  5. Kanned

    Kanned Beast

    Thanks for the info, Phyre. I planned on trying it in my gas just because I already bought some, but wanted some reassurance on the seal thing. I think I'll take a random o-ring, put it on a bolt or something it sits snug on and let it sit in a mixture of this stuff and some oil. Check on it the next day or so to see if it worked some magic. I owe you some rep after I spread it.
  6. efhondakid

    efhondakid My name is Byron.

    My friend runs a it in his bike, a cap to a tank.
  7. b18a1build

    b18a1build Gay username^

    Lots of people that get their oil changed at my shop bring that in to add to their oil. A lot of people swear by that stuff...all I know is it smells good...lol

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