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need some help here

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by zccivic, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. zccivic

    zccivic New Member

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    May 23, 2010
    :confused:I have a 89 hatch back civic ,I just did the single cam ZC swap, rather strait forward swap, Had no problems with the wiring. the car starts and runs very strong, all though, when driving up through the gears weather I'm deep into the trottle or just driving though town, every time my RPMS reach 2900-3000 I get a very slight missing in the engine, I would say its a millisecond or two,I have done a complete tune up on this, timing is correct, base idle is good, It almost seams like this is programed into the ecu were it is perfectly timed at that particular rpm,it is a single hicup and that is it, Does anyone have a clue were to go on this,:wacko:
  2. wikedeye

    wikedeye Well-Known Member

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    Dec 14, 2006
    Savannah, Ga.
    You should only post one thread. You are cluttering the server by making multiple threads about the same topic.
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