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mini me R jdm D15B

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by JDM-ED7, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. JDM-ED7

    JDM-ED7 Junior Member

    I was wondering what you guys would think would be stronger and better. Either doing a zc with a y8 head mini me or just droping a D15B into my 90 Si. I already have both things im just debating on which one i should do, but im also looking at which one would be more realiable since this is going to be a daily driver and which one will put out more power. Also the y8 head has an AEM cam gear on it can i just put this onto my d15b if i use it and will the d15b timing belt work with it. Also i know alot of people hate on singles but i want to have a single that will deserve respect. I currently take on integs ls with my zc non v red lining at 7500 and currently running a dx tranny while i get another si.
  2. JDM-ED7

    JDM-ED7 Junior Member

    Also is there anything you can do a d15b to make it 1.6
  3. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin

    ZC with Y8 head won't work, unless you're using the SOHC ZC block... then you might as well just drop in the entire D16Y8 engine.

    The cam gear will interchange between a D15B and Y8 head, but the cam degree marks may be 4.5 degrees off (not sure).

    You can't do anything to a D15B to make it a 1.6. The main journals are different.
  4. jdmlovingcrx

    jdmlovingcrx Member

    here is what you do if you want a bad ass d-series....get your self a 1.6liter block(d16a6 for example) throw some zc p29 pistons in there. use a 97 head gasket and y8 head with a ported z6 intake manifold with a port matched tb and manifold to head. 14 second single cam
  5. JDM-ED7

    JDM-ED7 Junior Member

    I am using a sohc block and i actually already put in the d15b a few days ago, it has my old intake manifold and exhaust manifold with my old distributor and the car starts perfect but it feels slower my zc would rev up right away and i was taking single vtecs like nothing and this d15 i floor it and feels no different than reving it up slowly my engine sounds alot throughtier though and when i floor it the engine sounds alot deeper , my zc felt faster and was all stock just with timing advanced and redlining at 7500 stock with exhaust and 2 1/4 piping. WIll the distributor affect this since its not running vtec yet im using the pm6 ecu for a week while i get my conversion harness and p28 ecu?
  6. hybrid89

    hybrid89 thistownsucks...

    First and foremost...finish the damn swap before you say it feels weaker! you are running the entirley wrong ecu for that motor right now, and it will show. BTW- the y8 manifold flows better than the z6 mani any day. get the right ecu ( i would suggest trying and finding a p08 ecu for the d15b). the p28 will work, but run a little rich at times. Also, do not try and pull power from advancing the timing. your only hurting the motor and/or eating more gas.
  7. JDM-ED7

    JDM-ED7 Junior Member

    Im using a 90 SI which is obd 0 and im going to be using a conversion harness to make it obd1 within the next few days and will a y8 intake manifold plug in like the original si one that im using is or will i have to change any plugs or do anything else.

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