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need help crx keeps cutting out

Discussion in 'Civic and CRX - EW' started by ls/vtechatch91, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. ls/vtechatch91

    ls/vtechatch91 New Member

    i have a 87 crx carburated...... and the timing belt broke bunch of teeth so it bent all the ex. valves and some intake valves.... so i just bought all 12 new valves.... i had carquest put them in and i put the head back adjusted the valves and timing and all that stuff.... started it up goes straight to 2 grand and then just dies????? i checked all the hose's for leaks and went over the timing over and over. the car ran perfect before all this happend.... only has 137k on it but i know that doesnt mean anything but still its kinda weird can anybody help me out?!?
  2. ls/vtechatch91

    ls/vtechatch91 New Member

    does anybody have anything?????????
  3. SneakySedan

    SneakySedan Junior Member

    Check your float level in the carb first off (small window on the drivers side of the carb). If that is within specs, should be centered in the window, then it could be any number of things. Try holding the engine running w/ the throttle (not high RPM's, 3 grand should do) for a little while and then letting off the gas. I have an 85 CRX thats carbed and sometimes she just doesn't want to run when she's cold, its a quirk of these cars (the carbies).

    Just so you know, the carbed head has 16 valves, a perk of the CVCC. There is actually a small aux. valve on ever cylinder that allows a very rich mixture to enter near the spark plug while the main intake valve gives up a very lean mixture. This allows a more complete combustion and the added fuel mileage of this system. You may have messed up your aux. valves as well, which would cause an overall lean condition in the motor, and keep it from running.
  4. ls/vtechatch91

    ls/vtechatch91 New Member

    so i do i check to see if its my aux. valves?????

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