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Need wiring guru help for my 98 ek hb..

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by gotnos2, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. gotnos2

    gotnos2 Junior Member

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    Aug 3, 2006
    SO recently, i dropped in a vitara piston'd built D16Z6 with y8 tranny and y8 IM ..

    This eh hb shell, was a theft recovery to start off.. There are splices and soldered plugs at both plugs for fuel pump. Then there is a 3rd plug that runs near brake hard line side near fuel tank which is also soldered since it was apparently cut..

    Heres my problem..

    You turn the key, and the first 2 clicks on ignition, nothing happens.. when 3rd position of thekey where starter engages, it makes the main relay start making a horrific buzzing sound and then radiator fan turns on as long as key is held in that position.

    It does not engage starter at all. A few days ago, i had gotten it to turn over about 4 times, but has done this thing ever since then. No srs lights, brake lights or anything come on cluster until the 3rd position also.

    Tonight i swapped motor harness, tried 3 diffrent main relays.. put a new dash harness in and changed ignition harness. i also replaced underdash fuse block, and also fuseblock in engine bay. I also tried 2 different ecus. Still not starting.
    I had 2 of my friends look to make sure motor harness was connected properly and that i wasnt a retard. We think that the harness that goes from fuse block to fuel pump is possibly cut or whetever and grounding..
    Does anyone else know what might be wrong?. Has this happened to anyone else before and what was the problem?. Aynything else i should look for?.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.. thanks

    Also there is a guy on honda-tech that took all wiring off his car to repaint it... he is having the exact same issues mine is..
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