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need stock civic distributor

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Teambypass, Mar 20, 2006.

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    Mar 15, 2003
    2006 is a bad year for me. stuffs just keep happening to me in so many undesirable ways. The worst of all, my motor is done for now, and im putting back the stock motor back in until I can figure out what's wrong with my motor. This is how it happened: I used amsoil oil in my motor. On my way from school to spend springbreak with my family, I checked my oil level and it was on the full mark, a week later I recheck and it was a little below, so i added a bottle of gastrol gtx to it before going on a trip. I disnt start the car after adding the oil until the next moring when I was going to take off, when I start the car, there's a rattling noise, most likely valves loss(need valve adjustment) I drove from my in-law's house to my garage and to get the valve adjust, (its was snowing and cold)during the process like five minutes away, huge cloud of white smoke coming out of the exht(possibly head gasket). I had the motor completely out and didnt have time to break into it to find out what's wrong. If I have to get to the bottle of the motor to find out whats wrong( meaning if I have to take the pistons out, I am going turbo and some of my skunk2 NA are for sale)

    However, the point of this thread is that I need a civic distributor for my stock motor 96 civic. my brother used my stock dist. for his car. i am sure all the civic 96-98 non-vtec dist. should fix. theres a local junk yard here and they have it, but I just havent have the time to go check it out. I will definately go get one, but in the mean time, I just want to know what you guys have. Please stake your price including shipping to MN 55443. thanks. Since I plan to get the car running this weekend, I think mostly likely I will get it from the junk yard; however, its still a week away and maybe I might not be able to go home since I have so many projects due. thanks
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