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Need Serious Help

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> BA-BB /CA-CD' started by Kyle21nluvnit, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Kyle21nluvnit

    Kyle21nluvnit New Member

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    Jul 16, 2007
    Ok I have a 96 accord with a 93 h22 with a P13jdm ecu. The motor is fully in the car and it wont start. I have fuel and compression but no spark. So I have done some serious electrical testing to make sure all my wiring is good. It is but I would like someone to check my specs if you could as I dont have a fully functioning car to compare it with.

    For My Wiring: (All are from the connector at the dizzy to the connector at ecu with both unplugged)
    Ignition signal wire 0.1ohm
    CKP signal wire 0.1ohm
    TDC signal wire 0.1ohm
    CMP signal wire 0.1ohm
    all grounds were 0.1ohm as well

    Signal Wires: (This is measuring from the connector at the dizzy to ground with the ECU hooked up, and connector at dizzy unhooked)
    Ignition signal wire 26.3kohm
    CKP signal wire 8.91kohm
    TDC signal wire 8.18kohm
    CMP signal wire 8.96kohm

    Sensors: (This is through the actual sensors unless otherwise noted)
    Ignition control module OFL(Measured to ground)
    CKP 373.3ohm
    TDC 285ohm
    CMP 367ohm

    Reference Voltages KOEO: (Measured at connector at dizzy)
    Signal wire 4.96V
    CKP 0.407V
    TDC 0.783V
    CMP 0.450V

    Like I said if anyone could check these for me or has an idea where to look I would really appreciate it. The measurements through the coils are all good I checked them with a known good coil.
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