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misfiring cylinder, help

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by thcskater121, Jan 16, 2010.

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    Dec 19, 2009
    ok, i have a 91 dx hatch, with the stock d15. about a week ago i was driving down the road and my engine just bogged down and shut off. the battery was weak cuz i bought the car not too long ago so i figured id jump it. it cranked and cranked and never fired up. a couple of my friends and i checked and there was a spark in every cylinder. we pulled off the cap and saw that the coils were gone. so just to be sure i went up to advanced and got a new cap and it fired up but died before i could get halfay down the road but made it to my house before it died again, i just wanted to get it back in my driveway. but big mistake but i bought a used part and it was kinda corroded on the srews on the cap, and slightly on the coils screw also. the coils were black. swapped in new coils and new rotor and put em back on the used part. hooked up the dizzy to the wires and started it up, but its bogging down on idle with rapidly unsteady rpms and a "pop" like sound. i bought new plugs and wires and im putting them in tomorrow, but i think it might be the dizzy but im not sure. its obviously a cylinder misfiring. when i drove it home i realized if i went into higher than mid range rpms in first gear it wouldnt let me accelerate. all the gears had slow accelleration. stalled out at idle multiple times. it gave out on me tonight again when i was heading back to my house but thankfully i got close again lol. wont ignite again. starter is good turning over nice and fast, and when it was starting earlier today it was starting every time quickly. alternator+batt is also good.
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