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my 92 Stock Block Project

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by Dasfinc, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Dec 12, 2006
    Just kinda Toss my build-up out here, and see if anyone has any opinions on what I should be picking up for this car, or recomendations.

    I own a 92 Civic CX, White with Blue Vinyl interior. BUDGET BUILD, Don't have tons of money so Here is what Is done now, Here is what is going ON the car this next week, and my future plans, any comments are welcome *So long as they are Relevant to the topic*

    Car had a D15B8 block with the 4 valve relief pistons, so I changed the head to a D15B7 head along with a P06 ECU and installed I/H/E *Exhaust and header were rusting out, Intake was $15* A D16A6 Camshaft, and a D16Y7 Cam Gear, as well as a short-shifter because it felt like I was rowing a boat more than shifting gears.

    Fast forward a few months and the Valve-seals are giving way, Head was a high-mileage used head I got for cheap, not suprised, so I'm leaking compression fairly badly.

    I've picked up a D16Y8 Head and OBX intake manifold for some Freelance PC Work *Free basically* and had the Head re-done, milled, and a 3 angle valvejob to ensure Nothing is already broken *The head had 2 bent valves already in it I had found out later, no wonder why it was free* I also have a Megan Racing Crank Billet Aluminum UDP that I had my local machine shop remove the PS and AC Pullies from, so its JUST a crank pully now *Weighs nearly nothing*. I picked up a new timing chain *Z6 Chain* a 3 layer Metal Ecetric Headgasket, New Waterpump, Valve cover seal set, Intake and exhaust mani gaskets, and just got my origional P05 ECU back from Pherable.net who chipped it for this setup. Also bought a Z6 Wiring harness, and will be re-using my origonal Dizzy *new cap, needs new rotor*

    I have pulled a set of Headbolts from the correct heads *1 from a Y7, 9 from a B7* but plan on ordering a set of ARP studs so I don't have to use those bolts.

    I paid for a Z6 Trans that I'm picking up in 2 weeks, and am picking up a set of Generic 15X7 5 spoke rims to mount some fresh and wide rubber to.

    So in the end I will have a Built D16Y8 Head, with a D15B8 bottom end, with I/H/E, Intake Manifold, Lightweight Crank Pully, and a 94 Z6 Tranny, as well as my Chipped ECU. I'm debating where to go from here, I'd like to boost it *Ala ARP Studs, and a built head* but don't know what kind of pistons/rods I should purchase for this setup. Also I was wondering if I need to pickup an aftermarket FPR, or fuel rails if I want to run Larger injectors *Like DSM 450's* Also without boost will I see any real gains from larger injectors and a more powerful fuel pump? Any other parts I should start picking up or looking into now if I plan on boosting *Aside from the obvious Turbo, IC, Manifold, Wasgate/BOV* Any help is welcome!

    *Pics Below of the origional 16 valve swap*







    *The Old 8 Valve*


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