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More stuff 4g63 fwd turbo talon complete swap

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by nasteboyii19943, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. nasteboyii19943

    nasteboyii19943 Junior Member

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    Nov 1, 2003
    4g63 FWD complete motor swap (does not include exhaust mani/turbo/bov)
    but it comes with everything else

    complete valve cover to oil pan, IM, TB, TB elbow, alternator,starter,transmission,a/c compressor, axles, mounts, brackets, etc

    also can come with, radiator, w/ fans, downpipe, sidemount,piping (misc whatever came on car) rest of exaust (no muffler) basically any parts i have ill sell it all for 2200

    has some dash parts, arm rest console thingy, some plastic stuff, dash cluster w/ac autotecnic lights


    i just want to get it outta the garage before i move to new house

    so 2200 and pick up from delaware near dover
    call me at 302 270 5141 for details, name is dan
    it has 80k on it, NEVER MODIFIED (think it needs new clutch though), was a girl driver

    gsr crap i want to get rid of
    all off 95 gsr unless otherwise stated

    GSR front lower control arms 100
    gsr abs box just the box, fittings are there, cut lines after fittings 50
    gsr carpet black (good condition) 75
    gsr door panels (2 door) black OBO
    gsr misc switchs/panels (door panel switchs power locks etc
    gsr mirrors (milano red) power 100
    gsr heater box 50 obo
    gsr a/c box (interior) 50 obo
    gsr front sway bar 40 bucks
    gsr steering rack 50 obo
    gsr steering ASSEMBLY (steering wheel attachs to it,) with key, lock mechanism wiring, adjustable height etc 75 obo
    gsr rear bumper milano red, good condition 50 PICK UP ONLY

    I THINK this is the basgsr crap i want to get rid of
    all off 95 gsr unless otherwise stated
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