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Need some advice with building a gsr

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by ShouLinPanther, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. ShouLinPanther

    ShouLinPanther Senior Member

    ok ive been on this site alot but i havent posted much, im leaving for the airforce in several monthes but when i get back im looking into building a civic hb eg, i want to put build a gsr turbo for it, ive looked up quite a bit of things but i would like some help from people on here that know there shit on b series engines so zac (blackjdmdeath) has pointed me towards you guys. Ok this is what ive found so far with zac's help, from ks-motorsports.com the maxrev turbo kid comes with the
    MaxRev Stainless Steel Manifold
    MaxRev Stainless Steel 3'' Downpipe (with flexpipe)
    MaxRev Intercooler (20'' x 3'' x 8'') with 2.25'' End-Tanks
    DIY piping kit (2.25'' Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent Bends)
    TiAL 35mm WasteGate
    MaxRev BOV
    Garrett T3/T4OE Turbocharger
    MaxRev Stainless Oil Feed and Rubber Return (Aeroquip line and Fittings)
    Piping couplers, clamps, hardware, etc.

    it also will come with the hondata s200b

    ok this is what i was wanting to know from some of you experts, what compression pistons, what kind of rods, what kind of cams/camgears, what kind of head work will i need to do, valves/ valve train ect. I'm looking for some good advice because as soon as i get back im going to start ordering and building the EG.

    thank you in advance, all advice and information is appreciated
  2. JDMilan

    JDMilan Senior Member

  3. ShouLinPanther

    ShouLinPanther Senior Member

    can i get some help from anyone, B, calesta, cheesefrog, someone
  4. JDMilan

    JDMilan Senior Member

    Appearantly no one cares, but lets see.

    As far as compression goes going low isn't the only solution to boosting at much safer levels, more and more peeps today are raising their CR's while boosting and thats becuase it does increase power. But considering that your the average Joe Shmoe, then I say a good 9.0:1 in JE pistons is good, I also recommend Crower Rods.

    I say go with ITR cams but B will disagree, GSR ones are fine also. And for cam gears I only recommend Jun,Toda, Spoon since they can't be adjusted more than 5 degrees so in case if they slip from owner idiocy you won't blow your valves, pistons, motor...

    I recommend gettting the motor built with new bearings, gaskets, etc and properly break it in, Set up your turbo kit and get it tuned out at low boost to make sure everything is running great and smoothly, then keep increasing alsong with the size of your turbo and injectors...

    good luck, and who is cheesefrog??

  5. ShouLinPanther

    ShouLinPanther Senior Member

    cheesefrog has a really fucking fast hb thats looks completely stock and has stock exhaust he has a video of him beating a video, the thing with the stock exhaust is he has an eltronic dump valve right after the down pipe so he can run completely with no back pressure

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