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Need help, turboing a J30A1, Sandrail project

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by jensen20, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. jensen20

    jensen20 New Member

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    Nov 3, 2006
    hello out there, new guy here. i am new to the import engine sceen, i am used to building others. any how, i amfinishing off my long travel sandrail and i am stuck, i have been trying to do some research. before i get deep into my problem, i am mechanically inclined, i have a shop that contains a mill and a lathe benders etc, i can tig mig and so forth, and mechanically inclined also, with that out of the way.

    i have this v6 out of an accord 2002 it is 3.0L, i have pulled the heads off, good valve job, along with a good finish with porting and polished matched the runners also to it, i have built a custom manifold to run a turbo, a t3/t4, a forced intercooler, with 440 injectors ( iplan on running about 320hp limited to the 091 bus transaxle)( other mods polihed rods, and small things like that, such as porting oil flow feeds, wind screen in the oil pan, etc etc.

    My problem
    ECU. i have been reading or trying to read as much as i can about the map sensor and reprograming the ECU, i am now just about out of money the wife has alloted me for the project, so i dont know what i need to do for the ECU, i dont want to burn the engine up. i have read posts about running the gm 3 bar but i dont plan on running over 10psi, i do get the cheap missing link off of ebay? to "trick my pc"? i do have a FMU that raises with the pressure of boost, is this good enough? PLEASE HELP

    So my question is what do i do ???
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