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Motor troubles any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Civic and CRX - EF' started by avsrightwinger19, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. avsrightwinger19

    avsrightwinger19 New Member

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    Jul 3, 2009
    Okay, i hate to bug you guys...but maybe someone here can help me out. So i bought a 91 civic si with a b16a obd0 swap. The idle hops up and down after a cold start up, it seems to not be operating at its best(performance wise), it failed emmissions, and vtec won't engage. The ecu was giving me a MAP sensor code so i replaced it because the car had all the symptoms of a faulty MAP sensor. The error code went away but it seems to run identically. Now the ECU is flashing 3 things; VTEC solenoid valve, knock sensor, and secondary o2 sensor. I noticed that if its giving you a code 2 (faulty secondary o2 sensor) it might be because of a faulty ecu, but i really don't think thats the problem. If anyone has had any similar experiences or suggestions of what the problem could be, i would greatly appreciate it.

    CAFROG Honda Minion VIP

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    Apr 5, 2009
    Check your wiring....if the swap was done....wiring for those parts seems to be the first place
    I'd look. Check at ECU....plugs for each component...and if thats all good...check for continuity
    If that isn't it...then you might need to look into replacing those parts.

    But I still think its a wiring issue.
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