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Never Used Turbo Parts!!

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by tl_vang86, May 26, 2006.

  1. tl_vang86

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    Oct 4, 2004

    All Parts Have Never Been Use!! My Turbo build was never finish because of my motor. Anyone paying with paypal please add 3% to shipped price. Will get the rest of the pictures up tomorrow!! Any questions feel free to pm me or email me at tl_vang86@hotmail.com

    Silly Sohc Ram Horn, A/C and P/S Compatible with 3" Downpipe and dumptube. $750 shipped

    T3/T4OE 57trim .48 a/r 5-bolt downpipe. $560 shipped

    Fast-turbo stainless oil line and drain. $90 shipped

    Tial 38mm Wastegate Silver. .5bar spring sold to NtAcivg94

    Rc 550 Saturated. $275 shipped

    Jrc 6" Intercooler. pending pali_meister $165 shipped

    Moroso breather can. $60 shipped

    Greddy Profec Spec II $280 shipped

    AC technic oil sandwhich $40 shipped

    96-00 3" Kteller stainless steel exhaust with 3" test pipe $500 shipped

    Block, Tranny, Pistons, Rods and OEM Parts are being sold together:
    D16Y8 Tranny only 60,000 miles, No Grinds!
    D16Y8 block bored to 75.5mm and notched already
    Wiseco pistons with eagle rods (already assembled--meaning rods on on piston and rings are on the piston gapped at 1st ring .0016 and second ring at .0019)
    OEM oil pump, water pump, timing belt, tensioner set, all top gasket set, all lower gasket set.

    All these parts(meaning block, tranny, piston, rod, oem parts) total to $1400+, i'm asking for $1200 shipped + 3% paypal fee!! Capable of making 300WHP!!

    d16y8 head
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